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Chapter Sixteen: Fully Alive

Silence. That's all there was, this unbelievable amount of silence after endless hours of screaming, and a thick and fiery feeling spreading deep into my bones. My ears had been buzzing for so long through different voices and movements that now, in the silence, it seemed to hear the movement of things that made me realise I was still alive.

There was a soft buzzing from the fluorescent lights that I could feel through my eyelids. I could hear an air conditioner click to life and then I decided to open my eyes.

It was bright, and blindingly light and I felt so cold. It dawned on me that I was lying on a gurney. A thin white sheet was lain on top of me. I sat up, making sure the sheet still covered my nakedness.

I was in a hospital morgue. I recognized it, from movies and there was a memory in the back of my mind of being here before. It was only when I heard someone sit up next to me that I realised I wasn't alone. I glanced to my left and saw a girl sitting on a gurney, clutching a sheet to her own naked body.

She was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen and she stared at me as she sat, perfectly still, scarcely breathing. Her dark brown curls cascaded down her pale back, and her eyes were an enticing blood red.

Her eyes widened as she looked at me and we both held the sheets closer to ourselves.

"Bella," I breathed. "You're alright..." My chest was soaring at the happiness I was feeling from seeing her lying close to be, still as beautiful as ever, still healthy and alive. There was no evidence that she had ever been hurt, that I had agreed to change her life in a most unusual way.


Something clicked, as I tried to listen for a heartbeat, as I heard only things that I shouldn't have been able to, had I been normal. I looked at her frighteningly red eyes and the paleness of our skin, and I knew that what the Cullen's had spoken of was true.

"Edward," she breathed. "Where are we?" I recognized the rows of stainless steel drawers surrounding us.

"We're in a morgue, Bella," I explained softly, our voices sounding too loud to my ears. "But you're safe now, I promise you." Her lips twitched, like she wanted to smile but was unsure as to what to do. I swung my feet down to the ground and moved closer to her, smiling gently as I ran my hand along her soft cheek, brushing the dark curls from her face.

Slowly, I pressed my lips onto hers and the feeling was ten times that which it had been before the accident. Something was definitely different.

"Careful there, cowboy," she said, holding the blanket that had started to fall from my waist in place. "Wouldn't want to get frisky in the undertaker's lair, would we?" I chuckled and kissed her again. Suddenly, we were both immediately aware of the sound of footsteps approaching the room we were in. We both pulled the sheets tighter around us, for modesty as a blonde head appeared in the window.

The doors flew open revealing Dr. Carlisle Cullen and his black haired daughter. Alice smiled at me from behind her father as they approached us, standing between the two gurney's. Carlisle smiled gently and Alice bobbed on her heels.

"It's good to see you two awake," he said kindly, smiling at Bella, who as far as I knew had no idea why they were here. "I'm sure you're wondering what has happened Bella, and I can assure you that you're not going to want to believe me. But, it's all true." He pinched the bridge of his nose and breathed in deeply before looking at us again. "You're both vampires now," he said in a deadpan. Alice was still smiling happily.

Bella let out a short laugh. "Are you kidding me?" she asked through the laughter. I turned to her and shook my head. Her expression became more serious- she knew she could believe me.

"I've heard it all already, Bella," I whispered. "We really aren't... alive anymore..." Alice nodded and sat next to Bella, quietly explaining to her everything that was involved with what we were. I half listened, wanting to catch anything I didn't know, while Carlisle sat next to me.

"Edward, your parents are here," he said quietly. "And Bella's. They came, to see your bodies, but we told them that you were both so badly hurt from the accident. Your mother's decided that they wanted to keep what happy memories they could of the both of you. But, I need to ask something of you." I noticed that Alice had a messenger bag with her, and was now pulling out clothes, passing me a small pile; a pair of dark jeans, and a pale blue t-shirt. Bella had black leggings and a small, mustard yellow dress. It had a tank top and short sleeves, and she giggled when Alice pulled out a necklace, a bright smile on her face.

"Bella, your parents are here, but I'm afraid that you can't see them. Being newborn as you are, you'll both want to... kill these people, as quickly as possible. I need you to hold your breath when we leave. It won't be uncomfortable- you don't really need to breathe. We're going to walk past a room, where your parents will be waiting. They're talking with one of my colleagues. We're going to leave, out the back door, and then we'll head back to my house, and we'll go from there." I nodded solemnly, and Bella stared at the clothes in her hand.

"I can't see my parents anymore, can I?" she asked softly. The thought hadn't occurred to me, but I was starting to realise that these people who raised me, made me who I was, they were no longer a part of my life- at all. Now, that didn't mean that they never had any effect on me, that I wouldn't think of them constantly. That meant, that I'd never go home to see my mother, or visit my father at work. That meant that I was saying goodbye to the only blood I had left.

Bella seemed to have been going over the same sort of things in her head. Her eyes were downcast, and I reached out, taking her hand in my own. Bella looked up to me, and I knew that if she could, she would be crying. I stood up and brought her up with me, pulling her tight to me in a hug. Carlisle and Alice had left, leaving us alone.

