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The Night Innocence Died

By Hideki LaShae

Chapter One


Two girls step into the classroom. They bow to the teacher. "Sensei-sama."

The female teacher readjusts her glasses over her eyes and looks at the two girls. "Sensei only, girls. And you are?"

"Nefertiri Aibou," says the taller of the two girls. Her long blonde hair falls down to her waist in graceful waves. The pink and black streaks highlight her hair in an unusual manner, and her indigo eyes stare at the teacher.

"Marie Twin," says the shorter, but obviously older, of the two girls. Her royal purple eyes glance around the room apprehensively. Her hair, held in a high ponytail, still falls past her shoulders in tri-colored detail. Her spiky hair radiates the same pink, black, and blonde as Nefertiri's hair.

"All right, class! We have two new students, Nefertiri Aibou and Marie Twin!" exclaims Sensei, "If you would all rise, we will once again rearrange ourselves alphabetically."

All the students stand up and stand in front of their desks.

"First seat, Nefertiri Aibou," says Sensei, "Next, Ryou Bakura. Nene Daidoji. Gota Daidoji. Well… move to your new seats and take your nameplates with you. Nefertiri, did you bring your nameplate from your old school?"

"I didn't go to…"

"We didn't have nameplates!" exclaims Marie, "We… wore name badges!"

Nefertiri looks at Marie with wide eyes.

"Very well. We will get new ones for both of you," says Sensei. She taps her foot impatiently. "Students, are you not supposed to move?"

Nefertiri steps up to the desk where a pretty white haired boy stands.

The boy, Ryou, smiles at Nefertiri. He slides his nameplate from the front of his desk and moves over.

The entire row shifts over and the last person steps up beside Marie.

"Next row. Kari Endo, Hiroto Honda, Fujiko Iiwata, Yukimo Ishimaru," says Sensei, "Students, please move."

Katsuya walks into the classroom at that moment, limping dramatically.

"Jounouchi! You are late… again!" exclaims Sensei; "We have two new students joining us so we are rearranging our seating order. Take the nameplate from your desk so Yukimo can sit there!"

Katsuya limps slowly to his desk and pulls his nameplate from it. He notices how intently Seto stares at him as he moves out of the way for the pretty red-headed girl to stand in front of what used to be his desk.

"Third row… Katsuya Jounouchi. I had better not catch you staring out that window, Jounouchi!" exclaims Sensei, "Seto Kaiba. Joli Lanae. Anzu Mazaki."

The students move to their seats quickly, all except for Katsuya and Seto.

Seto lingers in front of his old desk until Katsuya limps up to him. "What's wrong with you, mutt?"

"For your information, Kaiba, it's none of your business!" snaps Katsuya fiercely.

Seto takes his nameplate and moves to stand in front of his new desk.

"Fourth row… Yugi Motou, Kenichi Oono, Seira Raya, Shishi Shizume," says Sensei, "Fifth row… Koichi Tokokowa, Marie Twin, Yune Wakimaru, Amaru Yukino."

The rest of the students move to their new seats.

"You may all be seated now," says Sensei, "and we will begin our lesson."

Everyone takes his or her seat.

Seto looks at Katsuya through the corner of his eye and sees the blond's face contort with pain as he sits. He turns his eyes to his desk as he pulls out his textbook.

"Jou," whispers Yugi from behind the injured blond, "What happened to you? You're limping."

"I sprained my ankle last night," whispers Katsuya.

Seto glances at Katsuya when he hears those words, and his eyes widen.

"Jounouchi… since you were late to class, would you come up to the front of the class and explain problem four from the homework assignment?" asks Sensei.

Katsuya's eyes widen in fear. "I can't…"

"You can't?" Sensei raises her eyebrow.

"I… I… I didn't understand that one!" exclaims Katsuya.

"Did you understand any of the problems, Jounouchi?" asks Sensei testily.

Katsuya opens his notebook and sees that he had only finished up through number three before he had quit his homework. "I understood number three."

