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"Katie's parents have questions. Do you talk to them or do I ask Burke?"

"No, Burke's off the case. Katie belongs to the new attending now, Dr Shepherd. He's over there."

He looked up as a tiny blonde intern came walking towards him.

"So, it's Dr Shepherd? Nice last name.", she stated, slightly giggling. Obviously she wasn't feeling uncomfortable around him, even though she had stayed far longer than five minutes last night. Nothing had happened, she had just stayed and they had talked and smiled (and flirted) for hours. Her serenity made him strangely relieved. This was better than awkward silence and professionalism.

"Yes, it is. No more Derek, huh?", he asked her, trying to convince her to remain at first name base just by looking at her. It didn't work. Usually the look did it's trick, but it didn't seem to have any affect on Meredith Grey. Strange.

"We're at work now."

"Sad. Can I still call you Meredith? I like your name."

His face lit up when he saw her smirking at his comment.

"Sorry, it's Dr Grey from now on."

Derek let out a small chuckle, before he said one of his favourites:

"You say that now. So, Dr Grey, why did Bailey send you here?"

"Katie Bryce's parents ask a lot of stuff and I can't answer any of it."

"And you want me to do what, Dr Grey?", he smirked, empathising her name. This was just ridiculous, they wouldn't keep calling each other Dr Grey and Dr Shepherd. And it was fun.

"Maybe you should talk to them, Dr Shepherd."

She looked at him, apparently pretending she expected him to become professional, but still empathising his last name right back. Well, he wouldn't give up that easily and frankly he wondered who she was kidding. Professional wouldn't work between them.

"Ask nicely."

He felt it was time. Time for THE LOOK. His smile featuring the head tilt, again. Noone was able to resist that. This was the look he gave female patients if he wanted them to agree on surgeries or male patient's wifes and girlfriends to make them convince their husbands or boyfriends to have the surgery. It was the smile featuring the head tilt, even Meredith wouldn't be able to resist that. And obviously she couldn't help but let out a small giggle. An adorable sound.

"Why should I want to ask nicely?", she said, doing her best trying to ignore his smile. Well, he had been right, she was pretty much imune to the smile, but the head tilt? She wasn't able to ignore that. She so wasn't.

"I'm trying to take advantage of the fact that I'm not Derek anymore, even if I don't really think that's a good thing.", Derek said, giving his voice a little sad sound. Yeah, it was indeed sad that she wouldn't talk to him the way she had in the bar. Still, being around her made him feel far too ... well, what was it? What was this feeling? It was like he was somehow... alive. He hadn't been alive in weeks, months. Maybe even years. Alive and happy. Freaking bright and shiny!

"Okay. Dr Shepherd, would you please answer some of the questions Katie's parents ask?"

"Sure, Dr Grey.", he chuckled and stepped back gentleman-like. "You lead, I follow."

Obviously she had a bad feeling about letting him walk behind her, because she hesistated briefly before she started walking towards the elevator. God, she was so right. It was only too easy to look at body parts he shouldn't be looking at. He forced himself to keep looking at the back of her head. Not a bad view eighter. Besides, she turned around as soon as they reached the empty elevator. Elevator? Good. Elevators were his specialty. He'd have to talk about ferry boats one day. But she wasn't ready for that yet.

"Katie's a pain in the ass, by the way. In case you haven't met her yet. If I hadn't taken the Hippocratical Oath I'd Kevorkian her with my bare hands."

Now that made him burst out into laughter. The elevator doors closed as he stated:

"Dr Grey! You can't talk about patients like that!"

She didn't seem very impressed by his authority. That meant she didn't see him as her boss. THAT was a positive thing.

"Well, you definitely haven't met her yet.", she said, slightly amused by his reaction, but sounding like she actually thought you could possibly not think Katie Bryce was a pain in the ass if you had met her. But he had.

"I have."

"And you don't think she's a pain in the ass?"

He chuckled at her question.

"Well, she was sedated."

That made her laugh. Actually laugh. A high piched laugh that was followed by a few giggles. Made him like her even more. He could get used to hearing that. Damn, he really could.

"And you don't believe me?", she asked when she had gone back to a non-laughing state, but apparently she couldn't just go back to plain professional. Well, he had to try, didn't he?

"Not unless you let me call you Meredith again."

She smiled again, too amused now to not flirt back.

"Why do you want to call me Meredith again?"

Well, that was an easy question. He wanted to call her Meredith because of the way she laughed. Because of the soft smell of a mysterious flower that surrounded her. Because he couldn't really say what the color of her eyes was and he wanted to know that. Because her messy pony tail made her look so different, but still as beautiful as the woman he had flirted with in a bar last night. Of course, he didn't say that. That would be a little too much for her, and he was pretty sure saying that would make her feel insecure around him. He didn't want that. He enjoyed the hot and flirty mood he was in. So all he said was:

"Like I said, I like your name."

Then she let something she obviously hadn't planned on saying slip, acompanied with another little giggle.

"And I like your hair."

"You like my hair.", he grinned. This was good. She liked his hair. Ha! Of course she liked his hair, girls usually fell for his hair. But interns didn't say they liked their bosses hair, and that was the good part. He had managed to get her to saying something interns didn't say to their bosses. And he couldn't pretend he didn't enjoy the look on her face when she realized the same thing.

"Did I just say that?", she asked looking flushed and blushed slightly. He tilted his head again and smiled at her.

"You did just say that."

And she, well, she showed another side of her. Queen of denial. Nice.

"No, I didn't.", she said, almost sounding convinced by her own words. Didn't make him stop smiling. Even if she somehow managed to ignore the head tilt. Damn, that had never happend to him before, a girl ignoring his head tilt.

"So now you're telling me you don't like my hair?", he asked, barely able to hold back another wave of laughter. He had obviously caught her slightly off her guard. Good.

"I didn't say that eighter, I just... It's unprofessional to make remarks about your hair. You're my boss. Which is the reason why I won't let you call me Meredith. Ha, see that, I'm not rambling!"

She looked like she'd just had a huge triumph, conquered the world or something.

"You're not rambling?", Derek asked, slightly confused now. She only shrugged her shoulders.

"Well, usually I'm rambling."

She tended to ramble? Cute. Really, seriously cute. He knew immediately he'd love the rambling.

"Looking forward to that."

"To what?"

"Listening to you rambling."

"Why should you be looking forward to... Stop it!", she cried out as she finally realized that he was looking suggestively up and down her side. He only smiled even more.

"Stop what?"

"You're looking at me!"

Apparently she was trying to sound offended or shocked or something. Well, it wasn't working. He was about 99.9 sure she couldn't deny the chemistry they had eighter.

"I am looking at you indeed."

"Well, you're not supposed to. It's inappropriate. Katie's room's over there."

She pointed to a room on the right. He only laughed. She wasn't going to make him stay professional. Especially not if she herself wasn't able to be professiona. Not that he was complaining, hell no. This was fun. Yes, it was.

"You were the one who started talking about my hair. Elevators and my hair, sorry, but you left me no other choice than to be looking at you.", he stated, smirking again. It didn't even matter that it apparently didn't have the same effect on her as on the entire female staff of hospitals. She, the way she was so stubborn about remaining stricktly professional, made him smirk.

"What do elevators have to do with the fact that you're hitting on me?", she asked, obviously trying to sound annoyed. Well, it wasn't working, since a little smile still lit her face.

"You'll see. Ah, Mr and Mrs Bryce, Meredith here told me you have questions?", he said, a boyish grin on his face as he empathized her first name, knowing exactly that she couldn't correct him in front of Katie's parents. Holy shit, that felt good.