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Neji's cold hard stare followed Hinata as she went with Temari. Whatever he was thinking of doing. It wasn't going to be pretty. (Think of a Sasuke plotting face XP)

The girls went into an empty classroom that Temari found; Hinata stood nervously while the elder blonde lounged on a desk.

"So…" Temari said finally her patience running out.

Hinata took a deep breath, "Will you teach me how to dance?" she said in a rush blushing at the very fact she'd asked a question like that.

Temari grinned and hugged her new friend. "Sounds like fun. When are you free?"

Hinata blinked up at her. "You will?"

Temari just smiled all the more; "Well I didn't say no did I."

"When are you free?"

Hinata smiled a little. "Lunchtimes."

"See you in the gym then." Temari said making the decision for her, "O and Gaara I know your listening in at the door."

The red head opened the door and glared at his sister. Hinata's eyes expanded rapidly and she soon gained a mortified expression.

"It's not polite to eavesdrop." Temari told her younger brother with a smirk on her face, he'd just proved her theory right, "But I have always said your lean figure is perfect for dancing. So you're welcome to join us."

Itachi turned and scowled at the black front door of the house.

"Kisami when I find you, I will tear you limb from limb." He muttered viciously hiding even further into his coat.

Scowling the elder Uchiha half shuffled down the empty street as if trying to avoid the gazes of people walking, despite the fact he was alone on the road. Actually Itachi hadn't decided to go out he'd just suddenly found himself wanting to go out and there was no doubt that it had something to do with the goings on in the house last night. But at that moment something or someone else was filling his thoughts and he couldn't be avoided since he lost control of his own thoughts long ago.

He then realized that the streets were getting rather crowded with teenagers and the scowl on Itachi's face showed that he had realized school had just finished. Muttering curses not meant for young ears he turned suddenly into a park in hope of escape only to be met with someone singing.

Hinata stood on the swing rocking back and forth. She knew she was on time and so there was little to do but wait. It wasn't like she was under much pressure to be there. A small sigh escaped her pale lips and a tune formed itself in her head. One that she couldn't help but sing along to.

I wake up in the morning
Put on my face
The one that's gonna get me
Through another day
Doesn't really matter
How I feel inside
'Cause life is like a game sometimes

But then you came around me
the walls just disappeared
Nothing to surround me
and keep me from my fears
I'm unprotected

Standing on the swing Hinata didn't realize she had been blindfolded till she opened her eyes and the now unassuming darkness remained. Squeaking in surprise she almost fell off the swing when a pair of arms enclosed around her waist.

"Don't move or you'll fall." The voice commented.

It sounded familiar but she couldn't place it or even picture the owner.

"I'm going to lift you down now." The voice told her and then with disdainful ease she was lifted from the swing. Upon standing on the ground Hinata could tell that her capture/rescuer towered above her, but that wasn't unusual for someone as small as she was.

"Who are you?" she asked timidly.

"An admirer." The person answered in a decidedly male voice guiding her shoulders so she had no choice but to go where she was directed.

As they left the park a gray blur and it's white shadow dashed off towards the Hyuuga mansion. He didn't like what he had just seen happening but Kiba reckoned letting Neji know was more important than picking up and following a scent he had already memorized.

Itachi smirked to himself his trip out hadn't been wasted after all. In fact he might even not cause Kisami pain, if he got his own way. It wasn't as if he was going to hurt the girl with the angelic voice. He just wanted her to sing for him and that wasn't asking that much really.

Sasuke dawdled home completely oblivious to the fact he was supposed to be meeting someone. The dobe, as he referred to the hyper blonde, had been particularly annoying and tried to find a girl the 'stubborn Uchiha' as he put it, would actually willingly take on a date. What was worse, he was even tempted to go on one date just to get rid of him because Ino wasn't just encouraging Naruto out; she was actually helping in the effort to find a suitable match.

Hinata ended up sat on a chair in the darkened room of the Uchiha Brother's house. Itachi was sat in a corner muttering to him self because the Akatsuki was there. This was a rare occurrence in itself because there was almost never a time when they met face to face and this was the first time someone else was present who wasn't in possession of one of the rings.

"Why is she here again?" Zetsu asked in his raspy voice glancing at Hinata with his pupil-less eyes.

Itachi glared at him but Tobi answered first.

"Why not? Tobi thinks it's nice to have someone new for a change."

"Speak when spoken to, yeah." Deidara replied testily having already been annoyed by his partner.

Hinata just watched them all with a worried expression on her face.

