'Wheres Wrenn' Dana thought as she ran out of her dorm pushing aside the calls from Zoey. Dana ran to the spot that Wrenn told her to met him at. The skate park on campus just a little farther than the cafeteria. When she got there she saw only Wrenn skating on the half pipe. He tried to do a McTwist but landed on his butt with his skateboard rolling to Dana. She picked it up and skated it back over to him.

"You know you do need a skateboard to skate right?" Wrenn asked as he got off his butt and sat down on the side while Dana sat down right next to him.

"Yeah I didn't come to skate. I need to ask you something." Dana said looking at her feet.

"Um sure D, whats up?" He asked looking at her in the eyes.

"You know those flowers that came in the class today, do you have any idea who sent them?" Dana said looking at him strait in the eyes.

"Yeah I knew that you liked white roses so I gave them to you." Wrenn said smirking.

"Ok thats what I thought." Dana said getting up and walking off once again ignoring the calls from Wrenn telling her to come back. Her phone started to vibrate in her pocket informing her that she had a new text message. She looked at it and saw that it was from Logan it said,

'Meet me out side ur dorm house ,Logan xoxo' as soon as she read this she started walking.She finally found him sitting on the side of the fountain with a guitar in his hands.

"No laughing ok?" Logan asked. Dana nodded in response.

Logan started to play the guitar and started singing:

Something 'bout the way you shine,

When the lights go out,

I wanna make you mine,

Something 'bout the way it seems,

Your always here,

In my dreams

And when there's no one there,

No im not scared,

But im in love,

With you.

With that he ended. Dana was there almost in tears when he walked over to her.

"So what did you think?" Logan asked her. She smiled and hugged him tight,

"I loved it but," She pulled away "Did you mean it?"

"Yes Dana I ment every single word in there, and I really ment the last 2 lines." Logan said grinning like an idiot.

"I knew it! You sent me the flowers didn't you!?!" Dana said.

"Yeah, But how did you find out it was me?" Logan asked shocked.

"Well, my first clue was when you went all crazy when I said I thought it was Wrenn, the second clue was when I asked him if he knew who sent the flowers he said that he did it and that they were roses not dasiys and my last clue was probley the best clue You left the teddy bear open and I found the web cam today so I knew you knew all that stuff." Dana said smirking at how stupid boys were.

"Wow thats good you should be a cop or something." Logan said smirking.

"Well?" Dana asked him.

"Well what?" Logan asked back.

"Are you gonna ask me to be your girlfriend or not?" Dana said crossing her arms.

"Oh yeah, Dana will you be my girlfriend?" Logan asked.

Dana pretended to think "Of course Logan!" She kissed him right there in front of half of the school on the doorstep of Dana's dorm house.

"Oh my god is that Dana and Logan!?!" Zoey and Chase said at the same time breaking up the kiss receving a glare from Dana and a smirk from Logan.

"Are you guys a couple?" Zoey asked Dana.

"We could ask you 2 the same thing." Logan said looking down at their hands smirking. They both blushed and looked at each other. Logan and Dana smirked at both of them and walked off together hand in hand.