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Im walking out to my car to wait on him. Yes im that kinda girl. What girl am i talking about u may be wondering, well im the girl that Logan Reese has on the side. I know Dana 'Danger' Cruz the girl on the side you must be crazy but I cant help it. I love him, but I know he dosent love me. I'm headded out to my car and im gonna wait for him to get here. He called me and told me to come.


"Hello?" I asked in to the phone.

"Hey Dana." He said. I could tell he was smirking. "Listen i'm having a little trouble with Lisa, can you meet me at our normal spot?"

"I'm sorry Logan but I have a lot of homework and.." I started but he cut me off "Come on babe do it for me please."

"Fine i'll be there in a few ok." I said. God I cant say no to him.

"Thanks, wear that thong you know I love so much and dont worry well have fun." And with that he hung up.


So here I am walking to my car at almost midnight on a tuesday just to meet him. There he is at my car already with that famous smirk I love so much.

"Theres my girl." He said giving me a hug.

"I thought Lisa was your girl." I said after the hug. He signed and asked for my keys. I gave them to him. he got in the drivers seat and i got in the other side and we drove off. Logan pulled up to a hidden beach and stopped the car and turned to me. I looked at him and he leaned over and kissed me hard on the lips. Logan started to pull off my shirt and my bra quickly followed. His phone started to ring. He groaned and looked at the caller ID. Logan answred the phone while still playing with my breasts.

"Hey baby, listen i don't think that it is a good time to talk right now...i have a project to finish ok...yeah,I love you too, Lisa...bye." Logan said as he went back to kissing me. He didnt even seem to notice the tears in my eyes. He pulled off his shirt and started to undo my skirt.

"We should move... in the... back seat." Logan said as he climbed back. he sat down and watched me follow and he sat me down on his lap. I could see the lust in his eyes as he pulled off my skirt. I un bottoned his pants and pulled out his cock through the hole in the boxers and pants. I started to stroke it and I heard him moan. Logan kissed me hard on the lips. I wanted to stop but I love him to much even though I know he dosent love me back. He's really hard now and I can see his pre-cum.

"Ride me now!" Logan demands so I do as im told. I moved the thong aside and he thrusted up into me hard I almost screamed. I started to ride him hard and fast. His hands flew to my hips and forced me down on to all of his 8 inches. I heard him moan out a few things like 'your all mine and no one elses' and 'your mine'. He always tells me that and sadly im ok with that but im not ok with the fact that he can date whoever he wants and yells at me if i date a guy. Logan just called me Lisa! He cums in me and I move off of him. he kisses me again but this time i pull away! i didnt know how i did it but i did, he looks shocked.

"Whats wrong baby?" Logan asked brushing the hair out of my face.

"You called me, LISA!" I yelled at him.

"Come on Dana, im sorry i didnt mean to." He said looking truthfuly sorry.

"No Logan...no i know your not sorry." I said with tears in my eyes. Logan just looked away."What am i to you Logan? Just your little slut? More than that?"

He signed " I dont know... the truth is at first yes but now...I think im in love with you not Lisa." I cant beleive that he just said that! I know hes telling a lie because I can read him like a book.

"You...you l...you love me?" I said just making sure he was really lying.

"Yes." Logan said smirking. He leaned into kiss me and I let him because being the idiot that I am I beleived him even though I knew he was lying. We started to make-out again.

"Um...Logan I think...we should...get...back...now." I said in between kisses after I got a glimps of the clock.

"Ok babe." Logan said as he kissed me one more time then climbed in the front seat and put his clothes back on, as I did. We drove back in scilence. When we got back he just said bye and that he loved me, gave me the car keys and left. I walked back to my dorm. Zoey was waiting up for me.

"Where were you, Dana?" Zoey asked but I ignored her. I layed down on my bed and silently cryed myself to sleep. 'I've got to stop this the next time' I thought as I fell asleep.