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Chapter 36

"Eragon, Wake up!" Arya yelled.

"Wha...What's going on?" Eragon mumbled.

"My mom is outside the city wall demanding to see you." Arya replied.

"Why?" Eragon asked.

"I think that we forgot to tell her about Galbatorix not being truly evil." Arya replied.

"Shoot, I bet she's mad." Eragon said.

"You bet she is!" Arya replied. "She was screaming at the Varden guards."

While getting filled in on what had already happened that morning, Eragon dressed, and ate quickly before running to Saphira and climbing on. They took off quickly and found practically the entire elvin nation camped outside the city walls.

They arrived last night on their horses. Saphira told him.

Where is Murtagh? He asked.

With the elves trying to calm them down, but it doesn't seem to be working. Saphira replied.

Ok, we will need Galbatorix, Shruiken, Xen, Arya, Your daughter, Aelita, and... Who else? Eragon listed the names to Saphira, who called them to the elves.

I don't think that it would hurt to have Elva there as well. Saphira suggested.

Just get everyone. Eragon replied.

Ok. But do you think that Morzan would be a good idea? Saphira asked.

Not immediately. Eragon replied.

They landed in the middle of the camp, and were quickly surrounded by elves with swords and bows drawn.

"Put down your weapons at your feet." One of them commanded.

"Why?" Eragon asked. "What have I done wrong?"

"That is for the queen to tell you." Another answered."

"Don't you know?" Eragon asked again.

"No." a third said, "But you will have to unarm yourself before entering her presence."

"I think not." Eragon said firmly. "I will not attack the queen or harm her here today in this camp, if she doesn't attack me of any rider." Eragon finished in the ancient language. "Happy?"

"I think that will do." Said the queen as she strode into the circle. "I demanded that you come to me because good deals of disturbing things have been revealed to me. Chief of which is that Oromis is imprisoned, and Galbatorix is free." Her dark eyes locked with his as she spoke.

"What you say is true and it will be explained for you as soon as everyone arrives." Eragon told her. A collective gasp came from the elves surrounding her. They all gripped their weapons tighter.

By this time, Xen, Arya, Aelita, and Elva had arrived. Shruiken was hovering in the air above the camp with Galbatorix, and Saphira's daughter in her dragon form.

Galbatorix, bring her with you. Eragon told him referring to the weredragon.

I think that they will kill me on sight by the looks of it. He replied.

Arya, Elva, Aelita and Xen will accompany you. Eragon replied after telling the four to surround Galbatorx.

"What scum are you bringing into this camp." The queen asked angered.

"Not one as bad as you think." Eragon replied.

Galbatorix approached the circle which let him through along with the other rider. Murtagh was with them as well.

"What are you dong here traitor." The queen demanded.

"Saphira said that I was needed here." He replied, not shying away from her gaze.

"You will die for your crimes traitor." The queen told him.

"I have heard that from almost every rider here many times." Galbatorix replied coolly.

"Enough." Eragon commanded. "We will all explain what has happened since our arrival here." So for the next hour, they all told the tail of what happened in the ancient language.

"...And last night Galbatorix showed us something rather interesting." Murtagh finished.

"What is this 'interesting' thing?" The Queen demanded.

Our daughter hatched just a few days ago. Lifskul replied.

She only would be with Galbatorix, and even snapped at Eragon when he tried to pick her up once. Saphira continued.

"She is a weredragon." Galbatorix finished the explanation bluntly.

"You lie. There is no such thing!" The Queen snarled. "Weredragons are only in the myths of old."

"But they are real." Arya said. "Watch."

The yellow hatchling waddled forward in front of Galbatorix and changed into the girl from the night before. She sat there on the floor and looked around at the astonished elves.

I AM REAL. She said forcefully. Her first words ever, and then changed back and wrapped herself around Galbatorix's ankles.

"So as you can see, I am not who you claimed I am." Galbatorix said at last.

"True...true..." The Queen replied. "But that does not excuse your destruction of the riders of old, and the separation of Aelita and Shruiken."

"No it does not." He replied. "But I still request a trial before I am punished."

"As the riders of old did, so we will do." The Queen decreed. "You shall have a trial for your crimes Galbatorix."

"That is all I ask." He replied bowing his head.

"I don't think that there is an impartial judge anywhere in this land." Elva said. "Before this last battle, everyone hated Galbatorix's guts."

"That is a hurdle that we must over come quickly." The Queen replied.

They spent hours debating different aspects of future shifts in power that would happen both before and after Galbatorix's trial no matter what the verdict was. By the time the sun was touching the horizon and they were done. Eragon and Arya flew up onto the battlements with the rest of the riders and dragons, and they watched the sun set. A new age of riders that had been born. A new age of peace and prosperity for all the land.

The End

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