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Chapter 2: The Action is Over?

Riley was trying to manage the newest project while Ben was away in France. He hooked up a live-video chat between Ben and his family Thursday, as usual. This week, though, was getting him very, very worried.

The kids were trying to get through school, not that grades were a problem (especially history). They were not worried like Riley. This was because, to them, life was ordinary. To them, their parents were boring. People who drink coffee and read the newspaper and spend way too much time at work, mostly at a desk, on trips, or bossing people around. Their parents would never do anything interesting ever again. Sure there was that whole treasure fiasco they had to explain whenever they introduced themselves. It usually went something like this:

"Hi! I'm Jo Shmo"

"Hi I'm Thomas Gates."

"Gates! Oh my God! Like the treasure hunting Gates?"

"Treasure finding Gates, yeah."

At first, it was cool. Really cool. Now it was more like this:

"Hi I'm Jane Plain!"

"Hi I'm Charlotte Gates"

"Gates? Oh my God! You mean-"


"The ones that-"




They used to beg to hear those exciting stories as children.

"Tell us another adventure story daddy!" or "Oh! Oh! Tell the part where Riley ties up Grandpa with duct tape!"

Now it went something like this:

"You know, this kind of reminds me of the time, when looking for the treasure and Riley said to me 'This is impossible!' and I said-"

"Thomas Edison, blah, blah, blah...Preservation room ,yada, yada, jellies...dad and Riley save history. The End."

Similarly, they always found American History interesting, but after a while they had heard all the stories. They were grateful to get good grades in school and all, but did everything relate to the revolution? So that to went from:

"It was actually the trees that the fort was made of that saved Charleston the first time the British attacked it."

"Really? Wow!"


"You know the man that actually brought over Lafayette and played similar roles as George Washington and John Adams is never actually given credit..."

"Silas Deane. Got it. (The first billion times.)"

Yes. The action was over. The party done. Nothing interesting (besides summer vacations chasing sunken ships) would ever happen to the Gates family. They refused to take risks. They were just too old, or so the 13-year-old twins believed. These two were worried about nothing other than their father's safe flight, finals, and, of course, the all-important party.

Abigail was working hard at the Archives and missing her husband Ben. Also, she was worrying.

Actually, she was worrying herself mad. Not about Ben, or work, or the kids. It was about Riley's favorite person in the world: Ian. Ian had been in prison 15 years and had parole hearing the Saturday.

What if he got out? Would he come for revenge? They had a lot to worry about now: each other, Ben's dad, the kids, and Riley. There are some risks, she felt, you can't take when your children may suffer the consequences.

Well, Saturday came and passed. The kids were, of course, oblivious to the importance of the day. The were far too occupied with the big party to pay attention to anything else. They assumed that their mom was worried about them and she was glad they didn't wonder.

Riley bit his finger nails and checked his laptop every few minutes. Abigail was edgy and waited for the phone call obsessively as did Ben in his hotel room in France.

At 6:00 Pm, the verdict was in...

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