Hi everyone! This is just a plot bunny that wouldn't let me go. I wanted to do a story about Sam and Dean having Max's childhood but in a different way. This is the result. I hope you like it.
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"Tell me." Sam begged, looking oh so small in that hospital bed despite his 6'4 frame. Dean's heart ached at the plea. He didn't want to do this. It felt too much like saying goodbye. 'It could be', a small voice in the back of his head reminded him. However he forcibly shoved it away. 'No', he told himself 'Sammy's strong. He'll make it through. He has too.' Taking a deep breath to steel himself, he set out to do what his little brother asked of him.

"We'll spoil her rotten with dresses and baby dolls." How many times has he said these words? By this time, he knew all of them by heart.

Sam's eyes were closed but the older brother knew that he wasn't asleep. Rather, he was trying to picture the image that Dean was printing for him.

"You'll be the devoted uncle and I'll be the protective dad. We'll kiss her boo-boos and spend hours playing dolls and tea party. We'll watch princess cartoons and movies with her because she'll be our princess. At Christmas and her birthday, she'll get more toys than she could possibly ever play with. But that's ok because that's what childhood is about. We'll take her swimming, to the zoo, and to Disney World. She'll never want for anything." Dean paused here, waiting.

"And when she's older?" Sam asked, continuing the ritual. The older man began to gently thread comb through his little brother's hair.

"We'll put the fear of the Winchesters into any boy who dates her. We'll make sure he knows that she's a princess and should be treated as such. We'll also promise bodily harm should he do anything to make her cry. Then years and years later, we'll sit proudly as she walks down the aisle with the man of her dreams. Then again when she has her beautiful children; after that the whole cycle will start all over again." Dean paused again, waiting for Sam to complete the rest of the ritual.

"But more important than all of that, she'll always know that we love her. She'll know we would never hurt her. She'll have a better childhood than ours." Sam whispered, opening his eyes to look at Dean.

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