Okay, people, this is the first chapter of my Ari-captures-Max Mari fic. No, Fang will not swoop in to rescue her in the third chapter, this will be a long fic, and she will stay his captive for a long time. Oh, and this will be set under T, but the M chapters will be placed in their own separate story, the link to which I will provide, under the M section. Flames will be ignored, reviews are greatly appreciated. Thanks to Elemental-ANimal for betaing this for me.

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Ari could feel a hot mouth pressed against his lower stomach, kissing the skin. The mouth slid upwards, and a wet tongue flicked out, moving around his belly button before sliding inside it, making Ari arch towards the mouth.
A pair of small hands gripped his hips tightly, and Ari looked down his own nude body and saw, to his shock, Max, her brown eyes glittering with arousal and power as she stared up at him, a content smile on her face.
He only managed to choke out, "Max, what are you-"before she began to lick her way up his chest, nipping at the sensitive skin. One of her hands suddenly left his hip, and a second later, came to rest on a certain piece of his anatomy, wrapping around him, squeezing it tightly. Ari's head fell back, and he moaned, wondering if this could get any better.
It turns out that it could.
After a few minutes, Max suddenly let go of him, and pulled away. He made a soft, disappointed sound, and was about to look to see where she had gone when he felt a warm body sliding up his.
Glancing down, Ari saw that Max was crawling up his body, making sure that her own body was pressed up against his. She grinned when she brushed against his groin, and he gasped, trying to touch himself. She caught his hand, and shook her head. "Uh-uh-uh, Ari, you're just going to have to wait a little bit."
Once Max was fully stretched out on top of him, she kissed him, slowly and deliberately. She pulled his lower lip between her own and nibbled on it gently, hearing his moan and smiling at him. Ari faintly realized that Max was torturing him as she ran her hands down his chest, tracing circles. She began to grind her hips into him, teasing him in a most purposeful way.
After a minute of this, she pulled away and straddled him, wrapping her legs around his waist. Max gave him a cattish grin, saying, "Oh, Ari, you're so handsome. So big and strong and sexy. You're my big, handsome, strong Eraser, and I need you. You're the only one who can fill me up, the only one who can satisfy me. But you need something too, don't you?" With every word, she rocked herself against him, making sure she brushed up against him.
At this point, all Ari could manage was a nod.
"I can give you what you need, Ari. You need someone to love you, to trust you, to completely give themselves to you. But right now, you need something more. You need a warm body to fuck. Isn't that right?"
Ari choked out, "Yes!"
"Well, then, I can give you that. You need someone to fuck all your troubles away. You want that, Ari?"
"For the love of God, Max, just do it!"
She rolled her eyes, batting her eyelashes coyly. "Oh, fine, don't be so tense."
Anticipation pounded through his veins as she positioned herself, and-

Ari sat straight up in bed, breathing hard, his pants a sticky mess. It had all been a dream. Again. It always stopped just short of that ultimate pleasure, always at that same spot.
Sighing, he got out of bed, making sure not to wake Max 2. She had the blanket pulled over her head, and was curled up in a ball, obviously trying to stay away from his half of the bed. There were two other Erasers crammed into the other twin bed, two on the pull-out couch, and three on the floor.
The inhabitants of the couch were locked together, screwing like rabbits, obviously not caring that he was there. He wondered which of the three females it was, then saw the long bright red hair flowing from the head of the female. Meaning it was Ecstasy.
There were three female Erasers on his team, sisters from the same litter. Their brothers were fairly successful, but had not reach the acclaimed fame of their sisters.
The triplets, Ecstasy, Ember, and Eros, were the granddaughters of the original female Eraser, and took great pride in the fact that their mother had been the first female Eraser to be used in the field. Before their mother's (Named Ursula) first mission, females were used only for breeding purposes, producing as many as fourteen litters in their breeding lives. After the whitecoats had seen the ferocity and skill with which the female Erasers could fight, at least one had been placed in every team.
The triplets were known for their skills in battle, their fierce dispositions, and their stunning beauty. Ember was a master at fighting hand-to-hand, Eros was among the best shooters the school had ever created, and Ecstasy was a tactile genius, able to construct the best plan at a moment's notice. Ecstasy was the undisputed alpha female of all the Erasers, rivaled only by Max 2, with whom there was no love lost. Whenever a new male was put into service, she 'broke him in'. That was what she was doing with the newest member of their team, a flying Eraser named David.
Ecstasy had been Ari's first, and he had to admit, her name fit her well. He had been with Eros twice, and once, Ember. He knew that they didn't actually like him, that they all viewed him as a pawn with which to attain power.
Max 2 absolutely hated the three of them, for many reasons. They loved making snide comments about her failure to replace the original Max, and whenever one bested her in a spar-A rare occurrence, but it had happened- they refused to let her forget it for weeks.
Ari needed a shower, badly. He had an hour until the others were supposed to wake up, that was time enough.
He flicked the light on in the small bathroom, making sure to close the door. After stripping off his clothes, he stepped into the shower, making the water icy-cold before beginning to wash himself. The cold water would calm him down, hopefully.
Unfortunately, his mind kept wandering back to the dream, and to Max. He needed to get her out of his head, he had almost been caught in the aftermath of his dreams once or twice. Someone was bound to notice what happened whenever they were showed photos of her during a briefing, what his body did when she was put under his surveillance.
With a groan, he leaned his head against the shower wall, letting the frigid water spray onto him. He either needed to learn how to control himself, or he needed to captured her, soon, so he could act out all those wonderful fantasies of his.