The Ancient Battle of Pudding

Kero silently tip-toed in the darkness, hoping no one would wake.

"You shall be mine!" he quietly claimed.

Kero slowly reached for the wooden, glass door. He grasped the doorknob and pulled.

"No! This can't be! It's locked!" Kero exclaimed.

He must find the key to this lock! It's forbidden and dangerous, but he will do anything to get it!

"...Ah...It's too dangerous...Forget it!" and with that, he took a small rock and threw it at the glass. Kero hid under the table, patiently waiting to see if anyone had woke. He was safe. He slowly reached inside, barely grasping the wonderful treasure through his eyes. Time seemed to pass by slowly as his heart thumped. But he finally reached his prize! He unpeeled the shiny, silver paper, but it had not budged. Kero struggled, he stepped on it, jumped on it, even slammed it. It eventually slipped from his hands, clanking on the ground unharmed. The gooshy-browness from the inside mocked him; laughing and jiggling.

"I'll get you yet, sweet pudding!" he declared.

Kero unsheath his secret weapon... the spoon. He repeatedly stabbed the silver paper, which finally broke. Kero was able to get a pint of chocolately goodness on his spoon.

"This is it!" he happily cried as he put the spoon hear his mouth.

He was suddenly struck on the back of the head, his spoon clattered on the groun like slow motion, and the cup of pudding was gone.

"NooOoOoO!" Kero tearfully shouted.

"I thought I told you, you were banned from pudding for a month," Yue stated as he put up a new glass for the cabinet door, ignoring Kero who rocked back and forth in the corner.

This is a random story that i made up. i have no idea why kero was banned from pudding. this was like a "gotta finish a story 4 homework quickly!" kind of thing. > it was 4 skool.. sooo yeaaa