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The Night Innocence Died

By Hideki LaShae

Chapter Seven


Katsuya kisses Seto's lips. "Thank you for saving my life, Seto."

"Thank you, Katsuya, for being so wonderful and agreeing to stay with me," says Seto.

"I love you. I'd never leave if I didn't have to," says Katsuya cuddling up to Seto.

"Now… let's practice kissing for awhile before we go to bed," says Seto.

"In the bath?" suggests Katsuya.

Seto nods and blushes.

"I'll go get my pajamas," says Katsuya climbing from the bed, "I don't want you getting any ideas now that I'm your boyfriend!"

"Just the pants if that's okay," says Seto getting out of bed, "I want to feel some skin."

Katsuya nods. "Make up the bath, okay?"

"I'll leave the door open," says Seto. He walks into the bathroom as Katsuya heads out to his bedroom.

"What happened to your neck, Jou?" whispers Yugi.

Seto hides his smirk behind the pages of his book.

"I'll tell you later, Yug'," whispers Katsuya.

"All right, class! Pay attention!" exclaims Sensei, "Kaiba… since you felt the need to cut class yesterday, would you come up to the front of the room and show the class how to do problem twenty-three?"

Seto carries his textbook up to the front of the classroom and quickly reads the problem aloud.

"Kaiba? What is that on your neck?" asks Sensei grabbing Seto's chin and forcing his head to tilt so she can see his neck, "That is a hickey! How shameful! Where did you get it?"

"My bedroom, although its no business of yours!" exclaims Seto pulling his chin away from Sensei's hand, "Don't ever touch me!"

"Who gave it to you?" asks Sensei nearly screeching.

"Well… let's just say my lover got a little overly enthusiastic last night," says Seto with a smirk.

Several boys chuckle while some of the girls sigh sadly.

One girl even bursts into tears.

"That's it! Sit down, Kaiba!" exclaims Sensei.

Seto returns to his seat with a glance to Katsuya. He winks slyly.

Katsuya blushes.

"All right, Nefertiri, would you please show the class problem twenty-three?" asks Sensei sighing.

"No," says Nefertiri simply.

"What?" Sensei stares at Nefertiri.

"I said no. I will not show the class that problem or any problem. They should do their own work as I have done," says Nefertiri.

Sensei falls into her chair. "I need a vacation!"

"I'll explain it!" exclaims Ryou standing.

Sensei waves her hand dismissively, and Ryou steps up to the chalkboard.

Katsuya turns around in his seat to whisper to Yugi, "Yug', there's this person I've liked for a long time, someone I love, and we got together last night for the first time. I got this mark from my love this morning, early morning, so that people know I'm taken. It was my punishment for giving my love one."

"Why didn't you tell me you loved someone earlier? Maybe I could have helped you two get together. Who is it?" whispers Yugi.

"Later! Ryou's done," whispers Katsuya turning back around.

"Hey, Congratulations, Jou!" whispers Yugi.

Katsuya flashes a brilliant smile back at Yugi and winks. "Thanks."

Over the next few days, Seto and Katsuya finish the questionnaire and subsequent report for Mr. Xi-lang.
"Final question. If there was one thing you could say to the person giving you this questionnaire without fear of reprisal, what would it be?"

"That's simple. I've already said it. And I'm glad I did."

Katsuya tilts his head to the side like a curious puppy. "So what is it?"

"I love you." Seto smiles and pulls Katsuya into a kiss.

"Hey… that's my answer to that question."

Finishing their special assignment takes them longer than anticipated because they keep interrupting each other for hugs and make-out sessions.

The Saturday of Seto's birthday comes quickly.

Seto wakes up alone in his room and he feels around for Katsuya. He sits up abruptly. "Katsuya!"

Only silence returns Seto's call.

Seto climbs from his bed frantically before he remembers that he had been up very late the night before working on some projects for Kaiba Corp, and because of that, Katsuya had spent the night in his own room. He heads to the door and slips out of his room and into Katsuya's. He smiles when he sees Katsuya sleeping peacefully.

Katsuya stirs and opens his eyes. He looks at Seto. "Hey… happy birthday, love."