"Why are we like this?" Bella asked quietly. My stomach lurched- I rubbed her arms and tucked my nose into her neck.

"I asked them to make us this way," I murmured.


"You were going to die, Bella," I said quietly. "And you'd barely begun to live..." I heard a choked sob from her, she shook in my arms.

"Why are you like this?!" she asked, sounding like she was crying. "You weren't hurt, you should still be alive..."

"I'm here, and I'm a vampire too... because I love you," I said softly. "I love you so much. And, if I had saved you, only to never see you ever again, I don't think I could live with that. And if you had just died, and left me here? I couldn't live with that, either."

"So... you died, to stay with me?" she whispered. I smiled at her, cupping her face in my palm and searching over her beautiful face. I nodded and leaned down to kiss her. Bella smiled into my lips and wrapped her arms strongly around my neck, leaning onto the tips of her toes to deepen the kiss.

When we pulled apart, she was still smiling, studying my face it felt like, while her eyes roamed all over. "I think we should get dressed," she mumbled. And, I noticed that the only reason there were still blankets around us, was because of our bodies being pressed so tightly together.

I grinned at her as we both untangled ourselves and turned around, pulling on the things Alice had brought us quickly. When I turned around Bella was facing me, grinning as she slipped on her shoes. The door opened and Alice poked her head inside.

"We're ready to go now. I'd suggest you start holding your breath." We nodded, and I grabbed onto Bella's hand firmly. Alice and Carlisle stayed close to our sides as we quickly walked down the hallway. I heard them long before I saw them.

"We're so happy that she had your son," Charlie said softly.

"Edward loved her so very much,"my own father mumbled.

"I never got to meet him," a woman said, Bella's mother, I was assuming.

"You would have loved him," Charlie said quietly. "I want to thank you two, for everything your son did for our daughter."

We were next to the door, and I watched as my mother shook her head. "I should thank you. Your daughter made Edward so happy, so much happier than he'd been in a long time. I'm so glad I got to see him with that much life." Bella and I slowed, looking into the room at four people we'd never see again. I felt an emptiness in my chest, an aching as I looked at my parents, at the tears streaking their cheeks. I whispered goodbye and walked down the hallway, out the door.

Outside, Bella and I took in deep breaths, noticing how sharp everything smelled. There was one thing that was mouth wateringly delicious. I breathed it in heavily. "What is that..." I muttered. Alice and Carlisle both grabbed on to us, looking us seriously in the eye.

"That's human blood," Carlisle said quickly, but somehow my ears managed to catch it. "That's the smell of complete temptation. We have to get you away from here."

"What's the issue?!' Bella asked with a slight laugh. "Sure, it smells good, but that doesn't mean we're going to go run off in search of it!" Alice froze from where she was attempted to wrangle Bella into the car. They stared in awe as a man walked past me and I made no move.

"How is this possible?" Carlisle gasped. He stopped, running his fingers over his cheeks and chin. Then, he very quickly led me to his car, getting me inside. Bella was in Alice's car, and I watched as they drove away, Carlisle following behind them, still deep in thought.

"You should have killed that man..." he said quietly. "You should have been running the second you smelt the blood..." I stayed quiet, not exactly sure what to say. There was a whisper.

"What did you say?" I asked him quietly. Carlisle looked at me, his eyebrow furrowed.

"I didn't say anything..." he said. I shrugged and turned to look out the window, noticing a group of kids playing baseball. Carlisle tensed, as if ready to grab me should anything happen.

What happened wasn't what we expected.

I heard them, long, long before we approached them, the voices of every person I could see, the voices of every person I couldn't see. They were screaming into my head, each one with their issue, their problem, their opinion. Each and every one was screaming at me.

"Oh my God!" I cried out, clutching at my hair. There was one girl, worrying about a paper for work. There was one boy, wondering where his memory card was. There was one man, wondering what he'd forgotten at home. My head felt like it was splitting apart, it was much too much.

Along with the screaming in my head, there was the smell- the one that we had smelled before, but it was so much more mouth-watering this time. I completely lost control. I jerked against the seatbelt, catching myself several times until it actually broke. I felt the car speed up, faster than I'd ever seen anything drive through town as Carlisle reached over to push me back into my seat. I thrashed. I snarled, I bit at him, twisting at his arm. The metal of the door buckled easily underneath my fingertips as I tried to break free. The confines of this place were suffocating- I needed that smell, I needed my head to be normal.

"What is wrong with him!?" I heard Carlisle ask.

"There's nothing wrong with me!" I yelled. "If you'd let me go, then I could just get it--"

"Edward what are you saying, I haven't said anything to you... this kid is a lunatic..."

"Don't call me that!" I screamed, punching out the glass and starting to climb outside. He turned a corner sharply, sending me flying back into the car, and very suddenly I stopped.