"Number four is just like number three."

"I think the wording threw me," says Katsuya. Beads of sweat form on his brow.

Seto stands. "I will explain the problem since simple English is obviously too difficult for this mutt!"

Katsuya stands up with difficulty and slams his fist on his desk. "I'm not a mutt, you bastard!"

Seto glares at Katsuya. "Be a good dog and sit for your master!"

"You're not my master!" screams Joey punching Seto in the jaw. He tumbles over his desk, and Seto reels back from the blow.

"Jounouchi! Kaiba! To the principal's office now!" shouts Sensei.

Seto grabs the collar of Katsuya's uniform shirt and drags him to his feet.

"Kaiba! Release him!" shouts Sensei.

"Fine!" exclaims Seto only releasing Katsuya's shirt once he has his feet beneath him. He storms past Katsuya and heads out of the classroom.

Katsuya limps as fast as he can out of the classroom, and he closes the door.

Seto wraps his arm around Katsuya's waist. "Lean on me…"

Katsuya punches Seto to get him away.

Seto falls onto the floor.

"I know what you did last night, Kaiba!" exclaims Katsuya.

"You do?" asks Seto in shock.

"And I hate you for it! Don't ever come near me again!" exclaims Katsuya starting to limp down the hallway towards the principal's office.

Seto pushes himself to his feet and brushes himself off. He walks past Katsuya on his way to the office. "Fine… See if I care about you when you die!"

Katsuya growls at Seto's retreating back. He continues on down the hallway. He flinches in pain with each step he takes, and he begins to move slower and slower the more he continues to walk. He nearly collapses on the receptionist's desk when he reaches the office.

"Go ahead into the office," says the receptionist, "Kaiba is already inside and they are waiting for you."

Katsuya stumbles into the principal's office.

"Have a seat, Mr. Jounouchi," says the principal, Mr. Xi-lang.

Katsuya glares at Kaiba as he moves to a seat. He flinches in pain as he sits down.

"Well, Mr. Jounouchi and Mr. Kaiba," says Mr. Xi-lang, "Your teacher told me you were fighting. Mr. Kaiba, I will hear your side of the story first."

"We had just gotten two new students so we ended up being seated side by side. Sensei asked Jounouchi to explain a homework problem, but he started making excuses of why he couldn't. I offered to show the class. He yelled at me, calling me a bastard. I retorted, and he swung at me," says Seto touching his jaw where Katsuya's first attack had struck, "But I didn't even swing back. The fool had fallen to the floor when he attacked me, and I helped him up!"

Mr. Xi-lang nods. "Mr. Jounouchi, your version?"

"It happened as he said up until he offered to show the class the problem. He insulted me. He called me a mutt… in front of the two… cute new girls," says Katsuya.

Seto raises an eyebrow at Katsuya.

"Than I did call him a bastard. He called me a dog again and claimed to be my master. That's when I hit him!" exclaims Katsuya.

"Would you boys like to be separated?" asks Mr. Xi-lang.

"Yes!" exclaims Katsuya, "Make him change classes!"

"No!" snaps Seto, "Our problems will only become more explosive if we are separated!"

"Well… I will give you two one more time, one more chance to stay in the same class without killing each other!" exclaims Mr. Xi-lang, "If you two get into one more fight though, I will have to take drastic measures! Do you understand?"

"Yes, Mr. Xi-lang," say both boys together.

"Now return to class!"

Katsuya stands up slowly with pain written all over his face.

Seto keeps his eyes diverted from Katsuya, but he clenches his fists.

"Mr. Jounouchi, what is wrong with you?" asks Mr. Xi-lang, "You are limping, and you are obviously in pain!"

"I sprained my ankle last night," says Katsuya.

Mr. Xi-lang nods. "You should go see the school nurse on your way back to class."

"No, thanks. I already saw a nurse," says Katsuya, "My neighbor lady is a nurse."

"Wait, Jou! Did your dad do that to you?" asks Mr. Xi-lang.

