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WARNING - This story contains mature content and may be graphic at times.

Thoughts are done in italic

The Dream In My Reality - Chpt 1

A Terrible Thing To Happen

"Stop!" Yuna cried out only to push Seymour off of her who fell back over onto the bed and grimaced at the thought of being rejected. Yuna stomped angrily over to where the dresser sat, tucked her books under her arms and bolted for the door where she was stopped by Seymour who was very angry himself. He jerked her around to face him and Yuna gave him a very mean look.

"Yuna, I will have any girl I want." Seymour said with such sternness in his voice.

Yuna threw the door open to his room. "Then find yourself another girl, Seymour!"

That done it. Seymour had heard enough and was not going accept that a girl did not want him. He was Seymour Guado. Just who did this girl think she was to say 'no' to him. His eyes were enraged with anger and his heart enraged with greed. And out of this anger, he grabbed Yuna with great force, stepping in front of her only to take his foot and kick the door shut.

"Let go of me!" Yuna demanded as she struggled to free herself from his grasp, however, he was much stronger than her and her efforts were done in vain. "What are you doing?!" Seymour backed her up to his bed, pushing her down only to climb on top of her. "SEYMOUR!!"

Yuna was more than ever in a state of shock, for she knew exactly what was about to happen to her and what Seymour was attempting to do to her. She felt as if this were a nightmare that she was going to wake up from any minute, however, she soon realized that this was not a dream and it was indeed happened to her. Yuna grabbed Seymour's face and dug her nails into him, scratching him deeply. Seymour hollered as the pain rushed through him only to slap Yuna, grab her wrists and pin them into the mattress at the side of her head. He breathed very hard in Yuna's face and she turned away to avoid smelling his breath, which she found to be totally foul. Tears stung her eyes, for it was like she knew that he was going to do this terrible deed to her.

"Please don't." Yuna pleaded softly through saddened tears. Her bottom lip quivered, her eyes tightly shut.

"Give me one damn reason why I shouldn't take you right here -- right now!" Seymour gestured smugly. "You want it, Yuna. You want me. I know you do."

Yuna slowly glared at him through narrowed eyes. "You're sick! Not to mention pathetic."

"You wretched, little bitch!" Seymour snapped only to release his grasp on her. He ripped her shirt and she screamed and she was not more frightened than anything. Her mind was going a million miles a hour and she could not even think straight. She cried to herself until it all at last came to an end.

Moments later. . .

Yuna was certainly stunned. She sat on the edge of the bed, hugging her knees. She sighed, the tears flowing freely as she pulled her torn shirt over her bare, visible shoulder. She nearly jumped out of her skin once Seymour grabbed her by her wrist with such force, gasping in fright as she looked into his sinister eyes.

"Wha- -" Yuna trailed off, her body trembling from fright.

"Not a word, Yuna!" Seymour warned.

Yuna just jerked her arm away, stood up only to pick her books up and ran towards the door. "YUNA!" Yuna froze dead in her tracks as she reached her hand out to take hold of the door knob. "Thank you."

"Thank you?" Yuna was totally disgusted. She was sure if she were shaking from fright or pure anger now. Her fist tightened on the door knob, however, refused the temptation to spin around and slap him as hard as she could. She only opened the door and ran out.

Moments later. . .

Yuna ran down the secluded streets of Bevelle, avoiding any and all people, for she did not want to run into anyone she knew. She was scared to take out her cell phone and call for help, but knew that if she didn't do something, Seymour would get away with what he just did. She slowed to a steady walking pace as she began to walk through the park. She was all alone. Yuna looked around, fear evident in her eyes. The thoughts of "WHY" he done it and "WHAT" made him do it were running through her mind. She walked over and sat down on a nearby wooden bench, pulling her ripped shirt back over her right shoulder only to lean forward with her head in her hands. Her softly cries had turned to sobs.

"Why me?!" Yuna asked only to look up towards the sky. "What did I do to deserve this?" She lowered her head, looking at the ground. "What did I do?" Her voice was low, her tears were many. She then slowly removed her cell phone from her pocket, flipped it open and hit her number on speed dial.

"Hello?" came her father's voice from the other end of the line. All he got in return was muffled cries as Yuna placed her hand over her mouth.

"Father. . ." Yuna trailed off.

Moments later. . .

Yuna was now at the hospital being examined, the cops were there as well as the Maester of Yevon, Lord Braska. A nosy news reporter by the name of Shelinda was eager to get the scoop on the Maester's daughter whom was in fact known very well throughout Spira. Braska ordered for things to be kept silent while the facts and the evidence was gathered.

Braska turned as the Yuna walked up to him, her arms crossed her stomach and her head lowered to the ground. Her hair was wet from where she had just showered. She wore gray warm ups, a pink tank top, a gray hoody, and white sneakers. She refused to make eye contact with her father, for she felt such shame and humiliation right now. The doctor soon approached the two of them and Braska looked a him, awaiting an explanation.

"Sir, your daughter's been raped." the doctor informed. Yuna only closed her eyes, lowering her head even farther as Braska's eyes widened in pure anger and looked straight at Yuna.