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The Secret of Faris

Chapter 1: The Fateful Day Begins

Nick was laying on the floor of the forest with moss in his hair and mud on his back. It was not a typical position to be in, but it wasn't as uncomfortable as one might think. Still, he had not expected to end up there at all, and he had just had to wash his cape. All things considered, it's fair to say, that the red ranger was more than a little ticked.


"Sorry, Nick."

"Didn't Daggeron tell you to practice that carefully before trying it? Now look what you've done!"

"I'm really sorry. I thought I had it. Here, let me help you up." He extended his hand to try and lift his friend from the mud and, of course, Nick pulled him down into the mud as well.

"Should have seen that coming." sighed Xander next to him.

"Yeah. You really should have." agreed Nick. They laughed anyway. As they looked up into the swaying leaves and branches of the trees surrounding rootcore, something else moved into their view.

Actually, it was more like someone.

"So, is this some new macho-man trend or something to roll in the mud like pigs and get moss and twigs in your hair so you smell?" asked Vida casually from directly above their heads.

"How come you guys didn't invite me?" asked Chip, offended.

"We aren't playing, this was all Xander's fault."

"It was not!"

"How was it not?"

"Well, okay. Maybe it was mostly my fault..."

Nick rolled his eyes and punched Xander's arm playfully. Madison reached out a hand to help him up.

"Thanks." said Nick, accepting it.

"Sure. Don't pull her into the mud or anything. I see how it is."

"She didn't knock me across the forest!" Nick snapped.

"Yeah, yeah. I still don't see the point. I mean, now we're just both covered in mud and... hang on- I'm covered in mud!"

"Yeah?" said V, looking at him like he was totally off his rocker.

"I can't be covered in mud, I've got a date!"

"If she knows you, she won't think anything of it." said Vida.

"What do you mean?"

"She'll be expecting a pig."

"Ohh." Everyone taunted.

"Ha. Ha. Funny." replied Xander sarcastically.

"Just kidding, Xander. Come on, maybe Claire knows a spell to clean you up really fast." Vida offered.

"I'd rather not. If she's messes up I may have to borrow some of Nick's clothes." They laughed and went in anyway to find her.

Inside rootcore the scene was far from friendly chiding.

"WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?" Udonna was furious with Claire and everyone was so surprised to see her raise her voice at her that they all just stood, stricken in horror and shock as Claire continued to endure the humiliating scolding.

"What's going on?" Maddy asked what all of them were thinking.

"What could Claire have done to make Udonna so mad?" wondered Chip aloud. Nick was wondering the same thing, and he was hoping that he hadn't and wouldn't do anything to make his birth mom so angry with him. You wouldn't guess it from meeting her, but, apparently, Udonna could be really mad and intimidating if she wanted to.

"You could have gotten us all killed!" She finished, spying the others. "Go to your room. We're finished for the day." Udonna sighed and Claire scurried off like a kicked puppy (not that anyone would ever actually kick a cute, little puppy).

"Bowen." Said Udonna, sounding exasperated, "What have you done to your cape?"

"Um..." stuttered Nick nervously.

"Give it to me and I'll wash it. Honestly, I thought I already told you to clean it today." She raised an eyebrow, taking it.

"I did."

"Decide to go rolling around in the mud?"

"Practicing new spells."

"I see. Well are you eating here tonight?"

To tell the truth, he hated it when she asked that. It always made him feel put in the middle. He wanted to be with his real family to grow closer to them, but he couldn't seem to abandon his adopted sister, or explain the situation to her. Thus, he was stuck in a highly uncomfortable position. What's worse was that he had sort of, kind of, in a way lied to his parents by telling them that he had already told his adoptive family. Actually, he hadn't. He thought about it for a minute. His sister would probably be working late tonight and so he decided to stay.

"Sure." he answered. After all, pizza was beginning to get old. He wondered what dinner here would be like.

It seemed like an average enough day, but there was no way Nick could have guessed what he was about to learn in the hours ahead and how it would change his life.

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