Summary: Oh Boy, Robin messed up again.

Starfire becomes Slade's apprentice after Robin and the other Titans

betray her. A new villain has his eye on the princess, and he will do anything to get her for himself. Now it's up to Robin, Cyborg, Raven, and

Beast Boy to save Starfire and the city, but can they? If they don't, Jump City is doomed. While Starfire may think she is nothing to Robin and the Titans, she'll soon discover that she's really everything.


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*The chibis continue to sit in mourning, this time holding candles*


"Stop!" She screamed. Everyone stared surprised and before they could say anything, Starfire grabbed Slade and began flying off with him. That thought, that one thought which helped her carry Rorek, would help her now. She held Slade tightly as he stayed limp in her arms, looking back at all the other Titans,

"I forgive you..." She said simply.

That day, the Princess Starfire had done something that had her forever dubbed as a hero. She was immortalized in history as Jump City's greatest hero, a title she has earned well, and to this day, deserves.


Robin closed the book, satisfied as he put the pen down, it had been how many years now? Two? Three? Since that day they had finally reunited after that hellish adventure. A sad, soft smile crossed his face as he thought about the red-headed beauty. He stretched and rubbed his neck. How many hours had he been sitting there? He checked his watch, three hours! He was late! Raven was going to kill him! Running towards the door he skidded to a halt when he saw the purple haired girl standing there, her hands on her hips.

"She's been asking for you for the past hour and a half, are you ready NOW?" She asked exasperated as Robin nodded and grinned at her sheepishly before walking out the door. Casting half a glance at him, Raven made her way over to the desk and ran her fingers over the book, the word "Starfire" printed across it in an elegant script.

"He finally finished...good, she'll love it." Raven thought amused before following Robin out. In the main room they were greeted with the not so strange sight of a red haired girl with bright green eyes drawing.

"Well Star, what is it this time?" Robin asked while affectionately kissing her cheek before sitting down and pulling her into his lap. She smiled and showed him the picture: a small girl with red hair, a woman with red hair, and a masked man.

"It's us! As a family!" She replied, her voice clearly excited. Robin nodded, a sad smile on his face. As he sighed, Raven watched him interact with the small girl, a sad smile on her face.


Starfire cast her friends a sad smile

"I love you all." She added before flying up, Raven blinked and prepared to follow her when she heard Starfire speaking to her mentally,

"Do not follow me, I am doing the right thing." She said firmly. Raven looked up at the sky in time to see Starfire stop mid air, just above the buildings in Jump City, Robin and the other Titans just looked confused before Raven began flying up towards Starfire. She prepared to grab her, until she saw her hands glowing the distinctive green color she knew all to well,

".....Starfire, stop!" Raven warned though her friend wasn't listening. The green light grew brighter until she felt the blast of the green star bolt slamming her towards the ground. Raven halted herself a few feet away from it in time to see two things fall from the sky. Robin automatically ran towards them and the other Titans followed. What they came to see was not very pretty. Slade was lying on his black, bleeding from his chest, and Starfire was covered in blood as she lay on top of him, both breathing heavily. Laying his head down with affection none of the Titans considered giving him, she laid Slade down.

"Thank you, Starfire." She nodded to him and continued to hold him until he stopped breathing, while the Titans and Rose all stared. Slade...was dead? The sniffling of their friend brought them all back to the present and Raven placed a hand on her friend before wrapping her In a comforting hug.

"It had be done, it's's okay." She whispered

(Flashback ended)

Their greatest enemy was gone and no one had even thought to celebrate, they were too wrapped up in the surreal moment of what just happened. Watching Robin interact with the girl some more as they chatted happily, another sad smile crossed Ravens face. She remembered the time when she first came to Titans tower. A voice interrupted her train of thought.

"He loves her a lot huh?" Rose asked walking up next to her as Raven nodded, Rose tilted her head

" did she get here anyway?" She asked, Raven stared for a moment before replying.

"Well..." Raven was cut off as Beast Boy and Cybrog came in running. Robin ignored them and Rose rolled her eyes sighing. Why did they have to be so loud indoors? Was screaming all they had been taught?

"Shut up you morons..." Rose sighed agitated, both boys looked up at her grinning before Beast Boy slid over to her, a flirtatious smile on his face as he wrapped his arm around her shoulders.

