A/N:: Ah, angst, it's been awhile. What can I say? I've had a bad week. I know this is rubbish, but I couldn't help myself or my muse.

FanFic 100 Challenge #:: 004- Insides

The Miserable Lie

She had told herself the same thing again and again- she would let him go. She lied to herself, wanting to believe that she had not fallen head over heels for him. How could she be so blatantly foolish? The twinkle in his beautiful blue eyes was all that was ever needed to once more fuel the burning desire within her. Tears stung from behind her eyes, but she defeated them with a lovely false smile. Her broken heart literally hurt inside her chest, but she laughed so that no one, not even Albus, would notice her pain.

"Is there something that is bothering you, Minerva?" he would ask cautiously when she allowed her guard to be let down.

A smile would form at the corners of her rosy lips, and with piercing green eyes of what she had hoped would come across as nonchalance, she would reply,

"Nothing at all, Albus, I can assure you."

Maybe this time she would actually believe the miserable lie.


A/N:: Inspiration (besides the bad week that I already mentioned) comes from the quote: "Smile so the tears don't fall. Laugh like you don't hurt at all. Fake it so he'll never know that you still haven't let him go."