"Silence." Muttered the leader and they all turned to look at him. "Itachi for what purpose did you bring the Hyuuga Heir here?"

Itachi immediately stopped muttering and stood up.

"She can sing." He announced importantly before sitting down.

Mutterings and sounds of annoyance or disgust came from the different people and Hinata stifled a giggle.

Just then Sasuke opened the door and glared at all of them.

"What did I say about holding freak conventions?" he asked directing the question at his brother.

"You weren't in the house therefore I did nothing wrong." Itachi retorted evenly though everyone apart from Sasuke could hear the childishness.

He looked around the room, "And why is Hinata-chan here?"

Hinata glanced up at him.

"We… we… we're supposed to meet at the park, Sasuke-san." She said stuttering slightly.

He frowned and entering the room ignored the occupants while dragging his 'friend' out. Deidara half pouted,

"Tobi! Follow the escapees and then report back where they've gone, yeah."

Most of the Akatsuki made more sounds of annoyance and muttered things under their breath but really it wasn't surprising.

Hinata smiled shyly as she grabbed her bag from the hall.

"I…em…suppose I sh…should thank you for rescuing me." She said trying to control the stutter that plagued her.

Sasuke shook his head, "Nah, they're too stupid to be really harmful."

Hinata pouted and then a slight grin appeared. "I could bake cookies?" she offered.

Sasuke twitched and gave her a serious look. "You bake cookies?"

A look of annoyance flashed across her face, "Just because I'm the heiress doesn't mean I only spend time training… I can cook and bake."

Sasuke twitched again making a mental note not to challenge Hinata's culinary skills again. Instead he gestured towards the kitchen.

"Knock yourself out."

Hinata smiled and vanished into the kitchen.

Somewhere else entirely Gaara snapped out of his daydream and looked around apprehensively. Someone had said something about baking and cookies. Not that he had an obsession or anything but Gaara did like his cookies. He had a strange talent where he could smell out cookies being baked from about 2 or 3 miles away, and it was times like these when he could put it to good use.

"Temari! I'm going out!" he yelled slamming the door behind him.

Normally he wouldn't say anything but this would only tempt Temari to come after him and prevent Gaara from getting that cookie goodness.

A warm fuzzy feeling has seeped into the Uchiha kitchen and Sasuke was unsure how he felt about that. It was definitely strange to have a girl baking in a kitchen that had been home to takeaways and microwave meals almost since he'd moved in.

"I think I made too many." Hinata said pulling one of the trays out of the oven and smiling.

The fuzzy feeling was joined with the scent of freshly baked cookies.

"Do you think I should take some to your brother and his friends?" she asked seriously.

Sasuke looked deterred but could still see the sense in doing that. "If you want…"

Hinata nodded pulling out a cute basket that Sasuke could swear he'd never set eyes on before. She slid the contents into it and offered them to Sasuke.

"Just keep and eye on the oven for me while I take these down." She said as he took one.

Then Hinata vanished out of the kitchen almost as quick as she'd gone into it. Sure it wasn't singing practice but she could always pass it off as confidence training in being more sociable.

The door to the basement loomed ahead and Hinata wondered why Itachi even bothered to make it look scary. The Akatsuki members were sweet in a weird twisted way and pretty much harmless as far as she could tell. Knocking on the door she opened it a crack.

"Sorry to bother you but I baked too many cookies so I was wondering if you would like some."

Itachi beamed and literally bounced in his seat. "Come in!" he yelled hyperly.

Sasuke would have been concerned about the squeakiness of his elder brother's voice had there not been a distraction zipping around the kitchen.


Sasuke sweat dropped and he had to admit to himself that he was rather apprehensive if not nervous or scared. But what he really wanted to know was how the hell Gaara had got into his house to begin with.

Hinata made her way down the stairs trying to ignore the stares of the Akatsuki members whose gazes followed her because of the small basket of chocolate chip heaven she was carrying. Placing the basket on the table Hinata backed away slowly. It was as if she'd imagined the harmlessness because they were all eyeing the basket with a feral desire that worried her a little.

"This comes free." Sounded a voice from above her and Sasuke threw something into the room that upon landing dived for the table and the cookies.

Hinata squeaked and dashed up the stairs and out of the room under Sasuke's arm that proceeded to slam the door closed.

"Wha… Who… What was that?" Hinata stuttered glancing at the door warily.

"You don't want to know." Sasuke answered leading her back into the kitchen.

Back in the basement murderous Akatsuki members were surrounding a happy Gaara.

"You ate our cookies, yeah!" Deidara exclaimed outraged.

