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Sasuke/OC, but with slight mentions of Gaara/OC and eventually some Kakashi/OC.


Chapter one: Left Behind

It had been this way for years. Kenoyo, Tadashi, and her. But then, Tadashi sent Kenoyo on a mission, to bring a letter to a relative of his in Sand Village. Once there, she met the famous Gaara of the Desert, fell in love, and abandoned her village. She came back only to say her final goodbyes, but then left for good with a nasty speech to Tadashi.

Then he quit.

Sixteen year old Akita Mitsumi sunk to her knees under a big willow tree as her eyes filled with tears. She hadn't been supposed to hear the conversation between her Sensei and closest friend, but she had snuck in anyways. Their heated discussion about Gaara and Kenoyo's relationship had made her friend leave Konoha, and Tadashi leave his job as a Sensei.

Mitsumi's courage had failed her when Kenoyo had left the building, her face dark with anger. She had told herself she would give her a last goodbye and wish her well in her relationship. But she couldn't bring herself to do it. She had simply snuck out of the building and went back to her own apartment.

That had been yesterday. And just this morning, Tadashi had resigned. Mitsumi leaned back and closed her turquoise eyes, letting her mind drift to what had happened.

--- Flashback ---

"I'm sorry, Mitsumi…" Tadashi murmured, sitting down at his desk as the sixteen year old peeked back at him. She had an almost nervous expression on her face, wondering what he meant exactly. Her Sensei had never, ever apologized to her, so it was natural for her to wonder what was going on. But she kept silent, waiting for him to continue and explain himself.

Tadashi pushed his chestnut-colored hair back and looked at her emotionlessly before saying, "I'm leaving Leaf Village. I'm going back to Mist Village, where my mother lives. I'm sick of being a Sensei!"

---End Flashback--

Mitsumi's heart had sunk painfully when he had said these words, and it sunk even more as she repeated them in her head. Kenoyo was gone. Tadashi was gone. The only two people who had never given up on her and had always encouraged the weaker ninja, had left her behind.

The chocolate-haired girl stared off into the distance, wondering what she was to do now. She still had her apartment, which was funded by the Academy; one bedroom, a bathroom, and a kitchen that she had shared with Kenoyo for years. Her parents had never quite gotten over her sudden interest in becoming a well-known ninja, so going back home and letting them win wasn't an option.

A lone tear slipped down her cheek, but she brushed it away numbly as she thought of Kenoyo. The older girl had always been there for her, yet had always shone brighter than she ever could. Learning new jutsus was easy for her friend, but Mitsumi had been struggling for years with the simplest tasks. She was weak; Kenoyo was strong. And Tadashi had always been ultra proud of Kenoyo, while Mitsumi had to stay in the shadow of her friend.

But not that she minded. Most of the time, Kenoyo would've gotten injured in fights with other ninjas while Mitsumi had watched, but sometimes she had wished to learn jutsus that fast, and to be as strong as her older friend to get the attention of their Sensei.

YetMitsumi now felt a gripping amount of pain rushing through her veins, feeling immensely betrayed by her friend for leaving her behind. And for a boy, nonetheless. But her pain transformed slowly in a shameful jealousy, and she groaned and brought a hand to her forehead to try to calm herself down.

A few minutes later, she heard footsteps to her right, and she quickly brushed her cheeks and lifted red-rimmed eyes to look at the person in front of her. Hatake Kakashi was staring down at her, and the expression on the half of his face that wasn't covered revealed compassion.

Kakashi and Mitsumi had trained together before, when Tadashi had given up on teaching her something out of frustration. She had often learned the basics of the jutsus thanks to him, but he had never offered of becoming her Sensei even if Naruto and Sakura had left to train under Jiraiya and Tsunade.

"I'm sorry about Tadashi, Mitsumi…" he stated gently, sitting down beside the trembling girl. "I know he was like your father, and I really don't know why he left so abruptly. He didn't want to tell anyone what—"

"It's alright, Kakashi," she cut in, her voice strangely aloof. Her eyes were off in the distance, unable to focus on something. But then she snapped her attention to him as he said softly, "The Academy doesn't really know what to do, or where to place you. Every Sensei has their hands full with their groups, but we're going to find someone to train you soon. Promise."

Mistumi nodded, then looked away again. She wanted to be alone, but Kakashi obviously mistook that for a need to have someone there. He simply leaned across the tree and pulled out his famous book, then started to read.

The teenage girl threw a disgusted look at Kakashi's reading material, then stood up shakily. "I'm going for a walk," she murmured as she stumbled away with no particular destination in mind. Kakashi nodded, now engrossed deeply in his book.

She slowly made her way to the building she lived in, not noticing the looks of sympathy coming from the people who knew of her situation. Some nastier kids would snicker at how pathetic she was, but Mitsumi ignored them all. She couldn't care less about what they thought of her anymore.

Once she was at her doorstep, she produced a key and slipped it in the doorknob, then let herself in. But when her turquoise eyes fell on Kenoyo's empty bed, the tears that she had so harshly tried to stop now cascaded down her face.

"What am I going to do…" she whispered to herself as she sunk to her knees and buried her face in her hands.


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