Hello this is my first (hopefully not last) Fanfic. This is basically about two made up teens that join the Titans. Wait, don't back out, I know what you're thinking. This is not some ordinary plain doo-dah story this epic has humor, romance, and green, Beast Boy green.

Chapter One: New Comers

Over in Jump City everything is quite peaceful at A Lot of Money Bank until BOOM!! The Hive Five come busting out the bank carrying big sacks of the green stuff. Robin who was in the main room to see it yelled on the intercom "Calling all Titans, Calling all Titans, This is not a one of the 278 drills I've given you today. I repeat this is not a drill."

Allof the rest of the titans come rushing in, but Beast Boy being a total klutz tripped over his own two feet and landing on his face leaving him with a carpet burn. "Owie!" he said. Robin says " Okay team it looks like the Hive Five is at it again and were the only ones to stop them."

At the scene of the crime: Gismo says (now three inces taller) " Hmph, it doesn't look like those bratty snot-faced titans-" " Have come to kick your butt and put you back in jail" says Robin interrupting.

"TITANS GO!!" shouts Robin. All nine of them fighting with Cyborg taking on Mammoth, Jinx getting walloped on by Raven and Starfire, Robin taking on the sheild guy ( I don't know his name), and Beast Boy taking on the boy with one eye (don't know his name either).

Then all of a sudden a shuriken came and put Gizmo on the fritz. "AAAAAAAAH!!" he screamed while plummeting to the ground. Robin also suprised, looked up only to see a two tall shadow figures on top of a building.

One had a long sword on his back, about "5'7, and had a DX on his chest. The other was about the same height, an elf, and had an OD on his chest. That's all you could see in the sun's galre.

Both figures jumped down and everybody saw them cleary.

The DX guy was clearly a swordsman or ninja ( my best guess is the swordsman) he had the kunais in one pouch on one side and the shurikens on the other side. The elf on the other hand looked more like a mage rather than somebody who would know how to use a sword right.

The DX guy says "Hey what are you guys staring at ? You people act like you've never seen a swordsman before."

"Well are we going just stand around and look at 'em or are we going to kick some bad guy butt here?" said Cyborg shooting Mammoth with his sonic cannon. After a while The Hive was brought down quickly with the help of the two random heroes.

Still at the scene of the crime Robin asks the DX guy who he was. The DX guy says...

Note: Sorry this chapter is so short, but I wanted to get this out as soon as possible. I sincerly promise the next chapters will be somewhat longer. Please Review. Be as harsh as you can but with sweetness.