This is a Hinata fanfiction… I haven't decided on the final pairings so keep this in mind. I've mainly written this fic to include a certain scene in it but I hope the rest of it's good. Anyway it's my first Naruto fic sweatdrops wish me luck.

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An Angels Voice

Hinata spun a pen round in her fingers. As usual she was nervous, but this time it was because of the boy sat in front of her. She'd given up on Naruto when Ino had switched her affection from the dark haired and mysterious Uchicha to Hinata's own crush. The Hyuuga heir had been almost ready to confess aswell.

Luckily everyone had gotten into Hoshi the local high school, even if someone had to resit the exam. Just like before Sasuke had his own fan club. Surprisingly all the guys had matured somewhat and over the summer the girls had also filled out and were attracting attention.

However the problem was the new boy who sat in front of Hinata in maths, Gaara Sabaku. He had shocking red hair and a hostile manor that made most people wary of him. This didn't exactly help Hinata at all.

Suddenly she twitched as something cold and wet had touched her ankle where it was exposed. Looking down there was a small dog that she recognised to be Akamaru, Kiba's dog. He yipped quietly at her at her and she reached down to pet him only to feel a note under his coller.

With a glance at the teacher to check he was still writing up on the board, she slipped out the note and read it.

- Still as mousey as ever Hinata?

Kiba -

She positivley bristled. Sure she was quiet but mousey? That was just mean.

- That's not nice. -

She wrote bck resentfully then added,

- Dog Boy -

It wasn't much of an insult but then Hinata was too nice a person to properly insult anyone. Then neatly she folded up the note and slipped it back under Akamaru's coller, who trotted off quickly happily.

Naruto would have noticed this if the girls sat next to him weren't distracting him. Ino was arguing with the blonde in front of her over who was cuter, Naruto or Sasuke. The other boy in question had already learnt to ignore this kind of thing.

Akamaru arrived back with Kiba's reply.

- Dog Boy? I get a nickname already. Well you can be my silent angel. -

Hinata turned round to glare at him but immediately faced front again blushing when he winked at her.

There was a soft thump as a note landed on Kiba's desk. Smirking he opened it.

- Touch the Hyuuga girl and pay. -

It was signed,

- Rouge Demon -

Kiba looked around but everyone was now working, he laughed it off to himself but deep down he was slightly worried.

The bell rang and and everyone gathered their stuff up and headed out. Ino immediately lached onto Naruto and Sakura was met by her boyfriend Lee. Surprisingly Kankuro also came with Neji and Tenten, Lee's friends, but there was more than just conversation going on between himand Tenten.

Since it had been double maths for the year nines it was now break and as they all moved off to the yard Neji grabbed onto his cousins arm holding her back.

"So you made it." He stated more than asked.

"Hai, Neji nee-chan." She replied nervously.

"If any guy so much as looks at you funny, I want to know about it. I won't have you ruining the Hyuuga family reputation."

Hinata nodded thinking back to the last lesson. There was an abbrupt stop to the sound of footsteps in the corridor and they turned to see Gaara watching them.

"Get lost Sabaku." Neji told him harshly.

All he got was a silent shrug and then the red head moved off again.

"And stay away from him." Neji said in an almost whisper beforewalking off to catch up with the others.

Hinata just watched him leave, she'd never been on good terms with her cousin because of the incident involving her uncle but he couldn't control her life… could he?

She wandered over to the nearest window and looked out over the chaos of the playground where almost the entire school had gathered in the fresh air. Then an arm slinking round her waist interrupted her and she froze instinctively before looking towards its owner.


"What no nickname? I'm hurt."

"Em…can… er…" Hinata stuttered not knowing what to say.

"That means she wants you to let go of her." Came an unfamiliar voice.

They turned to see Gaara stood leaning against the wall glaring at Kiba, who smirked back moving his arm so he was holding her closer.

"Sure it does Sandman."

She was now fumbling with her fingers and muttering something about not wanting to cause trouble. If it was possible Gaara's eyes hardened.

"Let Hyuuga go."