Itachi was almost in tears. "We weren't even plotting to steal your demon yet. Why did you eat our cookies?"

Tobi was crying. "I want cookies! Deidara-sempai…"

The Leader's eyes narrowed dangerously in a scowl but before he could speak a certain bossy blonde haired kunoichi from Suna appeared with an equally ferocious expression.

"Gaara." She growled lifting him up by the back of his shirt before turning on the onlookers, "You should be ashamed of yourselves letting him get at cookies."

"Of course you loosing him helped enormously." Sasori retorted sarcastically.

Temari glared, "If your that heart broken just bake some more."

"Cookies?" Gaara mumbled shuffling the vice like grip to look yearningly up the stairs.

"No!" Temari snapped in a waspish way before retreating.

Back in the kitchen Hinata had taken another basket from the cupboard that Sasuke could swear only had plates and bowls in and filled it with more of her freshly baked cookies. In a strangely homely fashion they sat on the side with the basket between them happily munching through its contents. Hinata was nibbling at them in a nervous fashion that would probably remind you of a squirrel while the Uchiha was eating cookies at a pace that bordered on the edge of impolite. Hinata had just given Sasuke the last of her baked goods when there was a rumbling sound from close by.

"What's that?" she asked looking over at her companion not reassured by the confused look that mirrored her own.

"Probably Itachi and his weird friends but I don't know what they're doing." He replied.

Just as he had finished speaking there was the slamming sound of a door being thrown open and more thumping of feet. Turning to the open kitchen door Sasuke and Hinata froze. Also frozen on the other side were the Akatsuki decked out in pink aprons with accusative frills.

"Itachi! You said they'd be upstairs." Sasori said turning to glare at the man next to him who shrugged apologetically.

"Tobi doesn't care! Tobi thinks Hina-chan will want to help her friend Tobi. Hinata-chan is Tobi's friend?" the uncaring red head looking at the Hyuuga heiress expectantly.

"Erm…yes?" Hinata said seeing everyone looking at her.

Tobi literally jumped in the air, ran over and hugged Hinata before dashing back to his group.

"See Tobi told you." Her said triumphantly to the pissed off blonde.

Deidara she blew his hair out of his face a little and glared at Itachi as most of the Akatsuki were doing.

Sasuke swore, what he would have given to have a camera at that moment, he'd be able to email it to the entire school and that would shut them up about saying how 'good' his brother was. Hinata looked at him concerned and then started to edge round to the other side of the kitchen looking for an exit. Itachi noticed this and flounced into the room.

"Are any of you going to help create our masterpiece or not?" he asked the rest of them deciding that if he phrased it correctly then neither of the high-schoolers would realize they were only trying to bake cookies.

Somewhere else entirely Kiba was trying to persuade Hanabi to let him in. Had they been speaking face to face he would have punched her already but dealing with her on the intercom was a whole lot worse. HE hadn't even realized that Hinata evil younger sister had been coming over to visit, not that Hinata or Neji had been any the wiser.

"C'mon Hanabi!" he half whined sounding like Akamaru when he was hungry, "I need to tell Neji something."

"Well tell me and I'll tell him." The devil child replied for what felt like the hundredth time.

"I can't tell you because you'll tell your Tou-san that Hiashi and he'll make a big deal out of it." 'Not that Neji's gonna think this isn't a big deal' he added mentally with a scowl on his face.

Then there was a voice other than Hanabi's over the intercom. "Who are you annoying now?"

"Neji!" Kiba shouted with what could have been described as delight but was probably just relief.

"Kiba? Hinata isn't home yet. Sorry that my younger cousin has wasted your time, but if you were not aware that Hinata was not here then might I enlist your help in finding her." Neji replied stepping past his cousin to press the open button.

Kiba yelped as the door suddenly opened. "It's not Hinata I came for. I need to tell you something."

Akamaru and his master raced down the lengthy drive and almost collided with Neji as he walked towards them.

"Well what is it?" The Hyuuga prodigy asked.

"Hinata has been kidnapped." Kiba said the worried look he'd lost in his fight with Hanabi returning to his face.

Neji looked concerned, "Are you sure?"

Kiba looked at him in disbelief. "Well… um…no… but. YES!" He said temper already rising again while Akamaru barked at him reassuringly. "I saw Itachi take her myself."

"And you didn't follow them?" Neji said with a slight glare.

"No because I can trace Hinata's scent from anywhere and I just thought you might like to know." Kiba said defensively.

Neji nodded, "Lead the way then."

Kiba was surprised by his calmness but ran off in the direction of the park. It would be easiest to track from where he'd last seen her.

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