Summary Oh Boy Robin messed up again
Starfire becomes Slade's apprentice after Robin and the other Titans
betray her A knew villain has his eye on the Princess and he will do anything to get her
for him self now it's up to Robin Cyborg Raven and
Beast Boy to Save Starfire and the city but can they? Even when she's
in Slades control and broken hearted If they don't jump city is doomed
while Starfire may think she is nothing to Robin and the Titans she'll soon discover
that she's really everything

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(It was a Beautiful day at Titans Tower. Robin BB and Cyborg were playing game station, Raven was reading a book, but on this particular day, our favorite alien Princess was not her joyful self. It was a sad day for Starfire for today was the anniversary of her mother's death, it had only been 2 years and she missed her mother with everything she had in her; with a sigh, she got up and went out to join her friends.)

"Good morning friends." No answer

"I said good morning friends." Starfire said raising her voice a little louder

"Oh Uh Hey Star."

"Morning little lady..."

"Morning dude."

"Good Morning Starfire." although they all answered she could tell by there voice they weren't paying attention she gave a heavy sigh before going to do something she never really did she went to go train which wasn't the best idea. She ended blowing up her obstacle course they were going to need a new beginners course about 2 hours later Starfire went back upstairs and found all the Titans except Robin who had gone do some research on Slade in there same spots. Knowing that nothing was obviously going to change but then she remembered she needed to ask them something

"My friends I require your assistants."

"What is it Star?" BB asked tapping the controls as if he was mad

"I need to know where I could find the or..."

"Boom Baby Oh yeah I am kicking your butt grass stain." Cyborg boomed

"As I was saying I require knowledge of where I may find an or..."

"In your face Tin Man hah!" Beast Boy jumped up and punched the air

"You're going down for that grass stain."

"In your dreams." Starfire left seeing, as she was not going to get help from these two. And went and knocked on Robin's door


"Friend Robin it is Starfire I require your assistance in something."

"I'm busy Star can't you ask someone else?" Robin yelled through the door ha hadn't even bothered to open

"I, I, I suppose I can...Perhaps we could do the hanging out later?"

"Maybe tomorrow."

"Oh..." Starfire gave what seemed like her to the millionth sigh today "Ok." Starfire left and went to her room, Robin got up and cracked the door open slightly, she had sounded disappointed, but he was sure she would be fine later after she was Starfire. In Starfire's room, Starfire opened a drawer and pulled out a picture of a woman who looked very much like her, and put it on her mirror she smiled then said in Tamaranean tongue. I miss you mother. She than went back into the living room where she found her friends arguing...again

"We are not eating Tofu! Beast Boy it's nasty!" Cyborg yelled

"You're just a blood thirty psychotic meat eater!" BB shouted back

"Will you idiots Shut Up!" Raven yelled trying to keep her temper in check but obviously failing

"Raven don't yell at them why are you two arguing?" Robin said waking into the main room

"Cyborg dissed my tofu!" Beast boy shouted pointing his finger at the half robot teenager

"Beast Boy dissed my Meat." Cyborg shouted back pointing his finger at Beast Boy

"That's why? Man you guys are stupid."

"Don't call me stupid you board line obsessed freak!" Cyborg yelled at Robin

"Who are you calling obsessed!" Robin yelled

"Great Robin more yelling will stop all the yelling." Raven rolled her eyes "Who asked you!" Robin replied this went on for about ten minutes before Starfire shouted

"ALL OF YOU SHUT UP!" Starfire screamed at this all the Titans Including Raven's Mouth's dropped to the floor Starfire ran past them with her face buried in her hands and slammed her door

"Uh...Dude your girlfriend just flipped on us." Beast Boy pointed out still shocked by his friends out burst

"She's not my girlfriend...but she is upset I'm going to go talk to her." With that Robin went and knocked on Starfire's door she creaked the door opened her eyes were blood shot red and you could her sniffing

"Hey Uh can I come in for a minute?" she nodded her head and opened the door and sat on her bed Robin took a seat beside her

"So what's wrong?"

"It is nothing I just got tired of the arguing."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes." She had yet to look him in the eye even once

"Starfire I'm your best friend if something is bothering you then you should be able to tell me." Robin put his hand on hers and smiled

"Ok Today is sad for me becau..." The Titans alarm cut Starfire off

"Trouble will talk about this when we get back ok Star...great let's go!" Robin didn't even wait for her to reply he simply grabbed her arm and ran into the main room

"I got him on lock and you'll never believe who it is." Cyborg said

"Who is it?" Robin furrowed his brow


"Good now's our chance to shut him down Titans Go!"

At The scene, Slade was waiting for them with about 40 Slade bots behind him Robin followed by the other Titans got out

"Slade!" Robin shouted

"Hello Robin...ready for our play date?"

