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Sequel to Ahh!!! I am in my Crush's body!! Four years ago, Sector V plus Numbuh 362 were very happy with their new partners. Four years later after they got decommissioned, they all want to kill each other well, not literally of course. That is until a strange thing happened, that made them all switch bodies with each other! While trying to figure out what the hell happened to them, they also find out someone is after them and wants them dead! On top of that they had deal with each other lives, but they do find out many new interesting facts about each other that just… might bring them closer to each other. 1/362 2/5 3/4

The Other Side

Chapter One


By Cyrix

After everyone turned 13, Sector V, including Numbuh 362 was decommissioned and never saw each other again. It was a heartbreaking moment for everyone, but they all promised each other they will find each other in the future. They never did found out why the device broke a part again and what the laser that was shot into space was. However, they will find out soon enough.

Two years later, they are all starting high school as freshmen and unaware of their past. That is until something strange happened…

Somewhere out in space, a shining object is coming really fast back. It reaches the solar system and soars pass by Pluto almost pulling the small planet out of orbit.

Back on Earth, the sun was shining brightly to a brand new day. A Japanese girl looks out the window as things passes by her. She was wearing a white blouse with a white skirt and had really long black hair that goes all the way down her back. She was wearing a necklace with her name engraved on it. Although she never could figure out how she got the necklace, she loves it. Her mom is driving her to Maple Village High School. It's Kuki first day of High school, how exciting.

Her mom turns back and said to her "Kuki?"

Kuki turns to her and asks her "What is it, mom?"

"You ready for high school?" she asks Kuki as she turns back to the front.

"Yeah" Kuki lies to her mom, but her mom didn't notice as the car pulls up in front of the school. It isn't like she is afraid of high school, she was the most popular girl in her junior high school. All the boys swarm over her like bees attracted to honey. She dated many boys, but the relationships never lasted past two weeks. Since the relationships were really short, she always tell people she never had a boyfriend before. She always felt like she was missing something in her life, something that she thinks relates to her past life that she just couldn't remember for some unknown reason.

"We're here!" her mom tells her as she stops the car in front of the school. Kuki looks out the window and examines the school. Other than the building being four stories high with some weird looking animal that looks like a pigeon, it looks like a regular high school to her.

Kuki kisses her mom on the cheek and gets out of the car with her backpack "Bye mom!"

"Bye Kuki! Have a nice first day at school!" her mom shouts out to her while waving. Kuki waves at her mom as the car drives off. Kuki turns around and bumps into someone.

"Hey sexy cookie" the guy said to her. She recognizes the voice and frown at him.

"I told you a hundred times in junior high, not to call me that Kevin!" she tells him while angry at him.

Kevin grins and replies back to her "How can I not? You're sexy!"

Kuki's best friend Kristy runs up to them and tells Kevin "I think you shouldn't had told her that"

Kevin looks at Kristy and asks her "Why?" Suddenly he falls down holding his shin with Kristy grinning at him.

"That's why" Kuki tells him and walks away from them.

"You forgot again huh?" Kristy asks him while he is on the floor.

He nods his head and answers her "damn, she kicks hard!"

"Well duh! Of course she does! She did that to you in junior high also when you call her that! Don't you remember at all?" Kristy tells him. He shakes his head and gets up from the floor. "And… that's why she will never like you, since you never remember anything at all!" she shouts at him and runs to catch up with Kuki.

Kevin glares at them and mutters under his breath "Well, one of these days, she will like me"

Kristy and Kuki walks up to the front gates with the other students while chatting away about their summers.

"Wow! You went back to Japan?! How was it?!" Kristy asks her with excitement.

"It was okay, I guess" she replies back with no enthusiasm in her voice.

"Okay? Okay?! You went back to your home country! Shouldn't that be exciting?!" Kristy tells her while throwing her hands up.

"No, of course it was exciting! But…" Kuki said to her while looking up at the sky.

"But what?" she asks Kuki.

Kuki looks back at her and answers "When I was there, I was very excited until I had a flashback. The flashback was really weird though, in the flashback I was a kid with another kid that doesn't look Japanese at all! After that flashback, I felt less excited and more like I am missing something… or someone"

Kristy looks at her and replies back "Wow, that's really weird! You ever find out who the kid was?" Kuki shakes her head.

"I couldn't really tell because the flashback was in fragments. I had to piece them together to see the whole picture" Kuki explains to her best friend.

"Oh wow, that is just strange!" she responds back.

"Yeah…" Kuki said while thinking about it.

Come to think of it. I had many flashbacks like that ever since my thirteenth birthday. My parents wouldn't tell me anything except that I used to hang out with my friends a lot and one of those boys was my boyfriend! Boyfriend?! How can I not remember my first boyfriend?! I think they are just kidding around with me or just plain nuts. Me? Forget my first boyfriend? That's just impossible!

"Kuki? Heello? You there?" Kristy waves her hand in front of Kuki's face as she said that.

Kuki snaps out of it and turns to her "Oh sorry Kristy, just thinking about stuff"

"No problem. Just wanted to tell you that we should be going inside now" she tells Kuki as she walks toward the front entrance.

Kuki looks and said "Oh okay" Kuki follows Kristy into the school. Somewhere nearby a car is parked and a guy watches them go inside the school from his binoculars. He pulls out his cell phone and dials a number.

"Yes?" someone answers from the phone.

"I got her on sight" the guy tells him.

"Excellent! After you are done with her, get the rest of them" he tells the guy.

"Yes, I understand" the guy replies back.

"Good" he said and hangs up. The guy puts away the phone and drives the car away from the school.

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Yup, nothing like a little suspense to start a sequel! So there are some questions you probably want answered. Maybe you might find out in the later chapters. Who knows? For now just review please!