The Onikami Files

Chapter 1

Waking the True Soul

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A Ranma/3x3 Eyes Fusion

Ranma was fast reaching the end of his journey. What is this journey, you ask? Is it to find some weird prince that has kidnapped Akane ... yet again? Is it some insane martial arts challenge in a style that no one would ever consider as practical to begin with? Was it a challenge from yet another family Genma Saotome screwed over/pissed off/promised Ranma to as either a fiancé or fiancée?

Nope, this was a personal challenge of Ranma's. He was going to get cured.

So far, the news had been pretty dim. The Jusenkyo Guide had informed him via mail that the Springs would still be flooded for a bit longer than they had thought, which meant an even longer wait until the Springs were back to how they had been pre-Jusendo. And that didn't even include the testing of the Springs to ensure what Spring was what, or if they even still retained their magic.

So, he set off for a local cure, hoping that since a Japanese spring of Nannichuan had once existed, then perhaps some cures for Jusenkyo might also exist in Japan. After all, most if not all of the 'potential'—and that potential didn't even equate to an infinitesimal chance—cures had come from China. So there had to be a cure in Japan that was from Japan, right?

He tried shrines, earning him disappointment, attacks in the cases of those that Genma had either taken him to or visited himself before the training journey, more fiancées in the same instances, or a Shinto ward slapped on his forehead.

He tried temples. But he got pretty much the same results as he had gotten from the shrines. He had half expected to find out that the 'Ah! My Goddess' series was real, and be attacked or glomped by them.

So now, he was trying his last chance, a last ditch chance before he had to either return to the Tendo Dojo, or try and figure out how to use those library buildings to find something.

He was at a traveling fair that had a 'great, ancient, and wise mystic.'

"Man," he grumbled, looking at the poster, and counting the yen he had available. "He better be good, this'll take all I got left. Hmm, might have to walk down some dark alleys to get people to jump me again. They're usually good for a few thousand yen..." he muttered, remembering how nice it was to rob a thief.

So, after paying the entrance fee to the fair, Ranma headed off to find the wise mystic, who was his perhaps last chance to find a cure.

"Hello," he called, entering the guy's tent. "Anyone here?"

"No need to yell, m'boy," called a voice that was eerily familiar to the gender-cursed youth. "I may be old, but my hearing's as sharp as ever."

"Old Letch?"

The small figure came from behind a bookcase, smoking on a small pipe, perfectly resembling the perverted founder of Anything Goes. "Ah, I see you've had the sad luck of running across my brother, Happosai."

"B-b-brother!" screeched Ranma. By Kami-sama, there are two of them!

"Quiet down, boy. You want them to toss you outta here?" asked the small figure, as he took a seat at a table. "And stop your fretting; I am not a Letcher like my brother. I'll have you know I take my life very serious at times, and I don't act like a spoiled brat."

Ranma slowly nodded. "Um ... what's your name, Old Man?"

"Just call me 'Old Man', m'boy," said the Old Man. "I'm much too old for any formalities."

"Um ... okay," said Ranma, neither moving from his spot, nor taking his eyes off the Brother of Happosai.

The Old Man sighed. "Take a seat, boy. I doubt you came in here just to stand like a statue."

Ranma nodded, slowly taking a seat.

"So, what can I do to help you?" asked the Old Man.

"Um ... I got this curse..."

"You've got a lot of 'em, m'boy," said the Old Man.


"I said you have a lot of 'em. What; don't tell me that you done ruined your hearing with that loud music you youth are always cranking up too damn loud."

Ranma could only blink. "No, I mean what do you mean I have a lot of curses?"

"Oh," said the Old Man. "Sorry, thought you knew.

"Anyway," said the Old Man, listing things off by ticking them off on his hands. "You have the Curse of Bad Timing that makes you seem to have the worst luck at the worst times. Then we have this curse that seems to make you attractive to the opposite gender, though whoever did it made the curse too strong, since it seems to be set to attract those who are a little ... excitable..."

Ranma nodded slowly, seeing that as a very good explanation why he seemed to get the whack jobs always wanting him.

"Then we have a Reverse Baldness Curse. While that might not sound too bad, the way it works is when you reach the age the person who cursed you had first begun to lose their hair, you'll lose yours as their hair regrows itself."

Ranma began to growl. Pops, I am so kicking your ass for that.

"Then there is this weird attempt at a curse, which seems to draw negative karma to you."

Ranma growled a bit louder. Oh, some people were really going to get it when he got home.

"Also, I see the 'Never Say Never' curse. That means the universe constantly has to send stronger and stronger challengers your way."

Ranma blinked. So all those freaks that show up after me for some reason ... is because of a curse?

"And then we have—"

"Actually, while all that is good to know," interrupted Ranma, "and I hope you can help me with, I'm really here about my Jusenkyo curse."

The Old Man nodded. "I assume this is your birth form."

Ranma nodded.

"And your other form?"


"Ah, Nyannichuan," commented the Old Man.

"You should know that the human-form springs are the worst," he commented, as he repacked a new pipe. "The others are still bad, but the human-form ones always have an extra Water Magnet curse. Jusenkyo may not want to lead to your death, but it knows a human form is easier to adjust and defend, so it throws that in as extra punishment."

Ranma sulked into his seat, finally understanding how water could find him at such weird times.

