Chapter 8: Reconnection

This shall be the last chapter for the story, ENJOY!!

Rose walks up, and suddenly, has her whole memory back. She remembered everything, the Huntsclan, Jake, everything! She ran out of the strange room and out exited out of the grey building…

Jake waited there, desperately wanting Rose to wake up. He rested by her side, and wouldn't let her go into he knew she was ok.

Once again, Councilor Andam replies to the American Dragon. "Jake, you have to move, she needs medical help!"

Jake didn't budge. He knew that Rose would be taken somewhere, unknown. And right now she didn't need that. All she needed was him by her side when she wakes up.

"I'm not leaving her!" he argued.

The Dragon Councilor Kulde, the European dragon, walks up to Jake. He was very angry by Jake's disobedience. "That is an order, American Dragon!" he called out to him. He looked back and gave a defiant look toward Gramps. "Control your student Master Lao Shi!!" he ordered.

Lao Shi didn't move. He stared down at his grandson from afar. He was honored to have him care for someone that much, to not leave their side. If anything, he knew that he had taught Jake well.

Jake didn't care if he would get in trouble from the Dragon Council. He didn't care about anything, except Rose. Out of everything in his life, right now, right there, all he wanted was to hear Rose's voice. But after an hour of waiting, it seemed hopeless. He looked back over at the Council, seeing how impatient they were. He knew he couldn't keep Rose here on the streets of Hong Kong any longer. He picked her up, and carried her toward the Dragon Masters.

"Jake, hold on to her. We will come with you, and fly her to the nearest hospital." Andam smiled at Jake.

Jake looked down at Rose, she knew this is what she needed. He held her in his arms, when suddenly, she moved. Jake didn't fly up, and landed back to the ground. He dragoned down, and gazed at Rose. Her lips were moving, and soon Jake saw Rose's beautiful blue eyes staring right at him.

"Jake!?" she whispered.

Jake put Rose down, "Rose!" he yelled in delight.

"Jake, I remember!" she spoke in a low tone. "I remember everything!" she screamed out, and grabbed on to Jake and hugged him. Jake, stunned by the hug, grabs his arms and wraps it around her. He looked up at Rose and she gave out a grin. Rose was so happy to have her memory back, she bent over to Jake, and she kissed him.

Umm… after they were done, Jake blushed as the whole council was staring at them. Rose sat down on the ground, staring at Jake.

"Rose, we have to get you to the hospital!" he exclaimed to her.

Rose looked down at her scar marks showing threw her outfit. "I'm fine Jake," she looked up at the night sky, "I just really have to get home; my parents are probably worried sick about me."

"Miss, Rose, you really should see a doctor," Master Andam said as he approached her and Jake. "Just to make sure you are save."

"I'm fine really!" she smiled and stood up from the ground. "See?"

Councilor Andam inspected Rose's wound marks. "Ok. At least your up, just some bandages and some ice, you will be fine." He smiled.

"Jake, I thank you. I know if you hadn't come here to Hong Kong, I would have never got my memory back!" she jolted and hugged Jack once more.

"Rose, I want you to come back to America with me. We can finally be together, without the Huntsman ruining it." He grabbed Rose's arm.

"Jake… I'd love too, but" Rose said, but then her smile went down. Jake heard that 'but' and knew something would get in the way… "But, my dad just got a job here. If we moved back, that means he'd have to quit. And well just settled in here, I can't do that to them," she frowned.

Jake understood that Rose had a whole different life to go back to.

"Jake, we must report to Isle of Draco, the other Dragon Masters would like to have a word with us," Gramps touched his grandsons shoulder.

Jake looked back over at Rose… "Well, I guess this is good-bye then," he sighed.

Rose looked down and almost cried. But her tears were stopped, as she stared down at her Dreamcharm. She then remembered that with this charm, she was allowed to go into people's dreams.

"Not quite," she replied and lifted up her arm, "All see you, in my dreams!" she smiled.

Jake went off with his friends, Gramps, and the rest of the Dragon Masters, as they flew back over to Isle of Draco. Jake stared down as Rose, who was walking back home to her family. When Jake arrived home, the next day, he got out an exact bracelet of Rose's that was hidden behind a picture she had given him awhile ago. He put it on, and never took it off. He and Rose kept their relationship alive threw dreams, as if they picked up right where they left off just before Homecoming.


I really enjoyed writing! I hope you enjoyed reading. Yes, I am making a sequel, but it won't come out for awhile. After I also finish 'A Huntsgirl Story' I want to work on one story at a time. So I really want to start writing this story I have in my mind right now, before I start working on the sequel. :)