Title: Before any of the rest of it

Rating: T – for language and maybe sex (don't know that yet, but I think so)

Disclaimer: No, I don't own GA or any of the characters. Which is sad, really. But since Shondra Rhimes is a genius and does exactly what I would do if I did own Grey's, I can live with it.

Summary: What if Derek had told Meredith about his marriage "before any of the rest of it"? Meaning, he met her in the bar, but told her about his wife. Mainly MerDer, but including everyone. I dare say it's very amusing and not at all bad.

A/N: So, here it is. My very own little part in the Grey's universe. So proud. It's my first fanfic written in English, but I think it's good and my language isn't too bad. Will update relatively often (meaning I don't know that yet, since I got three more MerDer fanfictions I'm currently writing) and I love and appreciate reviews! Have fun and tell me if it's good. Of course you can also tell me what isn't good about it. But I hope you won't have to. I accidently posted this one before, so I hope you'll forgive me for rewriting. It wasn't ready for being posted, so I removed it. This is a mainly funny story, not at all angsty like most of my other fanfics, so it was kind of fun writing it. Hope you'll love it just as much as I do.

"Straight tequila? Really? You are going to be sorry in the morning." The bartender said, as he poured her another shot.

Meredith smiled.

"I'm always sorry in the morning. But tomorrow I start my first day at work, so keep'em coming."

"Double scotch, single malt, please."

While she was busy tilting her head back and skipping down her shot, a guy sat down next to her. She tried to not look at him, and first it seemed to work, but then he started talking to her.

"So, is this a good place to hang out?"

Great. A guy in a bar hitting on her the day before she'd start working at Seattle Grace. A guy with amazing hair. No, she did not just think that. No. Seriously. No amazing hair guys today. She didn't need amazing hair guys.

"I wouldn't know, never been here before.", she said, still not looking at him, after he kept looking at her in the anticipation of an answer. That had been pretty blunt, in a please-don't-talk-to-me-I-don't-need-another-one-night-stand-even-if-you-have-amazing-hair kind of way. But obviously he didn't get it.

"You know what? I haven't either. First time here. I'm new in town. Never been to Seattle. New job soon."

Then he seemed to realize that she was looking at anything but him, which made him smile for no good reason. Why was he smiling? Why was his smile so... dreamy? Why did he have amazing hair? And why the hell did he keep talking to her?

"Ah, you're ignoring me.", he said.

"Um, trying to." She still avoided looking at him. He was hot and had amazing hair and a dreamy smile and... honestly, she had no idea why she was avoiding to look at him, but she was.

"You shouldn't ignore me.", he stated, apparently amused.

She sighed and finally turned towards him. Okay, that was even better than she had expected. Good-looking and hot in a way she hadn't even known existed. In that amazing-hair-and-dreamy-smile sort of way.

"Why not?"

"Because I'm someone you need to get to know to love."

He took a sip from his scotch, seeming sincere. Well, maybe not sincere, but there was this little hurt look in his eyes that made her believe he might be right about that. And since he was dreamy and hitting on her in a bar and she needed to get laid, even if she wasn't planning on falling in love with him or anyone anytime soon, she decided to give it a shot. Why the hell not?

"Really?", she flirted right back, now totally captured by their little non-conversation.

"Oh yes."

"So if I know you, I'll love you?" She was laughing at him now, even if a little part inside of her was almost too ready to believe him. But she wasn't going to know him, was she?

"Oh yes."

She giggled slightly.

"You really like yourself huh?"

"Just hiding my pain. So, what's your story?"

Okay, that was something she definitely didn't need right now, talking about her hidden pain. Nope, not today. And most certainly not with some handsome stranger. She didn't want to think about that kind of stuff right now.

"I don't have a story. I'm just a girl in a bar."

"I'm just a guy in a bar. No, actually I'm not."

"You're not?"

This was getting interesting. And he seemed to be between hot and flirty and in pain. She had always had a thing for wounded guys. And tomorrow was her first day of work, so... Maybe male distraction wasn't too bad. But what he said then wasn't that nice to hear.

"I'm a married guy in a bar. A married guy whose wife cheated on him with his best friend. A married guy who ran away to Seattle before he could even get a divorce."

What really surprised her was that he told her that. No man who hadn't lost his senses told a possible meaningless-but-hot one-night-stand that he was married. And she had really hoped he was interested in a meaningless-but-hot one-night-stand. He had great hair, after all.

"Why are you telling me this?", she asked, a little confused now.

"Don't know. I'm just done hiding my pain."

They both sighed simultaniously, then she replied:

"Me too."

Maybe she shouldn't have said that, because now he was looking at her in a even more interested way. And not in the interested-in-a-one-night-stand kind of way. This conversation started to suck. She didn't need total strangers worrying about her and her crappy life. Even if they had amazing hair.

"Your turn.", he simply said, surprising her again.


"I told you about my pain. Now you tell me about your pain." He seemed to be back at hot and flirty, but there was still some sincere interest in her life and in her pain. Apparently he didn't have enough of his own. Or he cared. Or whatever.

"Why should I want to tell you about my pain?"

"Oh, come on. I won't tell anybody."

He smiled again now, this ... dreamy ... smile. How was she supposed to restist that? How was anybody supposed to restist something that sexy or whatever she thought that was?

"Okay. I have no idea why I'm telling you this, but since I'll probably never see you again... My mother has Alzheimers."

She sighed heavily. This was a really strange situation she had gotten herself into. No one knew about her mother. No one. And there she was, telling a total stranger her greatest secret. She blamed his smile and the tequila.