Seto stands abruptly, and his chair clatters to the floor.

"No, Mr. Xi-lang! I swear! My dad's never hit me! I swear! This is all my fault! He had nothing to do with it!" exclaims Katsuya.

"Well… alright," says Mr. Xi-lang, "Now… you two play nice with each other. I don't want to see you in here again!"

Seto nods. "Fine… we'll play nice, won't we, Jou?"

"Right," says Katsuya scowling at Seto.

"And to prove it, I will even help Jou back to class," says Seto.

Katsuya looks at Seto fearfully.

"Lean on me," says Seto pulling Katsuya's right arm over his shoulders and resting his own left arm around the blond's waist.

Katsuya bites his tongue and leans against Seto as they walk slowly out of the office.

"If you know what I did, why do you hate me for it?" asks Seto quietly as they slowly move down the halls together.

"Why do you think? Do you think I enjoyed it? Do you think I should thank you?" hisses Katsuya.

"I didn't do it for your gratitude," whispers Seto.

"Then why did you?"

"I… don't know…"

Katsuya pushes Seto away and falls to the floor. "Don't ever touch me again! You touched me in ways that no one should! Not without my permission!"

Seto's Memory

I pulled the blankets down and gently removed the gown-like garment Jou wore. I saw his body.

Jou was so thin. He moaned as I helped him into a satin shirt, one of my old satin shirts, but he didn't wake up as I worked.

I buttoned up his shirt before pulling the gown away from his lower body. I stared at him for a moment. 'I am not gay! I do not like boys! I hate Jou, and I most certainly don't want to touch his dick!"

Jou rolled over, but he still appeared to be asleep.

I slid the underwear up Jou's legs, and I touched his shaft, sliding my fingers down its length as I pulled the fabric over it and up to the waist. 'I'm not gay! I did not enjoy that! That was a shiver of dread running down my spine! I am so not gay…'

"That's the way… I like it," mumbled Jou.

I could feel my face flush as I pulled an old pair of my pants on his body. Once again, I had to use my hand to push his length beneath the fabric.

"That feels so good, baby," whispered Jou.

End Memory

"I thought… I thought… I thought you'd never know," whispers Seto.

"Well I do know, and I hate that you did that to me," says Katsuya quietly, "Don't ever touch me again, not to help me, not to hurt me, not to touch me."

Seto nods his head.

Katsuya stands up, propping himself against a wall.

"Then we're agreed. I neither liked nor wanted to touch you in the first place," whispers Seto as they slowly start down the hall again, "I don't know why I even did."

"You're even too good to apologize," says Katsuya stopping in front of the boy's room door, "I'll be back in class as soon as I can be."

Seto nods and continues towards the classroom.

Katsuya enters the bathroom clutching his stomach. He falls onto his hands and knees, and his tears fall from his eyes. "I thought… I thought… I thought I loved you…"

Seto watches Katsuya walk out of the cafeteria into the courtyard without getting anything to eat. He can't remember a time when he didn't see Katsuya stuffing his face. He walks up to the lunch line, something he almost never does. He picks up several sandwiches and two bottles of white grapefruit juice before moving up to pay for his food.

"That will be ten dollars," says the lunch lady.

Seto pulls out some money and passes it to the woman. He turns and walks out into the courtyard. He tosses a sandwich into Katsuya's lap as he sits on his knees beside a cherry blossom tree.

"What's this?" asks Katsuya lifting the sandwich bag and staring at the contents as if he's never seen the likes of it before.

"Lunch," says Seto sitting down beside Katsuya and dropping the rest of the sandwiches between them. He holds out a bottle for Katsuya.

"What are you doing?" asks Katsuya.

"Keeping a promise," says Seto, "I'm being nice. Now shut up and eat as much as you want."

"You're trying to poison me," says Katsuya.

"I didn't have time," says Seto, "I just bought them."