Seto walks up and sits on the edge of Katsuya's bed. "Hey, puppy. I missed you when I woke up."

Katsuya sits up and wraps his arms around Seto. He kisses him before asking, "What do you want to do about it?"

"A part of me wants you to move into my bedroom. Another part realizes that step may be rushing our relationship," says Seto, "So I suppose the best step would be to do nothing for the time being." He wraps his arms around Katsuya and rests his head against the blond's. "Oh, Katsuya… I love you!"

"I love you, Seto! Now let's go down to breakfast! Mokuba and I have decided to give you your presents at dinner, so you have to wait for them!" exclaims Katsuya.

"I don't like waiting, Katsuya," says Seto.

"Well… too bad!" exclaims Katsuya smiling.

"It's my birthday! Don't I have any say in it?"


Seto pushes Katsuya down onto the bed and lies on top of him as he kisses him.

"Nice kiss," says Katsuya, "but you still have to wait until dinner for your presents!"

Seto sits up pouting. "You are so mean to me!"

Katsuya sits up and runs his hand through Seto's hair. "I'm sorry, Seto, but I just love you so much that I want your birthday to be special."

Seto smiles. "It already is."

Katsuya kisses Seto and blushes.

"Let's go down to breakfast," says Seto, "You need to put on some more weight!"

"Hey!" exclaims Katsuya standing up.

"I meant it in the best way!" Seto stands and wraps his arms around Katsuya from behind. He kisses Katsuya's neck. "I just want you to be healthy, Katsuya!"

"I know!" exclaims Katsuya spinning in Seto's arms. He leaves his mouth open and his honey-brown eyes stare intently at Seto's lips, pleading for a kiss.

Seto sees the look his boyfriend gives him, and he obliges. His lips lock with the other boy's, and his tongue delves into the hot mouth.

Katsuya presses his body tightly to Seto's so that their groins rub against each other as they kiss.

Seto pulls out of the kiss finally. "I'm hungry, Katsuya!"

"Let's go eat then," says Katsuya.

Seto pulls Katsuya out of the bedroom and down to the dining room.

Mokuba sits at the table already enjoying his pancakes with strawberries and cream.

Seto sits down and pulls Katsuya into his lap. "We have something to tell you, Mokie."

"We do?" asks Katsuya raising his eyebrows at Seto.

Mokuba smiles. "Yes, big brother. What is it?"

"Yes, Seto. What is it?" asks Katsuya.

"Katsuya has agreed to become my boyfriend, and he will be staying with us indefinitely. So to answer your question from a few days ago, Mokie, yes. We are going to start dating now," says Seto feeding Katsuya a bite of pancake from his plate, "Starting today. We'll be leaving after breakfast, but we'll be home in time for dinner."

"That's great, Seto!" exclaims Mokuba, "What are you going to be doing today?"

"I have a few activities in mind," says Seto giving Katsuya a bite of strawberry covered in whipped cream. Some of the cream sticks to Katsuya's lips, and he quickly licks it off his boyfriend as his cheeks redden.

"Seto," mumbles Katsuya. He swallows his food. "How are we going to explain this?"

"Hunh?" asks Seto taking a bite for himself.

"Us… the world… How are we going to tell people about us being a couple? When we go out in public, am I going to have to refrain from kissing you?" asks Katsuya as his heart pounds nervously.

"We will tell your friends about us," says Seto giving Katsuya another bite, "We'll invite them over for lunch tomorrow, and we'll tell them then. Have you even told them that you're gay?"

Katsuya shakes his head. "No."

"They'll find out when we tell them we're dating," says Seto, "As for the rest of the world, the reporters will discover it soon enough. We'll let them do their job. And I will not ask you to refrain from any display of affection. I'm growing rather fond of them, and I doubt I would be able to refrain myself."

"So I can kiss you in public?" asks Katsuya.

"Yes, Katsuya." Seto nods.

Katsuya kisses Seto quickly.

Mokuba giggles. "You two are so cute!"

Katsuya blushes.

Seto holds Katsuya close and continues to feed them both from his plate.

