Highschool Never Ends!!!

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Kagome looked in the mirror and said " Great another new school." Kagome is 18, single, lives by herself in a shrine, has straight black hair, and warm chestnut brown eyes, and a perfect figure. She was wearing her school uniform that consisted of a white short-sleeved button-up collar shirt, a black tie with a short plaid black and red mini skirt. She was interrupted by her thoughts when she heard a horn honk outside. She grabbed her books and races down the shrine steps. She hopped in her best friend, Sango's car. Sango is 18,single and is also going to Hori High. Sango has straight brown hair and fiery brown eyes. She has a full figure and is a tomboy.

"Hey what's up Sango?"

"Nothing much" Sango said with a shrug.

"I can't believe we have to go to a new school. Besides its all HIS fault that we have to keep moving around."

"I know but lets not talk about him."

Sango looked out the window and said, "Look were here Kags!"

"Lets go Sango" As they went into the building they got their schedules. Sango said that she had a different classroom first and said she'll see Kagome at lunch. They each hugged each other and went their separate ways. As Kagome looked for her classroom, A-33 she suddenly walked into somebody. All her books fell down along with her. As she picked up her books she said, " Watch were you're going. I'm trying to find a class." As she looked up to see who bumped into her she was awestruck. She was staring at the hottest guy she had ever seen. He had fierce golden amber eyes, and soft silver hair. He was sturdy and toned and was wearing a white t-shirt with a loose black tie and black pants. InuYasha looked at the beautiful young girl that was in front of him. InuYasha gazed at her innocent body up and down and saw that she had silky straight black hair and bangs and pretty shiny eyes.

Kagome realized that this guy was checking her out so she went into her tough mood and said " Great! Now I'm going to be late for class all because of you!"

InuYasha then gave her his signature smirk that could probably make tons of girls faint and backed her against the wall and whispered in her ear huskily " Well, I guess you're stuck with me."

Kagome looked at the boys golden eyes. She couldn't take his gaze anymore, so she slipped away and hurriedly jogged to class. InuYasha called after her and yelled " My name is InuYasha, and don't worry Ill find out what yours is soon!" As she slipped around the corner InuYasha thought he should wander the halls a bit, after all he dominated this school so he could do whatever and have anything he wanted and he wanted her.

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