Author's announcement

OK., I hereby declare that the sequel is up! And that I'll cherish You forever, my dear Reviewers! hugs them one by one I was so happy each time I received a comment. I'd never thought that this fic could be so good… And since You seem to like the story, I wrote the sequel. This is for You all :)

Warning: I feel that I should tell You that. The sequel contains a serious plot twist, so if You just like the things as they are now, be aware that this may change in the continuation. I have warned You.

So, with no further ado, go and read the sequel. It's entitled "The Unforgotten one". Just find it on my profile. Have a nice reading :)

P.S. Wow! I've just noticed that the fic has been added to a C2 community! I'm flattered XD Thank You so much:)