This is my version of what is happening after Homecoming.

Note: I don't own American Dragon, Disney does. Also this is my first ever story, so please I love comments!

Two weeks after Rose's passing, Jake had this weird dream:

It was Rose, dressed in her Huntsclan outfit and her braided hair. She spoke to him,

"Jake, you have to get my memory back. This is not the life I wanted. I'd rather be dead then live life never knowing you."

Jake woke up a half of second later; he knew she was trying to tell her something. He thought maybe a part of Rose was left behind in the vortex, a part that she wanted back. But with Rose in China, he knew he could do nothing for her. Even so Rose was happy with her parents, and he didn't want to ruin her happiness. He punched his alarm and went back asleep.

That morning, Jake mopes over the loss of Rose in his Grandpa's shop, as usual.

"Hey Jakey you still upset over Rose?" Spoke one of Jake's friends Trixie. "I mean really, at least she's with her family and all now..."

"Yeah I know, but I wish at least she would remember me..." Jake said.

"Real bummer dude," spoke Jake's other friend Spud. "I mean you two were like, made for each other."

Trixie got tired of talking about Rose and urged Jake to come and hang with them. But he refused.

"Fine, stay here and keep mopin' about Rose, me and Spud are going to the skate park, lata!" Trixie spoke and left with Spud.

Moments later Jake's Grandpa Lao Shi walks in.

"Jake, I have received information about the Dark Dragon," spoke Gramps. "JAKE!! ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME?" Jake turns his head over and ignores his grandpa. "JAKE! Rants in Chinese, I don't know Chinese so I can't say anything This is no time to worry about love life, its important Dragon business!"

"Fine G what's up?" Jake moaned.

"There have been witnesses who have spotted the Dark Dragon in Hong Kong. Since we are the only known survivors from encountering him, it's very important we head over to China now!"

When Jake heard Hong Kong, his heart sank. Rose… But Hong Kong was a big place, and he knew it was impossible for him to find her there. Even so, Rose wouldn't remember him, so meeting her would be a waste. Hearing China just made him even more depressed.

Jake understood the importance of his duties though.

"Wait, what about Dad?" Jake asked his Gramps.

"I don't know, make up something…." Lao Shi said.

So Jake walked over to his house and on the way thought something to tell his dad so he won't find out their dragons. He asked his parents if he could head off to Hong Kong with Gramps for a couple of days, to… visit relatives. Jake's Dad said felt it was a little awkward that not the whole family was going, but then he accepted that his Grandpa was pretty responsible to watch over him.

With his lie working, he flew over to Gramps shop to prepare to head over to Hong Kong, China!!

A couple of hours later, Jake and Gramps arrive in the city of Hong Kong! The Dragon council informed them that the Dark Dragon was spotted by the Imperial Park making up places in China. The Imperial Park was a beautiful 2 acre park. It was one of the most popular parks for magic people back then. However, ever since its nearby ocean was polluted by smog in 1920, not many people visited the park anymore. This made it one of the perfect spots for the Dark Dragon to hide.

"Jake you take the South side, I will head up straight. If you see any signs of him let me know."

"Kay Gramps."

Jake walked in his human form and searched for the Dark Dragon. He headed by the park bridge thinking that would be the most likely place to start. He searched under this giant bridge, but nothing. He questioned himself; this park wasn't big enough to actually hide anywhere. So he then decided to check around the park area. He walked down the sidewalk, not paying attention to where he was going, and barely ran into someone.

"Ni Hao!" the stranger said.

"What?" Jake said confused. "I don't speak Chinese."

"Sorry, I thought you…" Jake looked up at her, it was Rose.

"Rose…." He spoke.

"How do you my name? I don't know anyone here." Rose questioned.

"Well, umm… we kind of knew each other back in the NYC."

Rose stared at Jake. She knew she had met this guy before. But she couldn't name when. Jake then heard his Gramps yelling at him from afar. Jake knew he was in trouble, so he started to walk away.

"Wait!" Rose yelled. "I know I've met you before, but I just can't remember, please, just tell me your name."

"It's Jake."

"Will I ever see you again?"

"Probably not." Jake sighed and walked away to his Grandpa. Jake knew that Rose was trying to remember him, but Jake didn't want to tell her as Rose's life was already perfect, and he didn't want to mess it up with all this magical stuff. So he left her and headed toward his Grandpa. It got late, so they headed to a hotel and rested for the night.

That night Rose thought only about the boy she met at the park, Jake. It seemed to her that they connected in a way she could not remember. She told the story of that afternoon to her twin sister, yet she didn't know who she was talking about. And being twins, they shared the same friends, yet Rose was the only one feeling that she knew this boy. Then, she saw a strange bracelet on her arm, with three charms on it. One of the charms was in the shape of a diamond, and seemed to be the prettiest of all those charms. She was wearing it forever, but she never noticed it until now, nor could she remember where/when she got it. She held it in her hand, and then placed it on her drawer.