"No, I think we might just go for 'a walk'… if you know what I mean." Kiba said raising his eyebrows suggestively.

Hinata blushed some more.

"Don't worry. I wouldn't do anything to you…" Kiba whispered in her ear, "yet."

This is only caused Hinata to turn a deeper shade of red; Gaara stood up and uncrossed his arms.

"Anyway the bell will go so I must dash to sciene." He continued out load as Akamaru trotted up.

Gaara just glared at him and Hinata kept her eyes on the floor.

When Hinata looked up they had both gone and everyone was moving to their next class. Hurriedly she went along to her science class that unfortunately for her placed her on the same table as Gaara, Kiba and Sasuke, much to the annoyance of almost all of the rest of their class. She kept her head down and ignored the comments Kiba kept making that were met by glares from both other guys.

Luckily Hinata could then escape to her singing lesson during free period. Most people used the time as an extra break or to catch up with homework. But then the Hyuuga heir found singing relaxed her even if she'd never build up the courage to sing in front of anyone other than her teacher. However when she left slightly earlier than normal so as to get lunch without the usual mad rush she was surprised to see Sasuke stood staring at the ceiling.

"Hinata-chan! Wait!" her teacher called after her.


Sasuke looked away feigning disintrest but really he was vividly curious.

"In a couple of months there's the Winter Dance. I put you forward to be the lead singing act." Hinata looked like she was going to protest, "No but it'll be good for your confidence."

Hinata bit her lip and nodded dumbly.



"Do I have to?"


"Then can everyone not know it's me?"

"If that's the way it has to be."

Hinata smiled shyly proud of herself for finding a suitable compromise. Sasuke smirked as Kurenai walked away.

"So do I count as everyone?"

"Please Sasuke-sama." Hinata half begged panicing slightly, "Don't tell anyone."

"Well what can you give me in return for my silence?"

Hinata said nothing.

"Let's just say your in debt to me." He said before letting his bangs fall forward and vanishing into the crowd heading to lunch.

Blinking slowley Hinata walked in the opposite direction wondering what else could go wrong on the first day.

Back in the lunch hall Neji was watching the door tensely waiting for his cousin to enter. Tenten and Lee were trying to conduct a conversation but frequent glances in the older Hyuuga's direction were stopping all chances of that. Neji's scowl only deepened when Kankuro entered and swaggered his way over to their table.

"Whats up with him?" he asked leaning his scarecrow against the table.

Tenten just shook her head to show that the subject was not to be talked about just then. Kankuro pulled a face but shrugged before tucking into his bento box lunch.

"Nee-chan!" a girl suddenly yelled.

Cringing Kankuro pulled his beanie further down muttering, "Oh great."

A blonde girl wearing a purple outfit that was accessoried with a giant fan that she proceeded to hit him over the head with.

"Don't hide from your older sister Kankuro it doesn't set a good example for Gaara."

"Gaara?" Neji turned his gaze from the entrance to the two siblings. "Your both Sabaku?"

Temari gave him a look that said 'what are you going to do about it' and ignored him, "So I'm guessing your Tenten and this is Lee… you're the one going out with Sakura-chan."

Lee nodded; Temari was scairly cheerful at being faced down with the Hyuuga glare.

"Drop the act Temari." Kankuro grunted.

She pulled a face at him and seated herself across from Lee.

Neji on the other hand had been staring at her. Not glaring. No he was too shocked for that. It had been a long time since anyone had been anything but respectful or fearful of him and it was strange.

After last class everyone headed home Hinata fastest of all. She just wanted to escape back to her room and her music. Neji normally a straight thinker who always went back to the house promptly dawdled and walked with Lee and Sakura, though they were too busy with each other to talk to him.

Kankuro declined to walk home with his siblings' prefering to accept Tenten's offer to go into town. This however didn't phase Temari; she'd already planned to annoy Neji some more by stalking him home, so it was all the more fun to drag Gaara along too. It was so much easier to follow people in the Konanh environment than the open sand planes on Suna.