After breakfast, Seto and Katsuya head up to their rooms to change before starting their long date. They talk about various subjects as they walk through the park, stopping on several occasions for a quick make-out session… once on a park bench, once pressing each other against the trunk of a tree, and even once rolling around in the grass beneath a lilac bush.

After their walk, Seto treats Katsuya to a snack from a nearby restaurant before dragging his boyfriend to a romantic movie so they could cuddle close to each other and kiss. Then after a light lunch, they head to a nearby amusement park to while away the afternoon.

Seto and Katsuya return home just in time to shower and change before dinner, but only because they showered separately.

Katsuya leads Seto into the darker-than-normal dining room.

Seto smiles as he sees the many candles adorning the table. "A candlelight dinner? And you called me romantic, Katsuya!"

"Hey!" exclaims Katsuya.

"This has been my best birthday ever, Katsuya," says Seto nuzzling Katsuya with his head, "Thank you. It's all because of you."

Mokuba walks into the dining room carrying a few presents. "Happy birthday, Seto! You get your presents after we eat!"

Seto slumps his shoulders and releases his hold on Katsuya. "But I waited all day!"

"Well… if you stop whining, you can open one now," says Katsuya.

Seto smiles. "I'll stop whining!"

"Okay, you can open mine now, but you have to wait for the present Katsuya got you until after we eat!" exclaims Mokuba as he sets the presents on the end of the table.

"You got me a present, Katsuya?" asks Seto looking at the blond with surprised eyes.

"Well… Mokuba had to pay for it 'cause I don't have any money, but it's what I wanted to get you," says Katsuya looking at his feet shamefully.

"Oh, yes… I forgot to give you your new credit card, didn't I?" asks Seto, "No spending limit, and I pay the bill."

"Well… here's your present!" exclaims Mokuba passing a two and a half foot square package to Seto.

Seto sits down and carefully pulls the wrapping paper away. He gasps when he sees the intricate painting.

There, in perfect color within the solid gold frame, Seto stares at Katsuya as he holds him in his chair. Above their heads, a Blue-Eyes White Dragon intertwines itself with a Red-Eyes Black Dragon, and down at their feet, two baby dragons play. One baby dragon is white with red eyes, while its brother is black with blue eyes.

"Have you seen this, Katsuya?" asks Seto in awe.

"Yeah, I have. I helped Mokie wrap it," says Katsuya standing behind Seto and setting his hands on his love's shoulders.

"Mokie… it's beautiful," says Seto, "I think the Red-Eyes is going to win their fight."

"Fighting? I was trying to portray them having sex!" exclaims Mokuba smiling.

Seto blushes. He stands with the painting and places it against the wall. "Thank you, Mokuba. That will look perfect in my bedroom!"

"Now let's eat!" exclaims Katsuya, "Then you can open the present I got you!"

"Rissa made Veal Parmesan!" exclaims Mokuba.

Seto gives Mokuba a big hug before taking his seat.

Katsuya and Mokuba sit down.

All through dinner, Mokuba keeps glancing at the door, and Katsuya stares at his plate as he tries to eat as much as he can.

"Is something wrong?" asks Seto.

"No! No! Why would anything be wrong?" replies Mokuba.

"You both seem rather nervous," says Seto.

"It's nothing, Seto," says Katsuya forcing one last bite into his mouth.

"Can I have my present now?" asks Seto placing his fork down.

Katsuya swallows and takes a drink.

"I guess it's okay," says Mokuba, "Jou?"

Katsuya stands up and lifts the small box from the end of the table. "You can have it now, but you have to give me a kiss first."

Seto pulls Katsuya into his lap and gives him a long, passionate kiss.

Katsuya passes the present to Seto.

Seto smiles happily as he opens the box and pulls out a small jewelry box. He glances into Katsuya's eyes for a second before opening the jewelry box. He stares at the plain gold band within the box. "Is this…?"

"A promise ring really," says Katsuya, "so that people know you have someone in your life. Will you wear it?"

"Of course I'll wear it!" exclaims Seto kissing Katsuya's cheek.

