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James walked down the staircase to the common room he shared with Head Girl Lily Evans. She was absentmindedly staring off into the enormous exquisite fireplace with a slightly troubled look on her face. They had been able to work out their differences and tolerate each other at the beginning of seventh year. They had become friends, and although James loved her, he did not want to end the friendship that took seven years to develop. He didn't think she would want anything more than friendship.

"Hey, Lils. Something wrong?" he asked as he sat next to her on the elegant couch.

She jumped slightly, she didn't realize he even came into the room; she had been staring so hard. She looked up at him, something unreadable in her emerald green eyes.

"I lost my heart, James," Lily whispered.

James was confused, very confused.

"Erm… well, do you want me to help you find it? Where was the last place you saw it?" By the look on her face, he understood better. She didn't mean literally…

"Where do you think it is?" he tried again.

"Oh. I know where it is. Exactly. Someone took it." She said staring back into the fire.

"Who?" James asked, but received no answer, "Are you… do you need me to help you get it back?"

"No, that's just it. At first I thought I would, but now… I don't want it back. He can keep it." She said quietly, as if to herself.

"Who, Lily? Please answer me." His voice dropping to a whisper like hers.

Lily turned and looked directly into his hazel eyes.

"You." She said simply.


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