Well, guys here we are. The very last chpt. I sorta chose a simple ending for this story since the situations at hand were so intense. Hope it's okay. :) Well, please do enjoy this chpt and don't forget to leave me your final thoughts of The Dream in my Reality.

Seymour turned, facing Paine as he drew his gun on her. Yuna ran into Tidus' arms and they held each other tightly, watching Seymour and Paine. "Not so smugged now, are you?"

"What are you doing here?" Seymour demanded to know.

Paine laughed. "What am I doing here?" She narrowed her eyes. "I'll tell you what I'm doing here! I'm HERE to take back what you took from me so long ago. You remember, Seymour? You remember what you done to me?"

"I'm afraid I'm drawing a blank." Seymour taunted in a sinister manner as he and Paine began to walk circles around each other.

"You took my innocence!" Paine reminded him and Seymour just merely shrugged her off as if he didn't even care. "You are like so many others in this town, Seymour. You're a coward, a low down, no good piece of scum that I wouldn't even bother scraping off my shoe. You have to put others down just to make yourself feel better. Well, enough is enough. It's time we ended this. . . now!"

"Yes. It's time we ALL came to our end." Seymour agreed. "Death has come to call on this night and it's chosen us all."

Paine shook her head. "No." Seymour narrowed his eyes. "No more shall suffer the fate that I, Yuna, and so many others have suffered. Never shall you hurt another woman."

Seymour chuckled sinisterly. "Goodbye, Paine." He then pulled the trigger, however, the gun did not go off. A bit confused, Seymour looked at the gun and then back at Paine.

"So long!" And with that said, Paine fired her gun. Yuna covered her ears, burying her face in Tidus' chest and screaming as Paine continued to fire until no bullets remained in her gun. Seymour grabbed his chest, blood seeping from the open bullet wounds, fell to his knees, looking Paine straight in the face. He wheezed a deep breath, slowly turning his head and looking Yuna straight in the eye as blood began to drain down the corner of his mouth. He then fell over, letting out a long sign. The gun slipped from Paine's hands as she stood there in shock by what she had just done. Tidus ran over to Seymour, kneeling down beside him and checking his pulse.

Tidus slowly removed his hand from the side of Seymour's neck. "He's. . . dead." Yuna gasped as Paine stood there speechlessly. He stood to his feet, looking at Paine who had no remorse for what she had just did.

"Good." Paine said coldly. "I sure he now understands what me and Yuna are feeling inside. Cold, empty, . . .and dead."

"Yuna!!" called a concerned voice. Yuna, Paine and Tidus turned only to see Lenne running towards them along with Shuyin, Rikku, Gippal, Lulu and Wakka not far behind. Sirens then began to wail in the distance, signaling that the ZPD were well on their way.

"YUNIE!!" Rikku said, pouncing onto Yuna and knocking her down. "Thanks be to Yevon you're okay!"

"I'd be a little better if I could breath." Yuna gasped.

"Sorry." Rikku said, getting off Yuna and they both stood up.

"Did you call the entire gang down here?" Tidus asked, looking at Lenne only to glare at Shuyin who was already glaring at Tidus.

"Well, I didn't know who else to call." Lenne admitted shyly. "I called the police who had already been dispatched, but were held up by traffic. So, I called my own backup figuring that all you guys could beat the shit out of Seymour."

"Way ahead of ya." Tidus admitted with a chuckle. All eyes fell to Paine who felt like the outcast of the bunch right now.

Yuna stepped forth and slowly approached Paine who stood in her usual manner with her hand on her hip. "Paine.. . ." Paine waited for her to respond, however, Yuna fell silent for a moment only to reach out and hug Paine who's eyes flew open wide. "Thank you. You did what I didn't have the strength to do." Paine looked around at first and then returned the hug in a hesitant manner. Yuna then released her, stepping back and looking at her.

Paine just shrugged her shoulders. "At first I didn't either. The anger just built up too strongly over the years and I wanted revenge, I wanted to take back what he took from me." She then looked at Tidus who walked over to her and Yuna. "So, are you going to arrest me?"

"For what?" Tidus asked only to smirk. Paine didn't answer.

Moments later. . .

Seymour's face was covered as his body was loaded up in the back of the ambulance, which then drove away. Police were collecting evidence where a few were being questioned about what had happened. Yuna and Tidus stood by Auron as they talked.

"Braska's been informed about the recent events and is awaiting your arrival, Yuna." Auron said. Yuna only nodded her head, clinging to Tidus who wrapped his left arm around her and pulled her closely to him. "I know the two of you have gotten very close since all this began and you're probably not ready to say goodbye to each other." Hearing that brought tears to Yuna's eyes who only held to Tidus even tighter.

Tidus shook his head. "I won't be saying goodbye to her, Auron."

Auron furrowed his brow. "She's leaving for Bevelle, Tidus. You knew that after all this was over that she would be returning home."

"Well, you better cancel that theory because I will be taking her home." Tidus said sternly. "And as of right now she is staying with me until further notice."

"Tidus, you can't go against Braska." Auron warned him.

