Hi everybody! I know I'm the slowest and laziest thing in the universe; but the renewed 5th chapter to this story is here. Sorry for any inconveniences from this.

Disclaimer: I do not own the Teen Titans but I do own DX, O Drive, and the plot.

Chap 5: Two wrongs don't make a right

They finally arrive home at like two am. The tower is pitch black on the inside. Before Starfire turns the light on in the main room a shadow flashed through the moonlight.

"Whoa! What the hell was that?!" said Cyborg.

Starfire clicked the light on and they saw a little tiny thing curled up in the corner.

"What is it? It looks like it came from Beast Boy's room." Said Raven.

Beast Boy growled and said "It looks like your kiiiiid!"

Next thing you know he got tossed out a window into the sea forgetting his own powers.

"Does this happen a lot?" asked DX.

Cyborg answered "Yes quite often."

"As true as that may be, that doesn't answer the question of 'who or what is that?'" said Robin

"The only way to figure that out is to poke it with a stick" said O Drive holding a tree branch.

(That's one big stick, don't you agree?)

"Friends, I have an idea." Said Starfire. "Let do the drawing of the straws to see who is our new guest." Everybody agreed.

Everybody apparently had something else in mind because Cyborg grabbed Beast Boy's legs; Robin grabbed his right arm, and DX grabbed his left. The changeling squirmed as they tossed him over to the thing.

"Go on Beast Boy talk to it. It looks like you anyways." Said Raven.

(It really looks like that thing on the Lord of the Rings)

The short green Titan slowly crept towards the scraggly, cowering figure (with the 'stick') and poked it.

It simply looked at the tree branch grabbed it and burned it up in a b-e-a-utiful blue-greenish flame.

Then he stood up and spoke; "Good Morning Titans my name is Galfort and I am the new apprentice of Slade or now known as Death Stroke."

Everybody (who was awoke) just stopped and stared jaws wide open.

Robin grabbed him viciously and said "Alright talk! Where's Slade?"

Galfort just calmly said, "Please there is no need for such rudeness; all matters shall be discussed in the afternoon. You may now sleep for I shall return upon noon." With that note he teleported away.

DX said "Good, finally, we are on step closer to completing our mission."

Raven: OK we know what your mission is but exactly who are you and what dimension did you come from?

Cyborg: Yea. What was all that oven cookie stuff?

DX: Well we came from a planet called Simion...

Author's note: I know it's a cliff hanger but its pretty good huh? Well I'll know that in the reviews you'll send. Well I digress; let me explain Deathstroke for those of you that don't know. Deathstroke is the Slade in the Teen Titan comic books. Also I'm thinking of changing the name of the story so tell me what you think of that okay? Stay tuned.