"You know you love me." He said in what Rose assumed was supposed to be a charming manner. She narrowed her eyes for a moment before punching him and sending him through the counter in the kitchen.

"Idiot.." Raven sighed slightly amused before Robin walked over. The other four Titans all waited till Beast Boy had recovered from Rose's punch before heading into the T-Car. The day was calm and the sky was clear. Raven watched with amusement as their infamous red-headed companion climbed onto her seat on Robin's bike. They drove in silence until they came to a tree in full bloom. Robin allowed the girl out before she ran off laughing, much to his amusement.

The other titans got out and set out food, as Robin walked over to his red-headed angel, and took her by the hand. Raven, Rose, Beast Boy and Cyborg all followed at a distance knowing he would want some space and private time. Coming to a grave, Robin read over the name.

"Rorek: May you rest in peace, soar proudly, soar free." Robin had a grudging respect for him now. He understood him to an extent, falling in love with the enemy. Betraying his mission and finally dying for her, Rorek would have been a decent hero and even Robin couldn't deny that. Raven watched him intently as he knelt down before she dropped her head slightly.

" Are You all right?" Rose asked quietly as she nodded,

"Just hard to think about I guess.." Raven replied as Rose nodded, Beast boy wrapped his arm around Raven hugging her slightly, her eyes water slightly and Rose sighed. The irony of how bright and cheerful weather seemed to eat at the sad silence.

"Rorek, I can't say we were friends, Because we weren't. I can't say you were a great ally, because we weren't,....but I can say thank you. Even though, I still feel angry at times, you helped open my eyes....I know you're taking care of her." Robin added softly looking over at the other grave.


Slade was dead and they were shocked. What could they say or do? Suddenly Starfire began flying away, causing the other titans to follower to where she landed under a tree, the same tree she had first met Rorek under. Sighing, Robin walked over to her timidly until he realized the blood on her shirt wasn't just from Slade.

"Star, come on, we need to get you to a hospital," he said softly trying to pick her up. When she began to glow, he stopped and looked at her in confusion before he inhaled, visibly pained by the action.

"Robin, I'm sorry....will you take care of them for me?" She asked. As he nodded, Raven watched sadly before she walked over to them along with everyone else. Robin pulled Starfire into a hug. As she watched the sky her mind flashed back to everyone as tears streamed down her face.

"I am scared..." Raven heard her think before she placed a comforting hand on the girl, attempting to heal her in the process, and to her distress she found that she couldn't.

"Don't be, we'll always be together." Raven said to her. Starfire watched the birds fly away as the day was beginning to end. She leaned her head down relaxing, it was over. Her tears continued to pour as she watched the sun go down again, it was so....ironic. One thing ended for another to beautifully tragic.

"Starfire, I'm sorry. I am so so sorry..." Robin said quietly as he rubbed her back soothingly before she turned her head. She breathed on his neck and inhaled once, remembering all the things they had been through. Raven let one tear run down her face as Starfire's form went limp and the last light....was gone.

(Flashback ended)

It was sad in a way. Not even Raven herself could have been sure Starfire returned Robin's feelings anymore after the whole ordeal. Still, what if? It was a question they brought up often. The red-head tugged Robins sleeve.

"Daddy, ...mommy flying?" The little red-head, Starfire the second as she had been dubbed, asked her adopted father curiously. Robin gave her a sad mile before pulling her into his lap again. She traced the words in the stone carefully.

"Mommy is always flying, with people who love her and will protect her." Robin replied, he loved the little girl in his grasps as much as he would have his own. He could still clearly remember when Raven pulled back the basket to reveal the little angel. Despite her father and how she came into the world, the Titans had fallen in love with her instantly.

"You would have been a great mother. Galfore still comes to see her, he misses you. He says she'll be a great queen when she grows up, and don't worry. No one will know who her dad is, we already arranged all that. I loved you so much, I know you probably wouldn't believe me now...but..I just felt I should say it." Robin added in before standing up and with his daughter, slowly walked off towards their friends. The small girl turned around and smiled when she saw a glimpse of a lady in the light.

"Bye bye mommy!" She called waving before running with her father towards her family. A new beginning,............. the sun had set on her mother and the sun was rising for her, .....the words on the decorated tombstone engraved in her young heart:

'Princess Starfire, loving friend, mother, and protector of Jump City: Burning brighter than the brightest star, gone but never forgotten.'

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