Breathe No More

He leans over and feels her slow thud of her heart, she was still alive. With an effort she lifts her hand and touches his face and his throat tightens and he cannot swallow.

"Severus…" she whispers and he squeezes her hand on his cheek.

"Yes Minerva?" he says hoarsely and he sees the sadness in her eyes.

"I am…" she tries to say but he stops her putting his hand over her mouth so he can't hear her say the words.

"You will be fine," he says his throat tight with emotion.

"I won't be Severus love," she says gently and he turns his head away from her.

"We both won't," she whispers and this time she lets her tears fall. They lay side by side on the soft grass, away from the battlefield, and in the silence he can hear her breathing labouring, every intake stabbing at him like a knife. His own body is starting to slowly close down, and he realises the little time he has left. She gently strokes his face, which is dirty from recent fighting, and he kisses her fingertips very softly. He brushes her tear-stained cheek and she trembles and draws him closer to herself.

"Severus," she says when he says nothing.

"Yes Minerva my love?" he says softly.

"I want you to hold me," she whispers, "hold me till the end." He does as she asks and she wraps herself in his embrace, laying her head on his chest, hearing his slow heart beat.

"We have so little time," she says her voice low and he tightens his arms.

"We will have a life time," he whispers into her hair and in the short time their minds fill with memories of the past. In the distance they hear the survivors going around to find any others.

"They may find us," he says slowly in a small gasp. "Do you still have my ring?"

Slowly she draws a silver chain from round her neck and on it hangs a silver ring with the slytherin serpent carved on it. Severus also pulls out his chain and ring; his is gold with the Gryffindor lion engraved on his.

"Our wedding rings," she says softly and touches the snake fondly. Her eyes close and he kisses her forehead.

"Love you Severus…" she says in a soft whisper then there is nothing. He kisses her slightly parted lips, feeling no breath and his fingers press over her still heart. He doesn't cry, just holds her cold body and closes his eyes.

"I love you Minerva, until I breathe no more. I'll be with you soon." He sighs cradling her close and takes his final breath.

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