summary:Logan still has the web cam in a teddybear and gave it to Dana. The girls have no clue about it and they bring it back to their room and start taking a quiz that is about their perfect guy. What will Logan do to get his dream girl? What secrets will get out?

I do not own Zoey 101 and if I did I would make Dana and Logan go out.

Logan sat up in his bed and turned on his computer. It was late so his roommates were asleep.

He put his head phones on and pulled up the link to the webcam that he stashed inside a teddybear and gave to the girls. When it turned on he saw Zoey painting her nails on her bed, Nicole was sitting on a bean bag chair reading a magazine, while Dana was listening to her ipod on her bed.

"Oh...look at this quiz I just found in this says 'Whos your perfect man?'."Nicole said.

'this is gonna be good'Logan thought as he listened closer

"I wanna take it what about you Dana?"Zoey asked as she got off her bed and sat down on the floor.

"I'll take it even though I already know who it is." Dana said as she put the ipod on the charger and sat down across from Zoey.

"Ok first turns you on/drives you crazy when a guy dose what?"Nicole asked

"I like it when a guy gives me white roses and chocolates when he dosent have to" Zoey said.

typical Zoey answer...oh Dana's answer is comming up I got to remember this' Logan thought as he grabed a pen and a scratch paper.

"I just lose control when a guy kisses my neck and when hes always on time for a date." Dana said closing her eyes. 'God she is so beautiful...and yes I Logan Reese said beautiful not hot or sexy...beautiful because she is.' Logan thought as he listned closer.

"Ok next question...You cant stand when a guy dose what?" Nicole said as she wrote down their answers."Zoey?"

"I cant stand a guy that is always hyper and he gets really jealous really fast even when he dosent have to." Zoey answred getting a bag of chips and pouring them in to a bowl.

"What about you Dana?"Nicole asked after she wrote down Zoeys answer.

"Well I hate it when a guy is late unless he has a good excuse...oh and if he is way overprotective of me."Dana said taking a sip of her blix.

"What do you mean overprotective?" Nicole asked.

"Like he wont let me go surfing because hes afraid that I might get hurt or skateboard." Dana said.' What ever guy dosent let Dana skate totaly dosent know her at all!' Logan thought

"Yeah can I add that to my answer too?" Zoey asked trying to look at the quiz but Nicole pulled it away.

"I'll do it." Nicole said writhing it down.Then there was a knock on the door, it was Coco the DA for the girls.

"Time for bed girls and hurry up cuz I gotta go watch Leno now so dont make me come back here to check on you guys." Coco said as she left.'NO! Not now it was just getting so good! Logan thought as he yawned. After Coco left the girls went back to the game.

"Well next question." Nicole said."How do you like a guy to treat you?"

"Well I like a guy that wont treat me like im weak just because im a girl because belive me I can take anything a guy can take and more." Dana said showing her famous attitude. 'God this is definatly going to help me win Danas heart!.'Logan smiled. Thats why he loved Dana she didnt care that she was a girl or not she could beat the crap out to anyone and she acts so tough but he knew that she wasnt always that strong, it was all just a act.

"I like a hopless romantic." Zoey said "Plain and simple." Logan smirked 'Chase is a total romantic why can't she just see that he is in love with her!'

"I like a guy that can be romantic sometimes like on v-day or a special occasion not all the time." Dana said during a yawn. "Its getting really late we should get to bed."

"Wait one more question then we can finish it tomorrow, please!" Nicole asked Dana.

"Fine, one more" Dana said laying down in her bed.

"OOOHHH, ok if a guy had to give you a flower what kind would it be and why?" She asked.

"I like roses."Zoey said."Cuz they smell really good."

"I like dasiys." Dana answred. "because there not common and really nice. Now can we go to sleep...wait im not asking i am going to sleep." The other 2 girls agreed and Zoey turned off the light.

Back to what Logan was doing...

"Yes hello, I would like to order 6 dozen daisys...ok send them to Mr.Benders homeroom class... for Dana Cruz." Logan said into his phone.