Each of these will come with warnings and/or notes.

Title: Possession

Fandom: "Supernatural"

Disclaimer: not my characters. just for fun.

Warnings: Spoilers for "Skin," "Asylum," "Nightshifter," and "Born Under A Bad Sign"

Pairings: nada

Rating: PG

Wordcount: 285

See, the thing is—it wasn't Dean's body kicking the shit out of Sam. It was someone assuming the shape, stealing the skin—but not his blood or his bones or his mind.

But the demon—it wore Sam's body and sometimes he remembers how it felt to break Dean's face with his hand.

They never talk about it, either of them, though sometimes they both think they should. But to speak of it, they'd have to acknowledge it, and if it's acknowledged, it becomes true.

Dean didn't kick the shit out of Sam, didn't torment him. Didn't shoot him six times, once with a real bullet.

But Sam did all that to Dean, and sometimes he closes his eyes and sees it all again. He's never apologized, not since that first attempt when Dean shut him up with a look. Sam wants to beg forgiveness but Dean won't listen.

They both know they should talk about it. But the words build and build, behind walls of sheetrock, and neither will bend beneath the load, will break the strained silence. They've been hurt too many times, shattered and torn, mended with tattered thread and pieced together with soiled bandages. Neither can take much more pain, but the world will still lob more their way.

Sometimes Dean wonders if he was built for anything but hurt, and sometimes Sam wonders how long till Dean snaps—and if Dean breaks, what will become of him?

But they just continue their quest, their trek across the country, one step ahead of the FBI, barely in front of the hunters, unsure of where The Demon is.

It wasn't Dean's body, but it was Sam's, and the memories haunt them both.