Katsuya pulls the ring from the box and takes Seto's left hand. He slides the band onto the ring finger and kisses Seto's hand. "I love you, Seto."

"I love you, Katsuya," says Seto.

"Jou, would you like to come check on dessert with me?" asks Mokuba smiling.

"Dessert?" asks Seto glancing at Katsuya's half-eaten plate.

"Oh, I doubt it will be ready yet," says Katsuya noticing Seto's gaze, "but we should find out how much time's left before it is ready!" He climbs off Seto's lap.

Mokuba leads Katsuya into the kitchen. "Rissa was going to walk by once the cake arrived. I haven't seen her!"

"I asked Yugi to bring it by at six-thirty," says Katsuya looking at his watch, "He should be arriving soon. I'll distract Seto for about an hour to give him some extra time. You try calling him to see if he's left yet."

"Sure thing. How are you going to distract Seto?" asks Mokuba.

"Kissing and cuddling! He can't get enough of it!" exclaims Katsuya. He hurries from the kitchen and finds Seto in the dining room staring at his ring. "Seto? I want to cuddle!"

"All right," says Seto smiling as he stands. He walks to the doorway and wraps his arms around Katsuya.

"In my room," whispers Katsuya pulling Seto from the dining room. He pulls his boyfriend up to his room as quickly as he can.

They enter the room, and Katsuya steps away from Seto. "Lock the door."

"Lock the…? You've never asked me to lock the door!"

"Please don't make me repeat myself."

Seto turns and locks the door. "There. It's done."

Katsuya looks at Seto nervously.

"Is something wrong, Katsuya?"

"Remember you said you would let me be on top when I was ready?" asks Katsuya.

Seto nods.

"I'm ready. I want to make love to you, Seto Kaiba!" exclaims Katsuya.

"Are you sure you're ready for this, Katsuya?" asks Seto, "We can wait! I'll gladly wait if you're not ready!"

"I am ready. The question is… are you?" replies Katsuya.

Seto starts to unbutton his shirt. "I've been ready. I've been waiting for you…"

"Well, you don't have to wait anymore, so hurry up and get undressed!" exclaims Katsuya quickly pulling his shirt over his head, "Your body has been teasing me all fucking day, and now I want to have it! Or should I say… fuck it?"

Seto quickens his pace and hurries to remove his clothing while Katsuya removes his own.

"Now… master… time for roles to be reversed. You have to do what your puppy says, and puppy says lie down on your back!" orders Katsuya.

Seto obeys and does exactly as he's told. "Puppy… I love you."

"I wasn't planning this, so I don't have anything to prepare you with," says Katsuya, "I'm afraid this is going to hurt."

"Katsuya, wait! There's some petroleum jelly in the bathroom medicine cabinet. That will suffice for tonight. We can get some special lubricants later," says Seto winking at Katsuya.

Katsuya nods and hurries into the bathroom. He comes back out after a minute with a jar of petroleum jelly.

"And don't worry about hurting me, Katsuya, just enjoy yourself," says Seto, "I already am enjoying myself!"

Katsuya opens the jar and tosses the lid onto the nightstand. He climbs into bed and scoops some of the petroleum jelly onto his fingertip. He makes a quick ring around Seto's opening as he smiles. "Now remember. I'm only hurting you because I love you so much."

"Do it!" exclaims Seto as Katsuya slides his first finger in and starts to massage the jelly into the inner walls. He ignores the stinging sensation and focuses his mind on what's happening. 'I get to make love with my puppy!'

Katsuya slides his finger out and applies some jelly to his first two fingers. He wraps his other hand around Seto's shaft and starts to pump him as he slides both fingers into the opening.

"Katsuya!" exclaims Seto as Katsuya works his body, "More…"

Katsuya continues to massage Seto's inner wall for a few more minutes before withdrawing his hand again. He applies some jelly to his third finger and slides his fingers in again.

Seto gasps in pain. He'd done a good job of forcing it back before, but he simply couldn't this time.

"I'm sorry, Seto," whispers Katsuya.

"It doesn't hurt that much," whispers Seto.

"Liar. I know it does. I haven't been spending days slowly preparing you like you were doing to me," says Katsuya starting to thrust his fingers in and out.

