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Chapter sixteen

A cold piercing rain was pelting the girl's body as she ran down the street with not a clue to where she was going. The only thing pounding through her head was a phrase containing only two words: My fault. The words repeated themselves over and over in her head until she couldn't take it anymore and she let out a broken scream that rattled in the quiet air. She sank down onto her knees the hard pavement biting into her unprotected skin.

The sky was split up with a bolt of lightning and Momoko's sobs where muffled by the rumbling thunder that fill the air. Then everything was bathed in a soft silvery light. She stared at her now pale glittery skin, confused then ran her finger along her arm.


The one word was barely even a whisper and the girl was left wondering if she had ever even heard it or if she had only imagined it, but a repeat of the name confirmed that she was not going insane. She glanced around looking for the source, but no on was there. Her spine tingled and she closed her eyes trying to think, but the voice continued to pester her.


Her eyelids slipped open and she turned her face up towards the rain that had begun to pour out of the sky and onto the broken and torn earth.

Hajime ran down the street. He felt better after yelling at Zoë and Momoko, but he didn't know why. He hadn't meant to hurt his friend, but the words had just tumbled out of his mouth. It had felt wrong of course, but something in it…had made him feel more in control. And for a moment he had forgotten about Satsuki. And he hated himself for it.

The rain poured down out of the charcoal gray clouds, soaking his clothes through and through. He finally stopped running and fell to the cold wet pavement, his tears mingling with the rain that landed on his cheeks and in his hair.

"Satsuki," he whispered, choking on the word. "Come back."

But of course nothing happened. She was gone. She would never come back to him. He squeezed his eyes shut and lowered his head, his hands clenching into fists on his legs.

"God," he hissed. "How could you take her!"

The rain had started so suddenly and Zoe raised her face upwards. Rene followed her gaze and his eyes narrowed. He walked closer to the ghost girl, but she didn't seem to notice. She stared straight up at the sky, the dark, almost black clouds, the clear rounded drops of water that landed on her face. Then she lifted her hands up, as if trying to catch the rain or grab the clouds, or…

"He's crying," she whispered.

Rene blinked. "What?"

"God is crying."

He shook his head. "Don't be foolish, Zoe. God isn't real. Man made him up."

She ignored him, stretching her arms even further.

"Zoe, God isn't crying. The world is breaking apart. They're going to be leaving soon. They're going to become like us."

She finally lowered her hands, her bottom lip trembling. "That can't be true."

"I'm sorry."

She shook her head back and forth then raced off into the rain headed towards the old school house. Maybe Rene had been right. She needed her necklace.

Keii stood in the middle of the street, his eyes raised to the sky. It was so strange. He wanted to be with his sister now. He wanted to die, but he knew that he couldn't let that happen. He was the only one that his father had left now. He couldn't leave him.

He wiped his eyes with the back of his hand.


The voice was a whisper, but it made her shiver in fear. It sounded so strange. Like an echo in a cave. She closed her eyes.

"Momoko, listen to me…"

Who was it? She knew the voice.

"Stand up, Momoko."

She obeyed, her knees trembling and almost buckling when she put her weight on them.

"Look, Momoko, look to the sky…"

She raised her eyes upward and stared in horror at what she saw. The sky was splitting open, a black ribbon blooming open and spreading outward. The end of the world. And where it appeared the rain vanished. Then a bolt of lightning shot out of the sky landing in front of her, but it froze there.

She stared stupidly at it. That's impossible. But it was there. Right in front of her. She reached forward hesitantly then touched it. She jerked backwards, but it was already too late. Her body began to fade away, disintegrating into nothing. She watched in horror as her hand disappeared, and then her whole body with it.

Hajime lifted his face towards the sky, anger fueling him on. "God, how could you do this! Satsuki didn't deserve to die! She didn't deserve it!"

As he continued to scream the sky suddenly split in two and a bolt of lighting landed in front of him. He jumped backwards, stumbling, scraping his knees on the road. But the streak of electricity didn't go anywhere. It stayed frozen in place. He crawled forward slowly and reached forwards.

Don't touch it!

He touched it.

She reached the building, Rene following closely on her heels. She raced inside, her feet pounding on the old rotten floors until she came to the classroom where Satsuki had hit her and knocked her out. And there the necklace was. She picked it up and held it next to her heart, then let her fingers close into a fist around it. It had been this necklace that had ruined everything. She shouldn't have given it to Keii. She hated herself for doing it.


She shook her head at Rene. "I'm alright."

He nodded. "The others have probably already been zapped away. We should go too…"

Keii stared at the lightening in front of him. He knew that this couldn't be happening. He knew that this wasn't right. He sat down on the ground directly in front of it, his hand only inches away from the gleaming blue light.

Maybe…maybe this will change things…

It was a desperate thing to think, but…he couldn't do anything without his sister. He grabbed the lightening, power coursing through his small body. Then…then he was gone, too.

They had cleared the room out. Zoe had insisted on it. She said that she would have felt bad leaving the room and furniture a mess. Rene handed her a knife and she used it to slice her hand open. From the tip of her middle finger down to the bottom of her palm. And when the blood began to spill onto the floor she pressed the cross against her hand.

"Jesus gave his blood for use when he died on the cross. Now I give my blood for a way out of here. Dear Lord, bring me away."

Rene brought his hand up and put it against hers, so the necklace was in between both of their palms. There was a flash of blinding light and then an explosion and then…only silence.

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