Unbeknowns to him Temari was becoming suspicious of Gaara. She had expected him to have became bored by now but surprisingly he hadn't grumbled once.


He grunted in response.

"Whay are you interested in where Hyuuga lives?"

"I'm not."

Temari's eyes lit up.

"O so it isn't Neji it's Hinata… his little cousin!"

Gaara glared at his sister imagening her throat being crushed by his own hands.

"Aww she's in your year as well. Gaara got his first crush."

She couldn't help but glomp her youngest brother, which knocked them out of the free and onto the sidewalk, in front of Neji. He stopped and looked at them.

"If you must comit incestial acts, do it at home." He said before stepping over them.

Upon entering the Hyuuga Manor, Neji heard singing coming from the direction of Hinata's bedroom. Frowning he decided to investigate. Apart from the butler and the cook the house was empty because the rest of the family had moved to their winter home. Though Hinata and Neji found it easier to get to school from the summer building.

And I want to belive you

When you tell me that it'll be ok

Yeah I try to belive you

But I don't

If he thought about it, then it sounded kinda like Hinata but he'd always thought of her as the typical boy band listening.

When you say that it's going to be

It always turns out to be a different way

I try to believe you

Not today, today, today, today, today

In fact he didn't recognise the song. Could Hinata…the quiet nervous cousin who hardly said a word…be capeable of writing her own lyrics?

I don't know how I feel

Tomorrow, Tomorrow

Tomorrow, Tomorrow

I don't know what to say

Tomorrow, Tomorrow

Tomorrow is a different day

He reached her room and tentatively placed his ear to the door. Yes, the sound was coming from there.

It's always been up to you Let's turn it around it's up to me

I'm gonna do what I have to do

Just don't

At the window that framed the end of the corridor Tamari poked her head over the sill and ducked back when she spotted Neji.

"Gaara." She hissed "Can you hear that singing?"

He nodded then placed a finger to his mouth to tell her to be quiet.

Give me a little time

Leave me alone a little while

Maybe it's no too late

Not today, today, today, today, today

Neji turned slighlty then sat down so he had his back to the wall. He was really surprised. Then again she had been taking singing lessons for a couple of years.

I don't know how I feel

Tomorrow, Tomorrow

Tomorrow, Tomorrow

I don't know what to say

Tomorrow, Tomorrow

Tomorrow is a different day

Gaara smirked when he finally recognised the tones in the singer's voice. So little Hinata had a talent, and a beautiful one at that. He froze, 'did I just think that?'

And I know I'm not ready

Maybe tomorrow

I'm not ready

Maybe tomorrow

Neji rose to his feet and lifted his hand as if about to knock when the lyrics started up again.

And I want to believe you

When you tell me that it'll be okay

Yeah I try to believe you

Not today, today, today, today, today

Tomorrow it may change

Tomorrow it may change

Tomorrow it may change

Tomorrow it may change

Then he knocked. There was a scrambling sound and a small crash as if something had falled with a thud to the floor.

"Wait a second."

Some more acrambling noises then the door opened.

"Can I help you Nee-chan?" Hinata had gone slighlty pink realising he must of heard her.

"I was just…checking on you…" Neji said not remebering what his reasons to talk to her were, "I hope you kept what I said at break in mind."

She nodded and his slighlty behind the door. This self-concious action reminded him of her third birthday when he'd commented to his father about how cute his younger cousin was. Neji almost hit something. Instead nodding curtly he strode off. Walking away Neji realised he'd wanted to ask Hinata where she had been during lunch, cursing his carelessness he went back to his own room.

Gaara managed to drag Temari away but only at the promise of tidying his room. This was a pain-staking task that couldn't be attempted by the faint at heart, though Kankaro's room was worse. Temari despaired at both their attitudes to cleaning since herown room and the rest of the house was tidy, not neat but tidy, and at least you could see the floor.

"What's your obbsession with Hyuuga anyway?" Gaara suddenly asked.

Temari shrugged, "Tall, dark and mysteriously handsome."

This was her only answer.

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