"Katsuya… I'm ready," says Seto.

"Okay," whispers Katsuya removing his fingers from the opening. He applies some petroleum jelly onto his erection and sets the jar onto the nightstand. "I'll try not to hurt you."

"Give it to me quick," says Seto, "All of it! As quick as you can! While you kiss me."

Katsuya lowers his mouth to Seto's before he thrusts his shaft hard and fast into the opening.

Seto screams into Katsuya's mouth.

Katsuya pulls away from the awkward, slightly painful kiss. He looks down at his lover with concerned eyes.

Seto's eyes, clenched tightly, slowly relax and open. He smiles. "Let's do this. I'm okay now."

"I love you," says Katsuya kissing Seto properly as he starts to thrust his body in and out of Seto's, which causes a pleasing sensation upon Seto's erection. He finds a rhythm that sends a blissful tingling up both their spines, and he continues to kiss his lover.


"I'm close!" both teenagers exclaim together.

"Seto! Seto!" screams Katsuya as he starts to feel the ultimate pleasure overtaking his body.

"Katsuya!" screams Seto as his body releases its seed against Katsuya's stomach.

"Seto!" screams Katsuya releasing into his boyfriend's tight chamber. He slowly pulls out and pulls the blanket over them. He continues to lie on Seto and kiss him passionately.

"Jou!" shouts Yugi as he bursts through the door with Honda.

Katsuya looks over his shoulder at Yugi and Honda. His eyes widen drastically. "Yugi! Honda!"

"Jou!" exclaims Honda running to the side of the bed. He grabs Kaiba's arm and yanks him from the bed right out from under Katsuya. "Kaiba! You bastard! What the hell have you been doing to Jou?"

"Honda, don't hurt him!" exclaims Katsuya jumping out of bed with the blanket and wrapping it around Seto and himself.

"What the hell is this?" asks Honda.

Katsuya pulls Seto close to him.

Seto doesn't say a word. He just clings to Katsuya and breathes to calm his racing heart.

Katsuya helps Seto sit down on the bed with him.

"Jou, what's going on? We heard screaming," says Yugi.

"Everything's okay, Yug'. I thought you locked the door, Seto!" exclaims Katsuya.

"I did," says Seto scowling at the doorway, "You can come on in, Mokuba, and then you can explain to me why you felt the need to pick the lock to my boyfriend's bedroom!"

"Boyfriend?" asks Honda taking several steps backwards.

Mokuba walks into the room blushing a bright crimson and scratching the back of his head. "Sorry, Seto, but we heard screaming. We thought maybe you were fighting again!"

"We weren't fighting! We were having sex!" exclaims Seto.

"Sex?" asks Yugi as his violet eyes widen, "Jou? You're gay?"

"Yeah. Seto's my boyfriend," says Katsuya.

"I need to sit down," says Honda falling onto his butt on the floor.

"How did this happen?" asks Yugi, "You and Kaiba?"

"Seto saved my life. I told you that I was mugged. Well… the mugger's raped me while they were at it. Seto rescued me before they had a chance to kill me. He took me to the hospital," says Katsuya, "That's when he found out I'm anorexic. He's been nursing me back to health ever since. I owe him my life."

"But all I want is your heart, Katsuya," whispers Seto.

Katsuya pulls Seto into a kiss. "And you have it, Seto. I love you."

Seto pulls the blanket a little tighter around them both. "I love you too, Katsuya."

"Um… yeah… congratulations, Jou," says Yugi smiling.

"Did you bring the cake, Yug'?" asks Katsuya with a smile.

"Sure did," says Yugi, "I asked Honda to drive."

"Would you both like to join us for dessert?" asks Seto.

"Yes," says Yugi with a wider smile.

"We'll meet you in the dining room," says Seto.

Yugi helps Honda to his feet and follows Mokuba out.

"First thing tomorrow, I'm getting a better lock for your door!" exclaims Seto.

Katsuya chuckles. He kisses Seto. "I love you."

Seto and Katsuya get dressed, and they head downstairs to begin life anew as lovers instead of enemies.