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A/N: I just thought this up. These will be short one-shots in a series concentrating on Pony and Soda's conversations. Inspired by real conversations. Reviews are desired and suggestions and ideas are very welcome. Thanks for reading!

In Bed

Chapter 1: Imaginary Rumble

They were laying in bed, like everynight, and Pony was saying everything that poped into his head. That happened to be quite a lot of stuff.


"Yeah, Pony?"

"If Darry and Dally got in a fight, who would win?"

"Darry if it was skin, Dally if he was really pissed and had like a blade or something."

"Oh." There was a pause. "Soda?"


"If Steve and Dally got in a fight who would win?"

"Neither. Neither would want to lose so they'd beat each other to death."

"Oh." Soda, his eyelids as heavy as ever, began to just drift off when he heard yet again:



"If Darry and Steve got in a fight, who would win?"

"Darry." he sighed and hoped it was for the last time. The clocks had changed this weekend and so he was going to be extra tired in the morning.



"If me and you got in a fight, which would win?"

That was it. He couldn't help it. He thrust his legs and arms forward in unison quickly, and a startled Pony hit the floor with a BANG!

"I would!" Soda cackled hysterically.

"Soda..." Pony whined, rolling over with his hair slung in his eyes.

"What's goin' on? Everybody okay?" A big shadow with Darry's voice asked in the doorway. Soda was too busy laughing to hear him. At the scene before him, Darry couldn't help but join in.

"Yeah, yeah. Get your jollys." Pony said sarcastically, rubbing his bruised butt and sliding bcak into bed.