"Quit the talk and fight! Titans Go!" However, as soon as Robin said this Slade jumped behind the army of Robots and they charged him, the Titans attacked at full blast but the robots had been built well. Starfire, however being a little angrier than usual didn't have as much trouble and quickly destroyed all of her robots. Robin seeing this ordered Starfire to attack Slade, she did and the fight was brutal Slade took out a knife and began slashing the air as they fought, Starfire was obviously not in a good mood, and she was much more vicious than usual. Slade smiled he enjoyed her new vicious side, as she attempted to high kick him Slade smirked and said

"I wonder what your mother, would think about you acting like this," she gasped.

Starfire was so surprised she didn't see Slade slash at her once more. He cut her across the arm, she fell to the floor the cut was long, and deep Starfire's hand was dripping from blood. Slade left and ran off at this when the Titans came over to check on Star, Robin was furious that Slade had got away, not even noting the cut on Starfire's arm.

"I can't believe you let him get away!"

"I, I did not mean to it was an accident." Starfire stuttered except when Slade had poisoned him Robin had never been this angry with her

"Why don't have time for stupid mistakes Starfire, Slade is a dangerous criminal! The people of this city depend on us, and we can't afford to have mistakes!"

"I'm Sorry," she whispered

"Sorry doesn't really help Starfire...don't let it happen again." At this, Robin turned and headed for the car, leaving a very shocked group behind. Starfire told the others she would fly home obviously not wanting to be anywhere near Robin, when the Titans got home Starfire was already there, on the sofa as they came in she remembered that Raven was supposed to go with her to the mall today, so she flew over to her friend to remind her.

"Oh Raven I have almost forget we were to do the shopping of the mall today yes?"

"Oh Starfire, sorry I forgot listen how about we do it tomorrow?" Raven gave her a small smile

"Oh...Uh ok friend Raven." With that, the dark girl teleported into her room for meditation. Starfire let out another sigh, she sat back on the couch and decided even though she didn't have everything, she needed she was still going to remember her mother. Going into her room, she pulled out the photo, and taking a single flower, she had gotten on a recent trip to Tamaran. She put a little table in what she thought would be a safe place. As she placed the final items on her memorial.

Cyborg and BB started fighting again this time over whose turn it was on a one-player game. Grabbing the remote Cyborg started running around the house teasing Beast Boy. The two were knocking things over and coming dangerously close to Starfire's memorial.

Friends...friends please friends look out! Too late Cyborg and Beast Boy crashed into Starfire stand breaking everything on it including the only picture she had of her mother. Horrified and Angry Starfire's eyes lit up with Star bolts as she yelled at the top of her lungs and destroyed their game.

Beast Boy and Cyborg stopped in mid air.

Dude that was our game!

Sheesh Star what's your problem? Starfire's eyes still had not stopped glowing; Raven came in to see what had happened and saw three very pissed of Titans.

What happened in...?Oh, wow what did the game do to you Starfire. Raven said as she looked at the burnt game

Starfire destroyed our game. Cyborg and Beast Boy yelled

Um Star why did you destroy their game. Raven wasn't sure if she should be upset or afraid. Starfire on the other hand was not in the mood to apologize so she instead began hollering at all of them in Tamaranean. Allowing her self to calm down her eyes stopped glowing...suddenly Beast Boy and Cyborg started laughing.

"What do you find so humorous friend Cyborg and friend Beast Boy?" Starfire asked crossly Raven just gave them a your-treading-on-thin-ice-idiots look.

"Nothing it's just you do the most random things at time what was that like some Tamaranean folk song?" Beast Boy asked giggling. Starfire did not see anything, funny about her virtually cussing out her friends, for ruining the stand for her mother.

"What do you mean by that, I like Tamaranean folk songs." She did not appreciate when people made fun of her culture

"Calm down Star, no offense it's just some of the stuff you do is sort of weird." Cyborg explained Starfire however, was not in the mood for being the forgiving person she usually was, and briskly turned and went into the hallway. Although Robin had yelled at her, he did promise to listen to her, when he came back. They were back now so that meant he would listen right. She knocked on his door

"Who is it?" he yelled through the door

"It is Starfire," she said timidly

"What do you want?"

"You promised that you would do the talking with Me.," she answered reminding him of his promise

"Oh yeah, we'll have to do it later Star I'm busy."


"No butt's! Ill talk to you later." At The Moment Starfire's heart filled with more anger than she had ever felt before anger at Raven for forgetting, anger at Beast Boy and Cyborg for making fun of her, and Robin for breaking her heart. Starfire flew at breakneck speed out of the house. She knew she needed to land fast, her powers would drain soon she landed on a beach and dropped to her knees. Then the tears streamed down they were tears of sadness, sadness for her friends and mother and of course anger, anger at her mother for leaving her, and anger at her friends for betraying her, which is exactly what they had done. Starfire's tears came faster and stronger she was shaking until somebody said

"Can I help you?"

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