The Secret of Faris

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Chapter 4: Secret Revealed

Nick awoke the next morning drowsy, but determined. Today was the day, he was all but certain, that he would finally uncover the truth behind the secret of Faris. He began the day normally enough, heading downstairs to eat breakfast and check on Fireheart (who was very happy to see him). He waited with Fireheart until Claire came down to feed him. Then, he put his plan in motion.

"Hi." he offered friendly, petting Fireheart.

"Hi." said Claire, stopping nervously in her tracks.

"I already fed Fireheart for you. I hope you don't mind."

"Oh? No, that's fine. Thanks." she breathed a sigh of relief. He seemed to have forgotten the commotion of last night.

"So, how did you sleep?"


"Yeah, I know what you mean." After a few minutes of playing with the dragon, Nick braved to breech the subject yet again. "So, what was all that mess about last night?"

Claire pretended to be busy and Udonna came in. He was determined not to let that stop his plan so he ignored her, crossing the room to whisper behind Claire.

"You know about Faris. I know you do. I don't know why I want to know so bad; it just feels like I should. It kind of worries me that everyone hiding things from me. Please, just tell me."

Whatever he was expecting, it wasn't anything like her real reaction. Claire burst into tears. Udonna was startled, to say the least. She put down her tea and immediately ran to Claire side to comfort her and ask what was wrong. It didn't take long for her to turn her gaze, or rather glare, upon her son.

Nick stood there, entirely taken aback, and unable to move or speak.

"Bowen! What did you say to her?"


Although he did not notice it, the rest of the rangers had just filed in the door and were watching yet another argument with suspended horror.

"Well? What do have to say for yourself?"

"I-" Nick stuttered again. "I just asked her a simple question."

"Do not snap at your mother like that, young man," a deep voice warned from behind him. Apparently, his father, Liambow, had entered with his friends.

'Great,'he thought, mentally slapping himself in the forehead. Maybe his plan was not as brilliant as he thought.

"Sorry." he offered and turned on his heel. Unable to bear the humiliation and defeat any longer, he stormed out of Rootcore.

Outside, his friends caught up with him and tried to make him feel better.

"Wow, Nick, hang on a minute there." Xander said, grabbing his arm lightly.

Nick frowned at him and sat down on the ground in a huff.

"Sorry, Nick," Maddy's sweet voice offered. "We didn't mean to barge in on you guys or anything."

"It's okay, Maddie." he said, feeling a little better.

"Don't worry, bud. We've all been there. Every teenager gets yelled at by his parents occasionally."

"Yeah." agreed Vida "Unless you're me. Then it's more like every couple days." The rangers laughed.

"What was that about anyway?" Nick explained all that had happened and was pleased to find his friends as intrigued and mystified as he was.

"So it was somebody from the past, but Claire remembers them." surmised Chip.

"And everyone is upset about it and determined not to tell you, so it must be important." Vida added.

"I wonder..." Maddie thought aloud.

"Well, I have an idea." announced Xander. Xander shared his idea and Nick was feeling rather grateful for his friends when he went to practice his new moves he learned from instruction the day before.

Just as he hoped, not long after he began working, Daggeron came up to him. Nick covered up his sly smile and put plan B into motion.

"Are you all right?" Daggeron asked.

"I guess. Just practicing."

"Good. Your parents have been looking for you."

'Here's my chance,' Nick thought. 'It's just a little lie.'

"I just can't believe it took them this long to tell me the truth."

"Oh. Is that what the fight was about? I was under the impression that-"

"Yeah." Nick interrupted. "I still can't believe they kept it from me."

"I know it's hard to understand, but it was hard enough for the two of them (all of us, really,) and they didn't want to upset you."

"I had a right to know."

"I know you're angry. It hurts to have your family keep a secret like that from you. I mean, not telling you about your own little sister! It must have been hard to hear. Claire was so upset earlier. I guess they told you why?"

In shock, Nick just shook his head.

"Claire was there, playing with her, when she disappeared. They were playing in the forest during war times."

Nick gulped and gave the ground a hard stare.

"Well, I know you need time, so I'll leave you alone for a bit. Hey, if you need to talk come find me, okay?"

Nick nodded again, absentmindedly. As Daggeron left, his mind whirled and ears buzzed. His little sister?!

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