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SUMMARY: Dianna is an incredible young witch. She excels in most forms of magic, and her parent's positions in the ministry give her the clearance to tamper with the very fabrics of magic. Her life is a dream, until she is rudely awakened by the arrival of a 'special guest' in her house- Draco Malfoy. Can she break through his years of hate and show everyone his true soul? And what will happen to her own heart and soul in the process? T for violence, language and some suggestive comments.

Very AU, I suppose, and set after the 4th year. Some things will be changed, because I absolutely hated the 5th book.

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Hinode (Hee-no-day): Sunrise

Hebi (Hay-bee): Serpent

Suneku (Soo-nay-koo): Snake

It Started With An Alright Scene.

Diana awoke when the green curtains in her room couldn't hold back the sunlight any longer. She could barely remember the richly decorated room around her through the haze of her dreams, but the reality of the sun in her eyes forced her to wake fully.She climbed carefully out of bed.

She played idly with her jet black hair gazing about the room with green eyes that were clear and pure as emeralds.

"Jinx, where are you, sweetheart?" As she spoke, a small brown cat with black stripes jumped from the top of a silk-covered desk. It sat down in front of her, cocking it's head slightly, almost grinning.

Dianna just grinned. "You seem as happy as a kitten with cream. Did a mouse manage to find it's way in here this morning?" The cat licked it's lips in answer. "Or maybe you went after someone's pet fish instead."

Jinx straightened, threw Dianna death with a glance, and walked off in a huff. The insulted cat then sat down, back facing her master.

"I was only kidding, Ms. High and Mighty. I'd like to know what's put you in such a good mood, though."

Something suddenly banged inside one of the drawers of the desk. The drawer slowly pushed outwards, but Jinx ran over and propped her paws on it, pushing it back.

"Jinx." Dianna stared at the drawer, then at the cat, arching an eyebrow. "What do you have in there?"

The cat slowly started to bat at the handle of the drawer. With the help of whatever was inside, the drawer was opened enough for Jinx to stick her head in. Even before she pulled it back out, Dianna could hear the muffled 'gerroff me!'

"A garden gnome? Where'd you manage to get one of those? Get it out of my room right now!"

Jinx grudgingly obeyed, dragging the struggling gnome outside.

Dianna shrugged, deciding not to worry about the origin of the gnome. Instead, she opened a nearby door and stepped into a walk-in closet.

She stood just inside the door, considering her options. The main problem was how formal she wanted to be- she had everything from ball gowns and dress robes to jeans and T-Shirts. She finally decided on one of her favorite outfits- a white tank top with a floral-patterned tan gold overshirt and matching skirt.

A bit dressy for a normal day, but her father said he would bring home a new project. That was always a special occasion!

She walked back into her room. A glass cage sat beside her bed, with a miniature jungle inside and an open top. As she approached, two reptilian heads appeared at the top of cage. One was a dark tan color, with a pale underside and three black stripes running down it's neck. The other was dark orange, with strange black shapes working their way down. Rainbow Boas.

"Morning." The young snakes weaved back and forth expectantly. Diana picked up the orange one, letting it curl up her left arm. She did the same for the other, with the opposite arm.

"Dia, are you up yet?" A woman in her late thirties appeared in the door, with hair that was a mirror image of Dianna's, but with eyes that looked like pools of sea water.

"Yes, Mum."

"Dianna, why are you wearing your pet snakes? I hope you don't plan to keep them on all day."

"Why not? They're more stylish than most of my jewelry anyway."

"I still remember when you tried to wear them to a party, Dianna. Several guests fainted..."

"Yes, and you had to try to simultaneously rush me out and help them. I know. However, seeing as we're not doing anything today, it should be fine. They love getting out of my room."

Dianna's mother coughed. "Actually, Dear, we're getting a suprise call tonight... from the Minister of Magic. And he's bringing a guest."

Dianna stopped all motion. "When? Do I have time to get ready? What should I wear? Why..."