"Edward can you hear this?" Carlisle asked. I shot a glare at him. There were small murmurs in my head, but they weren't as loud as they had been. "Of course I can hear you," I snapped. "You're sitting right next to me."

"I didn't say it out loud," Carlisle said, but his mouth didn't move. I was looking straight at him, and he was looking straight at me,and he spoke- but his lips did not move.

"What's happening..." I whispered, looking frightened, I'm sure. Carlisle pulled next to a car that Alice and Bella were leaning against. There was a horrible ache in my throat, paining every time I swallowed, I was incredibly thirsty.

"Edward's going to need to hunt," Carlisle said softly to Alice. "He lost control, and nearly attacked some people." Bella peeked around at my door, which was hanging off the car, completely bashed in. I looked down, in shame and stared at the black sneakers on my feet. I felt a soft hand at my arm and turned to look at my beautiful girl. I smiled at her weakly, and she leaned up, kissing me.

"I also think Edward has a special ability," Carlisle said finally. I noticed that behind him were a few more people on the porch- the rest of their family, no doubt. "I believe that he can read minds." All at once, there was a sudden urge of voices, excited chatter, but no one's mouth's had moved. Their eyebrows rose, and the glanced at one another, but that was it.

"I can hear what all of you are thinking," I muttered, and there was irritated banter in my head. I grinned. Bella looked at me worriedly, and I concentrated on her voice... only it wasn't there. "Say something," I whispered. She stared at me, but I still couldn't hear her voice. "I can't read your mind," I whispered. Bella grinned mischeviously and gave me a quick peck on the cheek.

"Edward was very good at reading people's faces and actions when he was a human, would that have anything to do with it?" There was more talk in my head and I closed my eyes, pinching the bridge of my nose.

"My family and I have theorized that our strongest human traits are carried over when we are changed, and amplified. It is what gives us our special powers. It is very possible that that is the reason why Edward can hear all of us. We'll have to work, on keeping our thoughts from him, and to train your mind to be selective." I smiled thankfully at Carlisle who was taking all of this a lot calmer than anyone else.

"Why is Edward fine now, and back at the hospital, but not when he was in the car?" Alice asked. "Bella was fine the entire ride home."

"That is another theory I have," Carlisle muttered, then gave instructions for the girls to run Bella into the woods for a bit, then come back.

It wasn't immediate, but after she'd had been gone less than a minute, the aching in my throat started up, and my scent was amplified. I could smell them, the humans. They were farther away, but I could still smell their delicious flesh form where I was. I breathed in heavily, soaking in the scent that soothed my throat, and then lunged to run.

There was a ringing crash as two men jumped on top of me, knocking me down into the ground. I scrambled, snapping violently, snarling at them in my attempts to break loose, but as footsteps approached I eased back into normality. When Bella was standing next to me I was allowed to stand up.

"Bella, you must have some sort of suppression ability," Carlisle pondered.

"I didn't act at all the way Edward did," Bella whispered, frightened by my behaviour.

"You got sick at the smell of blood," I reminded her. "That might have something to do with it."

"And now I can affect how it smells to you?" she asked.

Carlisle nodded. "But it's only effective if you're close to him. Basically, you two can't be apart." There was a chorus of aw's as I wrapped my arm around her waist and kissed the top of her hair.

"We can take you out to feed later, on animals of course, if that's what you'd prefer," Carlisle said, holding out an arm to bring us inside. Bella and I entered the house, large, open and white. It was beautiful, so free and airy. There were still soft voices in my head, singing songs, wondering what we'd be like once they got to know us.

"I can show you to your room," Alice said, hopping up the slanted staircase. Bella and I followed, up to the far end of the second floor where a dark wooden door hid our room from sight. Alice left us there, pointing out her room before letting us be alone.

Bella and I walked inside- and it was amazing. There was a small upright piano against one wall, the left hand wall was completely made of glass, looking out over the river. A huge, plush bed was in the middle of one red wall, the other three were white. Bella skipped forward and launched herself onto the fluffy sheets, sighing heavily as she sank into the comforter. I peeked in the closet, saw it already full with clothes in mine and Bella's sizes.

"I feel fully alive," Bella murmured, curling into a ball and breathing in deeply. "Which, I guess is pretty ironic, since I'm quite dead." She laughed lightly to herself and I walked forward, lying myself down next to her and wrapping an arm around her waist. Bella turned to bury her face into my chest and held me tightly.

"I love you," she told me in a whisper. I smiled and tilted her head up, kissing her softly.

"I love you too," told her with a smile. "We've got so much time ahead of us, Bella." She smiled, nodded.

"I know," she murmured, rubbing my back. "And thank you. Without you... I don't even want to think about it."

"We'll be okay. The Cullen's will be here for us," I told her. We laid there in silence. She stared ahead while her fingers played in my hair, and I stared out the window, watching the rain fall lightly into the forest.

"What are you thinking about," I whispered. Bella giggled lightly, placed a kiss on my collarbone.

"That I love you," she told me, gazing into my eyes. "That I'll love you forever."

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