"Hmm," said the Old Man, as he left his seat, and headed to his bookshelf. "Can you stop brooding for a minute, m'boy, and help an old man fetch the books he needs?"

Ranma was about to retort that he wasn't brooding, when his eyes opened wide. "You mean you might be able to help me?"

"Those lesser curses, sure," said the Old Man, lighting his pipe. "I can probably at least remove the Water Magnet curse.

"The problem is that it has been a few decades since I even thought of Jusenkyo, so that one I ain't quite sure, but I'll do the best I can."

"Wow, thanks Old Man," he said, smiling, as he walked over to the bookshelf.

Ranma sat for a few hours, eating the food the Old Man had offered, while the elderly mystic continued to work on a cure. Ranma had already had most of his lesser curses removed—the removal of the Water Magnet curse had resulted in a small explosion that was keeping many of the fair's visitors away from the tent.

In his gratitude, as the Old Man removed each curse, Ranma sped around, getting what he needed, and fixing what he could find. After all, he didn't want to upset the man if he could help it, a cure being so close. And besides, it would have been nice to have one person on his side, instead of wanting his hide.

"Hmm," said the Old Man, looking into his cauldron.


"It seems we may have a slight problem with your final curse," said the Old Man.

Ranma sighed; he knew it had been going too well. "What now?"

"It seems that something has ... attached itself to the curse magic, something very ancient and strong."

Ranma blinked. "Nekoken?" was his first guess.

The Old Man blinked. "The bastardized one or the real one?"

"The one where you take a kid and throw him—"

"That is the bastardized one," sighed the Old Man. "Don't worry," said the Old Man, seeing the slightly panicked look on Ranma's face. "I know of a few tricks that could help you with it. Just spend the night and we'll see what we come up with."

"How much?"

"My brother, you deal with him often?"

"I like taking on the Old Freak."

The Old Man chuckled, seeing the boy's potential. "For free; anyone that annoys my brother is okay in my book."

But the Old Man sighed. "But what is interfering with the Jusenkyo curse's removal is not the Nekoken, but an ancient magic long thought lost to this world. In fact, I've only heard of one remaining member of this magic."

"So I got to fight them?"

"Not at all m'boy," said the Old Man. "In fact, she might be family."

"She?" Ranma squeaked.

"Let me tell you something child," he said, returning to his seat. "A long time ago, a powerful race ... well, you could say they ruled these lands, humans, but not humans. They were very strong, and in my old opinion, often misunderstood. They were often seen as Kami."

"Were they?"

"Can't say," shrugged the Old Man. "I can see how some would see that. But they were just a different type of human. They had immortality, eternal youth, and a power many only dream of.

"But many of them are gone, often choosing to relieve themselves of their power before they became too decadent. My foolish brother even tried to find them because of this power, and sought out my help. Safe to say, he didn't like the answers I offered him.

"But anyway, what I can tell you is that many did have children with normal mortals, and this gift was passed along. But with any gift, without reinforcement in the next generation, it can and will often grow weaker, becoming a paler shadow of its former glory, until it disappears completely."

"I'm afraid I ain't seeing the point here," said Ranma.

"The point is child that sometimes ... for some unknown reason ... the gift returns to its full glory. Something like it skipping a generation or so."

"So this gift ... it's what is screwing with my cure?"

"Yes, because the Pools of Sorrow were created by these people, and the pools can never leave their masters."

"So because Jusenkyo sees me as like its master, it won't get off me?"

"Exactly, m'boy. And I ain't got Clue One on how to get it to let you go."

Ranma sighed a bit. "So I'm stuck changing like this?"

"Maybe in time..." the Old Man said. "There is always the chance that since it sees you as its Master, it'll give you control over the curse in time. After all, even magic that ancient has to follow the laws of magic."

"So what now?" sulked Ranma.

"Well m'boy, the first step to being the Master to tell it what to do, is to wake up the full potential. To be honest, I think you'll be the first one born like them in a while. In a way, you should be a bit thankful for Jusenkyo."

"Say that again, Old Man?" growled Ranma.

"Well, because of Jusenkyo, your ki is almost even between yin and yang. And as you know, it is supposed to be skewed more towards one side or the other.

"But yours is very close to even. As such, both sides are trying to establish themselves as dominant."

"I'm not gonna start to like guys are nothing, am I?" asked Ranma, slightly pale.

"Not unless you choose to, m'boy," said the Old Man. "Not that there is anything wrong with it. To each their own, and if it ain't hurting me, I don't really care.

"But the truth is that this balance and battle forces your own ki levels higher, as they compete. My guess is that you have a few sparring partners who were about even with you up to a bit after you got cursed, but lately, you've been leaving them in the dust in sheer energy."

Ranma slowly nodded. He hadn't really thought much about it, but he did notice how he had been getting more energy than Bacon Breath. He just figured it had been because of all the fights he was normally in. "So the curse ... is actually making me stronger?"

"To a point, child," said the Old Man. "I figure sooner or later, you'll either need to have the curse removed, or you'll simply start changing to better deal with the energy buildup."

"But you said I can't have it removed," said Ranma.

"This means we need to change you, and that means waking up that gift I was telling you about."

"And what is this gift?" asked Ranma, narrowing his eyes.

"Tell me m'boy, in all your travels, have you ever heard ... of the Sanjiyan Unkara?"