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It was cold, lone night with a crisp, biting breeze. Clouds have covered the moon and hid the stars, leaving only complete and utter darkness. Not that it mattered to me. I haven't been cold for almost two hundred years and I didn't need light of the Moon and his celestial sisters, Stars, to see. Darkness presented no obstacle to me, after all I was the Child of Night; born and living in darkness. My eyes pierced trough the dark, searching.

Where is she? Why is it taking her so long?

Edges of my lips curl upwards in ironic, self-mocking, half-smile.

And why do I care?

Why, really? What does a mortal girl, whose name I don't even know, have to do with me? Why I'm I stalking a mortal girl for past three months, watching her every move, when I don't even know her? I haven't ate ever since I met her, three months ago, never once leaving her side, afraid if I go now, I may loose her forever. Loose her, my nameless angel, my shining star.

For two hours now, I've been waiting outside a little souvenir shop, waiting for her to finish with work for today and go home. I waited for her, for my angel, for my beloved one.

I wanted to see her.

No, I needed to see her. I needed to see her and hear her voice more than anything. I had to see her just one more time, before we finally separate and I go hunt. I've been abstaining for too long, bringing my nameless angel in danger. Every time color rushed in her cheeks, I was tempted to jump on her, taste her, devour her… And every time I resisted the temptation, but now I wasn't so sure I could do it.

And so I waited.

I waited for two hours on glistering cold for a human whose name I didn't know, for a human I never met, for a human I loved.

How very stupid.

How utterly irresponsible.

How illogical.

I knew what the others would say if they could see me now. I closed my eyes and I could almost hear Emmet laugh; see Rosalie frowning while playing with her golden locks; sense Alice's hand on mine, see Carlisle-…

I opened my eyes in a flash.

She was here, standing only a few feet's away from me, locking the shop. I took in a sharp breath and she turns, but by the time she does that, I'm already on the far end of the street.

She pauses in front of the door to reassure herself that her large, brown coat is secured, then turns to the west side of the town and starts walking. She turns once more; checking the empty street, then lowers her shoulders in that simple, lovely gesture I learned to love, and turns away. It was then that I finally moved from the shadows and started following her silently from the other side of the street. She didn't notice me.

She never did. I was too good for that.

As I follow her down the dark, empty streets of Forks, all the way down to her house, my mind is completely blank of all thought except one and only one; how to make her mine.


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