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National Treasure: The Treasure of Silas Deane

Chapter 1: Family Affairs

The Gates Estate was lazily soaking up the morning rays of summer sun. Inside, the younger members of the Gates family were lazily soaking up their last few minuets of sleep before rising to the last week of school. Their parents, Ben and Abigail, were, of course, already downstairs and waiting until the last possible moment to wake them up. They had already prepared and eaten breakfast. Ben was checking his bags by the door to make sure he was ready to go, while Abigail read the newspaper. Both sipped coffee, as usual.

"You had better go and wake them now." Abigail said, glancing at her watch. "If not they'll never be ready in time and you'll miss your plane."

"Alright," he sighed.

Ben was headed to France for a week to make an appearance at the Louvre Museum. Two months ago, Abigail had been away a week making speeches to graduate students majoring in American history at Yale. Now, it was his turn. There would be an annual banquet in his honor, he would say a few words, make a visit to the museum, have lunch with curators, and shake hands with respected members of the historical community that had formerly mocked him and his family. It was nice. Still, he hated to be away from his family. As part of the decision to have children they had agreed they would cut traveling down to a minimum. Education was important, and they could not work and home school. Thus, family traveling was out of the question except for summer.

However, many things mercifully remained the same. Abigail still worked in the National Archives and Ben was still hunting pieces of American history with a team of researchers and treasure hunters. Riley was still his right-hand man, his partner in Gates Enterprises.

He hated to go because he knew he'd miss something important; he always did. Every time he went away for a while, something major would ironically happen. The time Thomas had broken his leg he had been in Cairo. When both kids had the flu his plane was grounded in St. Petersburg. When the family dog was hit by a car he had been having lunch with the head of the Smithsonian. It happened without fail.

This time he was afraid it would happen when the kids went to that end-of-the-year party they'd been gabbing about for weeks. He had said "No." immediately. Abigail had checked for responsible adult supervision and told them "Yes."

He frowned at the week-long argument between he and the rest of his household (that he had lost in the end) as he made his way upstairs to his kids bedrooms. First, was the one that would never get up on time: Thomas.

He quietly crept inside and noted that his son had not made it to the bed last night. He had fallen asleep on the floor by his telescopes. Ben rolled his eyes. Great, that meant he went to sleep late and spent the night on the floor. He ought to be cheerful. Ben knelled down and messed up Thomas's hair, smiling. Thomas was completely unresponsive.

"Tom." he tried. "Tom." he nudged him. "Thomas Carol Gates!"

Tom's head shot up, cloudy-eyed and indignant. "What?" he shouted, "What? Dad, what are you doing in here? Knock, remember? K-n–o-c-k."

"Sorry. I didn't realize you were so busy." Ben quipped. Tom, no longer carrying about anything but more sleep, laid back down, quickly falling back into his previous state.

"OH no you don't." Ben heaved his son's shoulder's from the floor, hoping he would stand. After 13 years of doing this, he knew it was the only way. "Come on, time to get up."

"I'm tired." he groaned.

"Well, you shouldn't have stayed up all night looking at the sky. And we've told you at least a million times to not sleep on the floor. You're gonna be sore. Now come on." he shoved him to his feet. "Or we're both going to be late."

"Both? Oh. You leave today, huh?"

"Yeah." he sighed. "I leave today, but it's only for a week, okay? I'll be back next Monday."

"Yeah sure. Just like last time."

"No, last time I said 'it should be a week', but there was a break in and they wanted me to assist with the capture of the 'vanishing' guys that were hiding in the ceiling. See, that was not my fault. This time's it the Louvre. One week. I promise. Now, be good for your mom, okay?"

"Yeah. Okay, whatever."

"'Yeah. Okay, whatever.'" Ben mocked. "Hey. Come here." He wrapped Tom in a tight one-armed hug before leaving. "I mean it kiddo. Get up!" he called over his shoulder.

Across the other side of the hallway, he entered his daughter's room just as quietly. She, thank goodness, was actually in her bed. Looking closer, he noted that she had book in hand and her laptop resting precariously close to the edge of the bed. He grinned. Those two were so much alike. He reached forward and grabbed the laptop to keep it from falling onto the floor. Placing it on her desk he moved over to her and bent down.

"Hey, sweetheart." he said softly hoping it would wake her up. He reach forward brushing her blonde hair back and she opened her eyes. He smiled at her.

"Are you going now?" she asked with a groggy voice.


"What time is it?"

"Time to get up. About 6:30."

"Oh no!" she shot up suddenly. "Oh no, oh no, oh no." she was scrambling around now, looking for something.

"What?" he asked.

"My paper! My paper!" She had a habit of repeating things. He gentle grabbed her shoulder and turned her around to face him, concerned, and a little impatient, he asked: "What are you talking about?"

"My paper I was typing last night. I didn't finish it. Now I'm doomed! Where is my laptop? I can't find my laptop. Where is it?"

While she began to panic, he reached around and produced the laptop, opening it with a flourish. She dropped her jaw and widened her eyes. Then, she smiled.

"Thanks Dad."

"Sure." He cocked an eyebrow. "You okay? You seem...stressed."

"Humph!" She jokingly laughed. "'Stressed' It's the last week of school that means tons of end-of-year projects due and finals. Of course I'm stressed!"

Ben opened his mouth to respond, but just then Abigail's voice called up the stairs. "Ben. You've got to go. Come on!"

"Bye sweetheart."

"Bye dad." He kissed the top of her head and hurried down the stairs. Abigail waited for him with her hands on her hips.

"I love you." he said going to her and wrapping her in his arms. Whatever she had been exasperated about was suddenly forgotten. Darn Ben. He bobbed his head down and they kissed until Thomas came into the kitchen and typically exclaimed: "Eww. God! Don't do that in the kitchen."

"They'll be fine." she assured him, reading his mind. He nodded and went to his bags. Opening the door at the same time the dog came in he was nearly tripped. He recovered and looked over his shoulder as he closed the door behind him. "Be back in week. Bye."

"Bye." three voices chimed from the kitchen and he headed to the car in the dazzling morning light.

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