"I'm not letting her go, Auron!" Tidus shouted.

"Well, what do you plan to tell Braska when he arrives for Yuna?" Auron asked.

"Guess he'd better move over because he's not the only man in Yuna's life now." Tidus admitted and Auron fell silent, for he knew exactly what Tidus meant by that.

Auron shook his head. "Please tell me that you haven't fallen in love with her."

"Too late." Tidus said. "I already have fallen in love with her." Auron just looked at Tidus, baffled by the words he had just heard. Tidus then pulled Yuna into a full embrace, caressing her in a very loving manner.

"Tidus, you just can't blurt it out to Braska in such a manner." Auron said. "It's not a good idea and you know it!"

"Neither is keeping the truth from him." Tidus added.

"Tidus- -" Auron began.

"I'm taking Yuna to the hospital to be checked out and then I am taking her back to my place." Tidus said. "And when Braska gets here you can tell him where Yuna is at." Auron just looked at Tidus with a shake of his head.

Later that night. . .

Instead of returning to Bevelle tonight, Tidus took it upon himself to allow Shuyin, Rikku, and Gippal to stay at his place tonight. Lenne returned home as did Lulu and Wakka. Paine went out for a brisk walk to clear her mind and possibly put it at ease. She got what she longed to get and in this she found comfort. Something she hadn't felt in a very long time. Braska arrived and was informed that Yuna was with Tidus. Therefore, he stayed at a nearby 5-star hotel till morning. Things were very, very quiet now. So quiet, that it made Yuna feel uneasy and she could not sleep. She found herself to be quite restless and paced the floors of the house. Tidus laid sleeping unaware that Yuna wasn't by his side. Tidus stuck Shuyin on the couch just for the hell of things. Gippal and Rikku took the guest room and were sleeping soundly.

Shuyin awoke, running his fingers through his messy hair as he sat up, adjusting the pillow beneath his head when he happened to see Yuna standing out on the front porch watching as the traffic drove by as the barely visible stars twinkled in the sky. He got up and walked out there where she was.

"Yuna?" Shuyin called to her, however, she didn't turn to him. "What are you doing up?"

"I can't sleep, Shuyin." Yuna said. "Everything is still fresh in my mind."

"You've been through a lot tonight, Yuna." Shuyin said, walking over beside her and leaning against the banisters as he looked at her. "Are you okay?"

"I will be. . . in time." Yuna said softly.

Shuyin sighed. "I'm glad that you're finally coming back to Bevelle in the morning."

"I.. . won't be returning to Bevelle.. . . Shuyin." Yuna trailed off slowly.

"What?" Shuyin questioned. "Yuna, you can't be serious! I mean. . . why?"

"I'm staying here. . . in Zanarkand. . . with Tidus." Yuna said softly. "He loves me and I love him. I want to be with him always." Shuyin only turned away and Yuna looked at him. "Where are you going?"

Shuyin looked at her, fight back his emotions, however, the hurt was all too visible. "I'm. . . don't know what to say." Yuna turned and faced him as he did her. "I know you don't want to be with me in that way and what I really want doesn't matter. What's important to me is that you are happy."

Yuna nodded her head. "When. . . I'm with Tidus. . . when I'm with my friends. . . when I'm with you and my Father. . . yes. . . I am happy. I am very happy." She then smiled beautifully and that made Shuyin smile.

Shuyin and Yuna then hugged each other in a friendly manner. "I'll always be there for you. Never forget that, Yuna."

"I won't." Yuna replied.

Morning. . .

Upon Braska's arrival to Tidus' home, he was informed by Yuna herself of what she wanted to do, which was to remain there in Zanarkand with Tidus and to finish out her school year there as well. Of course, Braska wanted to oppose, but knew that his daughter was old enough to make her own decisions and knew what she wanted out of life. Therefore, he gave her his blessings and supported her to the fullest of his being.

Rikku stood hugging Yuna only to release her, giving her a smile. She then gave her a tearful goodbye as she prepared to return to Bevelle.

"I'm gonna miss you, you know." Rikku said.

"This isn't goodbye." Yuna said. "I'm only a phone call away and a few hours up the road form you."

"Still won't be the same without you though." Shuyin added. "Sure you won't reconsider?"

"Shuyin!" Yuna said and Shuyin only chuckled.

"Well, guess we better get going." Shuyin said. He gave Yuna a hug as did Rikku and Gippal as they then got in the car and left. Yuna waved goodbye to them as Tidus walked over abd put his arm around her. She then turned to him with a sigh.

"Guess this is a new beginning." Yuna said.

Tidus nodded. "It is." Yuna sighed. "You're starting your life over. You have nothing or no one to fear now and the world is within your reach. You have the chance to lead your life the way you want to."

"And I'm starting it. . . with you by my side. . . with all my family and friends beside me." Yuna said with a smile. "Stay with me until the end. . . please."

Tidus shook his head. "Not until the end. . . always. . . Yuna. I will always be there for you." Yuna gave him a reassuring smile, leaning her head against his chest as she wrapped her arms around him. Tidus placed a kiss to her forehead as he took her in his arms as well.