"It's just for dinner, sweetheart, after your father gets home. What you're wearing now is fine."

Dianna grinned widely.

"Except for the snakes."

"I figured you wouldn't forget for long."

"Anyway, I wanted you to help the elves set up a menu."

"Of course, Mum."

Dianna's mother left, and Dianna looked at the snakes on either arm. "Well, are you two staying here, or are you coming with me? OW, Hinode, no need to be violent about it!" The orange boa had tightened itself around her arm.

The Goldet family had two resident house elves, Jida and Gint. Despite their servitude to the family, they wore clothes. The Goldets had long ago decided that the costumes most houselves wore were completely pointless. The clothes meant that the two house elves could leave whenever they wanted, though they chose not to.

They were delighted when Dianna walked down the steps into the kitchen.

"Have you two heard yet?"

"Yes, Miss. There is guests coming!"

They discussed necessary preparations for about an hour, then Dianna rose to leave.

"Do you think you two can handle that on your own, or should I help?"

"Don't worry, Miss, we've all day!" The two elves then shooed the girl out of the kitchen.

Almost half a day later, a man walked through the front door, carrying a crate. Soon, he was greeted by his wife.

"Marrianne, where's Dia? I have something to show her."

"I'm sure she'll be here any minute."

Dianna was running through the halls as fast as she could. When she saw her father, she slowed.


"Hey, Dia! Come here, you're going to love this."

Dianna approached the large box beside her father. He grinned, opened it, and pulled something out.

It's body was thick and sinuous, with four graceful legs and bat-like wings. It was the color of tarnished silver, with hints of several other colors throughout its body.

"What kind of dragon is it?" Her emerald eyes widened with surprise and excitement. "I've never heard of this type before."

Her father carefully placed the dragon on the floor. "New species, called a Platinum Dragon. Specially bred to work with people. Intelligent, strong, fewer instincts than a normal dragon. And..." His chest puffed up slightly. "I'm the one who bred it. And several others like it. They've been thoroughly tested for how well they deal with humans. They can be very docile, surprisingly. So, I decided that they should be raised by people, to get used to them. And you are now part of the program."

Dianna gaped widely at him. "How in the world did you manage that?"

"You'll see, soon enough. Anyway, this one's yours." Mr. Goldet picked up the dragon again, holding it out to her.

Dianna's father had occasionally brought his work home before, but she'd never been offered to help raise one. She wasn't sure what to say, her father had always warned her that dragons were dangerous. But if he said it was safe...

She took the small dragon from his hands, cradling the creature in her arms. Mrs. Goldet looked on approvingly.

The snakes on her arm writhed slightly, moving closer to the larger reptile. The dragon blew a puff of smoke at them, and they retreated farther up her arms, ending up a twisting choker necklace around her throat. The brown snake wound slightly tighter, and Dianna carefully pulled it off.

"Play nice, you two. Dad, should I name it?"

"If you'd like."

"Is it a he or she?"


"Alright..." Dianna thought for a few moments. "I'll call him Suneku."

Mr. Goldet looked at the dragon again. "Suneku... interesting choice, Dia."

She grinned widely. "It's Japanese."

"I'll need to teach you to care for it properly..."

Dianna was carefully groomed that evening, and all her pets were up in her room. The dragon was out in the garden, probably finding a few nice plants to ruin. Mrs. Goldet was attempting to answer the questions of her nervous daughter.

"Don't worry, he's just dropping by to talk a little business. You're father's new project is certainly important."

Dianna relaxed visibly. It certainly made sense that the minister would want to be involved in the breeding of the new species.

However, she was having trouble finding something to do in her spare time. She wasn't sure exactly when the visit would be.

Luckily, she hadn't twiddled her fingers for long when there was a knock at the door.

She composed herself and stood to one side as her father opened the door. However, she could barely stifle a gasp when she saw who was there.

There were two people in the doorway. The first was the Minister of Magic. She recognized the other face as well.

She had never met the person herself, but she had seen his face on the front page of the Daily Prophet.

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