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"How did everything go? Are you alright," Valn asks in concern as soon as he comes out of the hall and Edward quickly smiles to reassure him. He is still a little shaken from his meeting with the most evil dark lord in a century but just being in Valn's presence is calming. He wonders briefly how much of that is due to Valn's innate abilities with magical creatures but decides that it does not really matter.

Even if Valn did not have this aura he would still like him. He was just so nice and considerate that Edward could not imagine anyone not liking him.

Once more he tries to memorize the corridors as they go back to Valn's rooms but as before it is useless. Whatever enchantments serve to protect Valn's rooms must also serve to obscure the corridors to anyone who was not keyed into them.

"Have a seat. What would you like to do?" Valn asks as he sits in a chair near the fire. He curls his feet up underneath him and watches Edward with a cheerful smile on his face. Tentatively Edward takes a seat opposite Valn making sure to check the whole time that he is not about to step or sit on Nagini. He does not imagine that the giant snake would react kindly to that.

"Well…your father said that .. that you hadn't eaten in a while and that…well… might be best if you did," Edward finishes lamely feeling rather nervous about encouraging someone to suck his blood.

Valn frowns in confusion then his eyes widen as realization hits him.

"Absolutely not. You are much too weak for me to feed from right now. Honestly," Valn says angrily but Edward can tell that the anger is directed at the Dark Lord and not him.

"Va…Prince Valn, I assure you that I am fine and I would rather you fed. I really would hate for you to get sick," Edward tells him and at least the part about hating to see Valn get sick is truthful.

"Why are you calling me Prince Valn," Valn asks then scowls once more as he says "My father ordered you to, didn't he? Don't worry I will talk about to him about it."

Edward quickly halts him as he makes to get up. Not wanting him to rouse the Dark Lord's ire.

"Truthfully it is fine. Plainly you are more high ranking than me and I should show you the respect that you deserve."

"I am a foundling who some sort of unknown creature. I have no more true claim to the title of prince than does a garden toad," Valn tells him firmly and for some reason this angers Edward. He does not want Valn to think less of himself.

"No, you have every right to the title of Prince. Your very being screams that you are royal and your species may not be known but I have no doubt that they stand as royalty among the other magical creatures," Edward says heatedly standing from his chair to glare down at Valn. Willing him to see how special he is.

Valn looks startled by his outburst then an understanding and slightly sad look crosses his face.

"Edward, please sit down. I have something I need to tell you."

After a moment of calming himself Edward does as he was bidden.

"I have already told you that I am a magical creature," Valn starts clearly uncomfortable "But what I didn't tell you is that I seem to have an aura that calms magical creatures and makes them trust and like me. I had hoped that you would not be effected and I am sorry that you were. If I could stop projecting the aura I would but…"

Valn trails closing his eyes, clearly upset. Edward realizes that he expects rejection and gently he moves to kneel by Valn's chair as he takes his smaller hands in his.

"I already know about your abilities and I do not mind. I know I am under the influences of them and before you say that I am just saying these things because of your abilities hear me out," he says the last quickly as Valn looks about ready to protest.

"I have examined my actions since I met you and examined yours and plainly except for the time I spent in wolf form I cannot say that I would have done any different. I may have been a little more nervous but nothing else. You are the first person who has taken notice of me since I was turned. The first person who has not shunned me on sight just because of what I am. You have even treated me as an equal despite the fact that the rest of our society would gladly seen me killed. Even if you had been fully human and had none of your abilities you would have my undying gratitude for what you have done," Edward tells him truthfully as he stares him in the eyes willing him to see the truth of his words.

To his shock tears fill Valn emerald orbs and the next thing he knows he has an armful of sobbing boy. He makes soothing noises and gently rubs his back as he remembers his older sister doing for him once. He wonders what he had said to produce this reaction.

"My father...," Valn sobs but cannot seem to draw enough breath to say more. Edward continues to rubs his back and finally Valn is able to sit back though tears still stream down his face.

"What about your father," Edward asks hoping not to set off another waterfall of tears but curious as to what the Dark Lord has done to so hurt Valn. He swears that if he has truly hurt Valn he will find a way to make him pay.

"My father he…he only likes me because of my abilities. If I didn't have it he would hate me," Valn tells him crying even more.

"Then he is a fool," Edward states with complete conviction.

Valn blinks at him as though he has never heard anyone say anything bad about his father and probably he hasn't but Edward cannot find it in him to retract his comment. If the Dark Lord cannot see for himself what a wonderful person Valn is then he is a fool.

"You are wonderful and anyone can see that," Edward adds more gently causing Valn to blush.

"Now why don't you feed and then we can play a game of wizard's chess, alright."

Valn bites his lip cutely but Edward can see the hunger in his eyes. Finally he nods his head and climbs down off the chair to sit by Edward. Edward seeing him staring at his neck tilts his head invitingly. With a relieved smile Valn places his hands on his shoulders bending forward to nuzzle at his neck.

Edward feels a pair of sharp teeth graze his neck and braces himself for pain but he is totally unprepared as Valn bites delicately into his neck. A feeling of peace and completeness washes over him. He floats in the feelings as he completely looses track of the real world. He wakes up several hours later to find that night has fallen and that Valn is sleeping quietly beside him. He smiles and goes back to sleep happy with the turn his life has taken.


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