I don't own Doctor Who. However, this representation of the thirteenth Doctor (in all his ginger-ness) is my own, as is his assistant, who I shall not name as yet. I like keeping people in suspense.

There was a small click before the lights blacked out. "I didn't know there was a light switch," a voice said in the darkness.

"There isn't," another replied.

There was a crash as the first voice attempted to reach the second, tripping over some unknown object in the process. "What happened, then? Engine failure?" she asked sardonically. There was a dull whumph as a heavy object was placed…somewhere. "How irritating. It's so dark I can't read the manual."

A small blue light appeared a few metres above the floor. Its beam flew across the room and rested on a girl of perhaps sixteen years of age. Her mousy hair was messy, as though it had avoided a hairbrush for several weeks. "We don't have a manual," the other voice pointed out from the darkness.

"You might not. I, however, do," the girl replied shortly, anxiously rifling through pages of the book. "Can you shine the screwdriver on the book rather than in my eyes? Thanks." There was a pause as she followed the words with her finger. "Ah, here we go." She glanced around. "Doctor? Are you in the hatch? I can't see you."

There was a muffled reply and a small clang as something metal fell. "Yes. I'm checking the wiring. It's a bit difficult without any light, though."

"Oh, sorry. I'm done reading now." The blue beam instantly disappeared from the book and illuminated a tangle of wires instead. "The manual says the red wire's probably come unclipped," the girl called down helpfully. When there was no answer, she peered towards the light, straining to see in the blackness. She couldn't see anything apart from the illuminated wiring. "Doctor?"

There was the ripping sound of duct tape being used, and another muffled reply from below the hatch. The lights flickered back on just in time for the girl to see the metal grate before it hit her in the face. There was a clunk. "O-ow," she stammered, clutching her face.

The Doctor pulled a face. "Ouch," he said sympathetically, wincing. "Sorry about that. Didn't realise you were so close."

"No, I'll…I'll be OK. J-just fine. Honestly," she added, upon seeing his expression. "So what happened down there?"

The Doctor ran his hand through his ginger hair and grimaced. "The red wire wasn't unclipped. It had been cut."

The girl's eyebrows shot upwards. "No! But…how?"

He shrugged. "Obviously, someone got in and did some damage with a pair of pliers or something. We'll have to stop here until I've checked her over. She might have had some other wires cut, or something more serious."

The girl frowned at him. "But, Doctor…if the wire was already cut, why did the lights only just go out? Surely they would have gone out as soon as it was cut?"

He ruffled her mousy hair. "Whoever cut it must have left it hanging by a thread. Very clever of them, as it means they could be anywhere. That makes them a lot harder to trace. No, what interests me is how they broke into the TARDIS." He chewed his lip thoughtfully.

"I thought you said it was impossible to break into the TARDIS?" She sounded afraid.

The Doctor nodded. "Impossible, or at least highly improbable. But where's your key, eh?"

The girl frantically searched her pockets. "It's gone! Oh, Doctor, I'm so sorry! I honestly was careful with it!"

The Doctor's lip twitched into a brief smile. "Don't worry. Well, do, but not because of that. We must be dealing with a fairly talented thief for him to sneak into the TARDIS without me knowing. It's not much of a surprise that he managed to pickpocket you when you consider that."

The girl was silent for a moment, still feeling guilty for losing the key. The TARDIS was damaged, and it was all her fault. The Doctor looked at her oddly. "What? Why are you staring at me?" she asked.

"I was waiting for you to pipe up with your usual array of silly suggestions as to who did it," he stated. "Come on, out with them."

She hadn't really given it much of a thought. "Erm, Jack the Ripper? What era are we in?"

The Doctor looked faintly embarrassed. "D'you know, I'm not quite sure? It was too dark to see which buttons I was pressing. Shall we go and check?" He grinned and linked arms with her, practically dragging her out of the TARDIS.

"Doctor!" she exclaimed, as she clung on to her hat for dear life. "I've dropped my scarf!"

"Yes, it is rather windy, isn't it? Must be in Scotland!" He turned round to pick up her scarf, and held it out to her. Suddenly, an idea struck him. "Hey, shall I wear my old scarf?"

"You have a--?" she started, before remembering the ridiculously long accessory hanging in his wardrobe. "No! You are not wearing that monstrosity!"

The Doctor was already running back towards the TARDIS. "Doctor! No! Don't you dare!" She followed him through the police box doors. "I shall refuse to be seen with you! I'll lock myself in the TARDIS and I shan't go with you! Doctor!" She pushed open the door in front of her and found the Doctor standing with his back to her, unmoving. "Doctor?" she ventured.

Slowly, he turned to face her, and she could see what he was clutching to his chest. "Oh, Doctor," she said sadly. "Your poor scarf."

The Doctor stared blankly at the two pieces of material before him for a while before he pulled himself together enough to choke out a few words. "They cut my scarf. THEY CUT MY SCARF IN HALF!"