A/N: So I got a lot of positive feedback on my first little fic. And it gave me some courage to try another one. This is a slightly different type of story. It's AU, and takes place in the future. Everything up until season 6 or so happened. Maybe a few things from season 7 too. But really disregard most of season 7, and all of season 8 because we all know that season 8 never happened anyway.

Disclaimer: I obviously don't own any of this. I like to pretend I own Hyde though. That can be quite fun.

1985. Point Place, Wisconsin.

Five years. Five extremely long years. That was how long he'd been gone for. He wasn't really sure how five years just up and past him by, but they had. Five years since he'd last stepped foot in Point Place. Five years since he'd left his entire life behind him. Five years

He couldn't move. All he could do was stand there and stare at the front door. A door that he'd walked in and out of a million times before. A door that was the opening to the home he'd known so well. Any other time he would have just opened the door, walked right in, went straight for kitchen and down the stairs. He couldn't just do that now though. No, he lost that right when we walked away all those years ago. This wasn't his house anymore. He was just a stranger. So he decided to knock. And prayed to God that whoever opened the door wouldn't want to kick his ass. Although he'd probably deserve it if they did.

He reached up and brought his nervous fist to the door.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

He waited. As the door slowly opened, he braced himself. Not sure of who's face would come into view first. When the door finally opened though, it was with a face that he did not know. A face that he had never seen before, yet thought looked vaguely familiar. He looked down at the small body on the other side of the door, confused. His own confusion was met with two little crystal blue eyes looking right back up at him.

"Granmaw Kitty! There's some weird lookin' stranger at the door!"

With that the little girl ran off leaving a still very confused Hyde at the door. Grandma Kitty? Kitty was someone's grandmother. Eric and Donna. Yes, that made perfect sense. Eric and Donna had a kid. Although the little girl didn't have red hair like Donna, or brown hair like Eric. She had dark black hair. Must be a recessive trait, Hyde thought to himself.

"Now, Lizzy, sweetie, that's no way to talk to company. I'm sure they're not that weird looking, or a stranger." Hyde heard her familiar giggle and a smile crept across his face. He'd missed that.

The door opened all the way then and Kitty appeared with the little girl by her side. Hyde saw her face perk up, and then felt her arms grab him in a tight hug.

"Oh, Steven! I can't believe you're here! How long has it been? Oh my, are you hungry?" Hyde chuckled. Some things would never change.

"It's good to see you too, Mrs. Forman."

"Oh, Steven, where's my brain? Come on in! This is really the perfect time for you to visit, everyone's in the kitchen. They're just going to die when they see you!"

Everyone. Everyone was in the kitchen. Suddenly Hyde thought he'd just made a very bad decision. Everyone in the kitchen just might want to kill him. He really didn't feel like being killed today.

"C'mon Lizzy, Steven, let's show everyone the good news!"

Kitty danced all the way through the living room to the kitchen. Hyde followed, a little less enthusiastically and slightly afraid for his life. He was followed by a tiny body with it's arms folded and giving Hyde the evil eye. There was something so oddly familiar about this tiny person Hyde thought. He couldn't quite place what it was though.

Hyde walked through the door cautiously and found 3 pairs of eyes staring at him in disbelief.

"Dude! Hyde, man! Where the hell have you been?" Kelso was the first to say anything. He got up from the table and reached Hyde. "You know, I've been here and there, man" They embraced in a quick man hug.

Donna waddled over to Hyde next. She had either let herself go in the last five years or she was carrying a baby, again. Hyde went with the latter. Apparently they'd finally started a family of their very own. Good for them, Hyde thought.

"How long has it been Hyde? Like what five years?" Donna asked giving him a hug. He hugged her back,

"Yeah, five years. And look at you Big Red a bun in the oven." Donna laughed and put her hand on her stomach lovingly.

"Yeah, and I'm married too, for 3 years now, I'm like officially an adult. How cool is that?" She held up her hand and showed her nice size ring to Hyde.

"Wow, so Eric didn't chicken out this time and run away. You finally made an honest man out of him, good for you." Hyde said with a slight laugh.

"She totally trapped me man, told me she was pregnant, so I kind of had to marry her. You know, I didn't want people to start to talk" Donna hit him then.

"After 3 years of marriage and you're still a dilhole" Donna joked. She wrapped her arm around Eric's then and went back to the table. After 3 tries, she finally sat down with the help of Eric. Eric looked at Hyde again, with a serious look on his face

"Hyde, man, it's good to see you, five years is too long . Point Place hasn't been the same without you" Hyde smiled at that, and nodded his head. Then, with his trademark mischievous grin he said

"Yeah, I bet the crime rate has decreased a lot." The gang laughed.

Hyde had missed these people, but being here in the room with them he'd realized just how much he had missed them. Especially one of them, whose face he had not seen yet. Hyde didn't know if that was a blessing or a curse.

"Hide? What a stupid name. Do you have a brother named 'AndGoSeek'? The little girl scowled at him.

"Oh, Hyde! She burned you! She burned you real good." Kelso said, putting his arm around the girl.

"Now Elizabeth, is that the way we talk to people?" Kitty went over to the young girl.

She let out a sigh and dropped her head. "No, Granmaw Kitty"

"I think you owe him an apology"

The girl shuffled her way over to Hyde, and pouted her lip at him. There was that feeling again. "I'm sorry"

Hyde let out laugh. "It's ok kid, that was a pretty awesome burn, did you learn that from your mom? 'Cuz there's no way you learned that from Eric. He's never burned someone that good before."

The room looked confused, just then Hyde heard two sets of foot steps come up the basement stairs. He felt his heart drop and his knees go weak. It was her.

"So Fez and I could only find a red and a purple.." Jackie thought she was seeing things. There was no way Steven Hyde was standing in the kitchen. "...popcicle." She finished.

"Hyde!" Fez shouted like a little kid. "I can't believe you are here."

All Hyde could do was stare at her. She looked amazing, even more beautiful than she had looked five years ago. He tried to ignore the pang in his chest and forced himself to be as Zen as possible.

"Hey, Fez. Hey, Jackie."

Jackie couldn't breath. She'd dreamt this scene about a thousand times, and now here he was. Standing in the kitchen and she wasn't dreaming. She didn't know whether she wanted to jump on him and kiss him senseless or kick him til his shins popped off. She guessed neither would be that appropriate at the moment. So she did the one thing that seemed like a good idea.

She opened her mouth, and with a calm voice she said, "Hello, Steven."