Katsuya finally takes the bottle from Seto and sets it beside him. He opens the sandwich in his hands and tears into it like he's never eaten before.

"Hey, Jou! Come sit with us!" exclaims Honda walking to a table with Yugi.

Katsuya shifts his weight uncomfortably.

"He can't. I'm not moving and we're supposed to eat together," calls Seto.

Yugi and Honda walk over to Katsuya and Seto.

"Can we join you then?" asks Yugi.

Seto nods. He opens a sandwich and takes a bite.

"So is this part of your punishment for fighting this morning?" asks Honda.

"Yes," says Seto with a curt nod.

Katsuya's stomach starts to complain halfway through and he wraps the sandwich back up. He shifts his weight to try to get comfortable, and he opens his juice.

"So, Jou… what happened last night? How'd you sprain your ankle?" asks Honda.

"Would you believe I tripped over myself?" asks Katsuya chuckling. He takes a drink of juice.

Yugi looks at Katsuya with worried eyes, but he doesn't say anything to his best friend.

Seto stares at the half-finished sandwich in Katsuya's hand as he finishes his sandwich. "Now… if you'll excuse me, I have some business to attend to."

"No one's stopping you," says Katsuya shifting his weight painfully.

Seto stands up with his bottle of juice, and he heads back towards the school. He finishes his juice before entering an empty classroom. He pulls out his cell phone and dials a number, keeping his eyes on the door in case anyone should come by. "This is Seto Kaiba. I would like to speak to Dr. Takanai if that's possible."

Hello, Mr. Kaiba. This is Dr. Takanai. How can I help you?

"About my friend… I have some questions about his condition," says Seto.

Which condition? His assault or his anorexia? asks Dr. Takanai.

"Both. I think the reason he's anorexic is because he can't afford food. I bought him something to eat today, but he hardly touched it. It's not like him," says Seto.

If his anorexia isn't voluntary and he got that way because he didn't have anything to eat, then he might not be able to eat much because his stomach has shrunk, explains Dr. Takanai, If he's anorexic because he doesn't want to eat, then he also wouldn't eat much. Just try to get him to eat as much as he can each time and try to get him to eat often. Instead of three meals, try six.

"That might prove to be difficult. We're not exactly friends, and he thinks I want to poison him," says Seto, "But about his assault… He's in a lot of pain just sitting down, and he has a really bad limp."

That is understandable considering what happened to him. He was a virgin before he was attacked, so he had never had sex that way before. He might have had sex where he was dominate so… I shouldn't call him a virgin, says Dr. Takanai, but for the sake of explaining this properly, we'll say he was. Now it hurts him to sit because of the intrusion into his body. The pain and the limp are both common for virgin men when they take on a male lover. It's really bad for him because he was a virgin and went three in a row, plus his attackers didn't care if he hurt afterwards so they didn't prepare him in any way. Get him some extra-strength aspirin. If he's still in a lot of pain tomorrow, drop by the hospital, and I'll give you a prescription for him.

"Thank you, doctor," says Seto, "I have to go now. I have class to attend."

Let me know how he's doing, says Dr. Takanai.

"I will," says Seto hanging up. He hurries out and makes his way to his classroom. He takes his seat and pulls out a book to read, but his mind can't seem to concentrate on the words. He whispers to himself, "Why didn't he tell his friends that he was attacked… mugged at least? Why the lie about tripping over himself?"

The first bell rings and students start coming into the classroom in small groups.

Katsuya limps into the room behind Yugi and Honda.

The final bell rings as Marie runs into the room and crashes into Katsuya sending them both sprawling to the floor.

Seto stands when he hears Katsuya gasp in pain.

"I'm so sorry!" exclaims Marie climbing off Katsuya and helping him to his feet, "Are you all right?"

Katsuya leans against Marie as he tries to fight back his pain. He passes into unconsciousness and collapses to the floor again.

"Nefertiri! The herbs!" exclaims Marie.

"Right!" exclaims Nefertiri pulling her metal bangle bracelet off and tossing it to Marie as she kneels beside Katsuya.

