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[Sequel to Ahh!!! I am in my Crush's body!! Three years ago, Flirty Girl meets Tough Boy. Three years after, Nasty Attitude Girl meets Too-Full of Himself Boy. Maybe if they see it from each other eyes, they might change the way they think about each other. Also know what it really means to be a boy and a girl.

The Other Side

Chapter Four

Kuki's Past Secret

By Cyrix

It seemed like a really long time before the bell finally rang and I got out of the classroom as fast I could. Can't believe it is only the first day of high school and ALREADY a boy is hitting on me! Gosh, can't I go one day in school without at least ONE boy hitting on me?!

Kristy was teasing me about the boy that was flirting with me earlier. But I wasn't really listening to her. My mind was on something else. That boy looked so familiar which is like impossible since I only just saw him just before. He almost looked like my last boyfriend Kyle and also the only boyfriend I will ever have for the rest of my life. I still remember meeting him at my junior high school.


It was the first day just like today. A hot looking blond boy came up to me with that same smirk on his face.

"Hey sexy" the boy said to me. I looked up at him and it was like love at first sight.

"Heyy" I replied back to him in a flirty tone.

He looked me up and down before saying "What's a cute sexy Asian girl like you doing in this lame school?"

I giggled at his little comment and told him "I don't know" I got close to his face and told him "but I do know now."

He stuck out his hand and said "The name is Kyle"

I took his hand and said in a flirty tone "Kuki as in cookie"

Then we just stare into each other eyes until our teacher Mrs. Robin came in.


We loved each other a lot and thought our love would be everlasting. I thought he would never betray me. Or so I thought…

Kristy was still teasing me about the boy.

"Can't you believe he just walked over here?" she said to me while we are walking to our next classes.

"Yeah" I said to her not wanting to talk about it. We talked about other things for a while until we had to split off to our classes.

"Well, okay I will go this way and you go that way! I will see you in Science class!" Kristy tells me and runs off to her class.

"Okay bye" I tell her and walk toward the gym. When I got inside the gym, I couldn't believe what I saw!

Not only was the boys and girls separated on both sides of the gym, but that Australian boy was also in my gym class!

"I try to avoid him and now I am stuck with him in my gym class! Oh swell…" I tell myself and walk over to the girl's side and stand with them waiting for our gym instructor to move his ass already. While waiting for the gym instructor to move his ass, I began to think about Kyle again.


"Ms. Sanban and Mr. Smith! Why are you guys staring at each other?" Mrs. Robin shouted at us making the whole class giggle at us. We looked away quickly while blushing.

"Nothing Mrs. Robinhood" Kyle said to the teacher making the class laugh again. I laughed also.

"What did you say?!" Mrs. Robin screamed out angrily.

"Nothing… Mrs. Robin. Me and Kuki were just admiring each other eyes that's all" Kyle told her and I laughed.

"And what is so funny Mrs. Sanban?" Mrs. Robin asked me sternly.

"Nothing… Mrs. Robinhood! Where's Mr. Robinhood?" I asked her and burst out laughing. Kyle was holding his stomach from laughing so much.


The class and we were laughing at the teacher and we couldn't stop either. That was a fun first day for me and it was all thanks to Kyle. He was cute and funny, which was what I like in a boy. I still couldn't believe he would do something so hurtful to me though.

"Okay that's it! 20 laps around the gym! And you can all thank Wallabee for that!" the gym instructor shouted at us and blows his whistle. Everybody groans and starts running.

I whisper to the girl next to me asking her a question "What happened? What did Wallabee do?"

"Wallabee pissed Mr. Alder off when Mr. Alder was taking too long" the girl whispers back. I look over at him; he was talking to a boy, probably his friend.

I look back at the girl and ask her "What did he say to make Mr. Alder pissed off?"

The girl cheek turns pink and tells me "I rather not say it. It is too disturbing to think about"

"I think I can take it, tell me" I tell her.

"Okay, but don't say I didn't warn you" she said to me. She lean in closer and whispers in my ear.

"He said Mr. Alder was taking so long because he was jerking off?" I asks her to make sure I heard right.

She nods her head and said "Yeah and Mr. Alder was really mad too"

"That disgusting perverted mind Wallabee!" I said to her angrily.

"Yeah, he has a dirty mind. Oh by the way, my name is Melanie" she tells me and smiles at me.

"Call me Kuki" I tell her and smile back.

"Nice to meet you Kuki!" Melanie said to me still smiling. We ran 20 laps around the gym and everything was going okay until I suddenly blacked out.

I heard Melanie say "Kuki? What's wrong? Kuki!" as I fall to the floor unconscious. The last thing I saw was a boy running toward me. A blond boy too.

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