"How advanced?"

Okay, this was getting even weirder. Did he seriously sound like he cared? Like he wanted to know so that she could get it off her mind and make her peace with it? Did he sound ... compassionate?

"Very. And I'm the only one who even knows she's sick.", she replied, feeling strangely relieved. She had never told anyone about this and he... He made her feel like she wasn't alone in this. Even if she was, even if they didn't know each other, he made her feel less lonely. Okay, this was getting too weird now. They had met about four minutes ago and she felt like they had a connection. They so didn't. Of course they didn't.

"Well, I guess we both have crappy lives."

He sighed, taking another sip of his scotch.


"I always hate having to deal with Alzheimers patients. Their relatives always seem so helpless and sad."

"You're a doctor?"


"My mom used to be a neurosurgeon. Ellis Grey, maybe you've heard of her."

Crap. Maybe she shouldn't have said that. It was bad enough that she had told him that her mother had Alzheimers, but he really wasn't supposed to know her name, especially because she was kind of famous, one of the greats. He looked up and met her eyes immediately.

"Your mother is Ellis Grey? And she has Alzheimers? I'm so sorry."

There it was again, this sincere tone in his voice. God, she didn't need compassion from guys with amazing hair and dreamy smiles she had met in bars.

"It's okay. Just swear you won't tell anyone.", she said, sounding exactly as flustered as she was. Actually she couldn't believe she had told him anything at all. He laughed a little and unfortunately that made him look very irresistable. Crap. There was no such thing as irresistable. He obviously didn't want an one-night-stand, so why did she even bother talk to him? Then again, what else was she supposed to do right now?

"Swear you won't tell anyone about my wife. I came here to start over."

She decided to keep talking to him, even if it was really pointless since she wasn't going to meet him again. Fortunately.

"Yeah, me too. You won't tell, I won't tell. Deal."


Then a little detail came back into her mind, something he had mentioned earlier. If he was a neurosurgeon and at this bar right across the street from Seattle Grace tonight, he might...

"So, where do you work?", she said, hoping like hell he'd say 'Mercy West' or something.

"Seattle Grace. First day tomorrow."



"What's wrong with a new job at Seattle Grace?", he seemed amused again, a feeling that she couldn't quite share. She poured down another shot of tequila before she answered him.

"You're my boss."


Now he was surprised, too. Good. Maybe that would make him look less dreamy. She didn't need dreamy. She didn't need a dreamy boss with amazing hair. Crap.

"Unless you are an intern as well, and I dare to doubt that, you are my boss."

Meredith closed her eyes instead of staring at the ceiling in abject horror. Unfortunately he seemed happy about the fact that he was going to spend a lot of time working with her.

"You're an intern at Seattle Grace?"

This was bad, this wasn't good... She needed to leave. Something like that only ever happened to her, as if her life wasn't messy enough as it was. Of course she had met her future attending in a bar the day before they were going to start working together. Of course he had amazing hair. Of course she found him very attractive and dreamy and stuff. Of course there was this huge sexual tension between them. Of course she had told him about her mother. And of course he wasn't just her boss, but also married. Great. Things like that only ever happened to Meredith Grey.

"I need to go."

"No, please stay. I swore I wasn't going to tell anyone, remember?", he said, sounding strangely shocked about her sudden decision.

"Well, you're still my boss."

"Not yet."

"But you will be."

"Yes. But right now we are just a girl and a guy in a bar."

"A scary and damaged girl and a married guy who will be her boss tomorrow."

She was joking about this. She was actually joking. As in still-a-little-flirty joking. This was really not good. And it seemed to remind him of something. They didn't even know each other's names.

"What's your name?"

There was no way of not answering, it wouldn't make a lot of sense if she chose to not answer his question. She would meet him tomorrow and he would be her boss. He'd find out her name eventually.

"Meredith. Meredith Grey."


"No last name?"

She was back at avoiding to look at him. This was just way too bad and he was just way too dreamy and 'Derek' sounded way too good. Like she could cry it out in the middle of the night. Crap, bad! She shouldn't be thinking stuff like that. Yet, she was. And it didn't suck at all.

"Well, if I tell you yet, there is the danger of you calling me "Dr. Whatevermylastnameis". Boss tomorrow. Derek today."

Looking at her again. Why was he always looking at her that way? He shouldn't be looking at her like that now that he knew she was going to be one of his interns. Hell, there were a lot of 'shoulds' and unfortunately they both seemed to enjoy ignoring those.

"Okay, so it's Derek. Nice meeting you, Derek."

She just couldn't help it, she looked into his eyes again. Dark blue eyes. Crap.

"You too, Meredith."

And the way he spoke her name sent shivers down her spine. Great, Meredith, well done. BOSS!!! MARRIED BOSS!!! (with great hair and dreamy smile and dark blue eyes and a really hot way of saying her name)

"I better get going. Like I said, tomorrow's my first day of work."

She should really leave, but he said:

"Please stay. Only five minutes."

"Why are you begging me to stay?"

Well, she could at least try to pretend she really was intending to leave. Even if they both knew she wasn't.

"Because you're the only one I know in this town? Or maybe because I told you about my almost ex-wife and my ex-best friend? Just stay."

Now he gave her a head tilt. Head tilt and dreamy smile. How was she supposed to resist that? Giving in seemed so easy now...

"Five minutes?", she asked, still hesitating.

"Five minutes.", he said reasuringly.


She smiled and ordered another shot of tequila.