"What is going on here?" asks Sensei stepping into the classroom.

Marie swivels the large, turquoise stone on the bracelet and pulls out a pinch of the crushed herbs within.

Seto's eyes widen, and he walks towards Marie. "What are you doing, woman?"

"Giving him an herbal painkiller!" exclaims Marie pushing the crushed herbs past Katsuya's lips, "Can't you people see how much pain he's in? Isis! Even I can feel his pain, and I'm not a sensitive or an empath!" She closes the stone back over the secret compartment.

"Maybe you should give him the rest of the herbs, Marie," says Nefertiri, "I am a sensitive, sister, and I can feel his pain like a ton of bricks! All the herbs might be enough for him to revive!"

Seto sprints up the aisle in between the desks and yanks Marie away from Katsuya. "You're going to kill him with your witchcraft!"

"Don't accuse me of witchcraft!" exclaims Marie storming past Seto as she slides the bangle bracelet onto her own wrist, "Nefertiri is the one training to be a Priestess of Isis! I'm only here to keep pain far away from her!"

Nefertiri stands up forcefully. "Marie! These people know nothing of such events! As my guard, it is not your place to tell my secret!"

"Students!" exclaims Sensei angrily.

Seto lifts Joey up onto his back. He glares at Sensei. "I'm taking him to the nurse! This stupid mutt weighs a ton!"

Sensei tries to calm the students as Seto carries Katsuya out of the room.

Seto hurries to the nurse's office with Katsuya and places him on his side on a bed. "Nurse Karu…"

"Do you know what is wrong with him, Mr. Kaiba?" asks the lovely black haired woman.

"Yes, but I can't tell you. It's not my place to say, but there was an incident last night and he was in the hospital. He passed out from the pain. His doctor suggested he try extra-strength aspirin," says Seto, "but if you even try to examine him while he's unconscious, you'll never hold a job again!"

"Yes, Mr. Kaiba!" exclaims Nurse Karu. Her entire body shakes in fear.

Seto turns and storms out of the nurse's office. He hurries to return to class. He tries to concentrate on his classes, but he can't fail to notice that Katsuya never returns.

Yugi grabs Katsuya's bag and books from his desk when the final bell rings.

Seto stands quickly and hurries out of the classroom. He rushes to the nurse's office. "Nurse Karu!"

"Oh, Mr. Kaiba. Jou has just now woken up," says Nurse Karu with a smile, "Come in and see him."

Seto walks into the office and heads over to Katsuya, still lying on his side on the bed. "Mutt…"

"Go screw yourself, Kaiba," says Katsuya groggily.

"Remember the principal told us to be nice?"

"Go screw him too," mumbles Katsuya.

"Old men don't attract me," says Seto, "Come, mutt. I'll take you home. You shouldn't walk on that sprained ankle. And don't argue! I'm not doing this because I want to! Mr. Xi-lang insisted."

"Just remember. Don't touch me," says Katsuya carefully climbing from the bed. He stumbles into Seto.

"I won't touch you, but lean against me if you need to," says Seto.

Katsuya limps out of the office.

Seto follows behind noticing how the limp has only worsened. He escorts Katsuya out to his awaiting limo and allows the blond to climb in before him. "Driver… we will be dropping this stray off on our way home. Where to, mutt?"

Katsuya looks at his hands, crossed protectively on his lap, and he mumbles the cross streets closest to his apartment building.

Seto tells the driver which two streets, and the limousine moves away from the school.

"Why are you doing all this, Kaiba?" asks Katsuya.

Seto raises the clear glass so the driver can't hear the conversation but could still see them. "What do you remember about last night? You hit your head rather hard, and you were unconscious when the paramedics arrived."

"I remember enough! I remember what you did to me!" exclaims Katsuya, "I always knew you hated me, but I never thought you could do that!" He squirms in his seat, partially from his pain and partly just to get away from the boy -monster- beside him.