By BlueEyes White Dragon Sorcerer

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In the Grip of Your Enemy's Soul - Dreams and Plans for the Future


Hermione was starting to become suspicious. Understandably, but that didn't stop it from being a very bad thing for him. Twice he had separated from them and returned with a horcrux. Whether it was already devoid of all magical tampering or not, it was still suspicious. Luckily, they didn't know about each of the horcruxes clinging to him. Oh, yes, the cup had appeared as a charm on the bracelet he woke up with on his right wrist.

The most disturbing things, though, were the dreams. The first one started with waking up in a completely blue room- bright blue. Not only was the room blue, but everything in it was blue, too. The carpet was blue, the chairs were blue, the panes of glass in the high, Gothic windows even were blue. Looking through those windows showed only blue-tinted blue and the sun rising in the east.

He couldn't pass into the next room, which was pretty in purple, but he knew that the next day he would wake up in that room and he would be unable to step into the blue room nor the green room beyond. Each day he woke up in the next room and at the end of the week when he had passed through all seven rooms (blue, purple, green, orange, white, violet, black respectively) he would start the whole process again. Though each room was open to those adjacent, if Harry stood in the middle of the room, he could not see but a part of those rooms.

With each passing day, he would notice and remember little things about the rooms during the day when he was trying to focus on researching the horcruxes. Things like in the black room at the very end, the window panes were red, not black and matching with the rest of the room and the fact that the sun moved through the sky as he moved through each room. The fact that every time he was in the blue room, the sun was rising and every time he was in the orange room it was at high noon, then when he had progressed into the final room, the sun was setting.

It was always like this and while creepy, it wasn't something he was willing to mention to Hermione - at least not yet.

Then, after several weeks of this, he finally managed to convince Hermione that they should check out Godric's Hollow. They all understood the risks and knew that Voldemort knew that they - that Harry would fight tooth and nail to visit where he and his parents had once shortly lived in happiness. Knowing that there would undoubtedly be Death Eaters and maybe even the Dark Lord himself, Harry still knew that going to Godric's Hollow and meeting the Darkness there was... inevitable.

But even as they were going over plans, maps, and escape routes, Harry could not stop thinking about finally seeing where he could have -should have grown up. The plan came down to them apparating in outside of the village, then Ron and Hermione following Harry under the Invisibility Cloak. Any Death Eaters would think that Harry had snuck away because Hermione wouldn't let him and thus they'd be more likely to attack without informing the Dark Lord, thinking they'd be able to take down a lone teenager by surprise.

They had planned for several long hours, so Hermione decided that they'd take a nap, then head off in the evening. For a few minutes after he had lay down to sleep, Harry thought he might not be able to get any rest. Then the darkness enveloped him and when he opened his eyes once more, he was staring at a very darkly fashioned room lit by the bloody light seeping through the Gothic style windows that were so familiar now. The Death Room as he had started calling it seemed different. He could feel a presence besides his own within its confines.

Very slowly and carefully he stood, eyes raking over everything within the room carefully to try and find where the feeling was coming from. He looked and looked again, but he couldn't find who or what that was making his scar prickle and the hairs on the back of his neck stand on end. It couldn't be Voldemort, could it? But who else made his scar prickle and throb like that? Whoever it was didn't seem to notice him, but they were undoubtedly there, shrouded. Cautiously, he took a few steps toward the windows, hoping that he'd be able to find the source of the nagging presence.

Almost immediately a tall shadow detached itself from right next to the window and stared at him. The very fact that something was truly there and before him meant nothing compared to the cat-eyed, crimson stare he was receiving - a very familiar stare, indeed. Now that the figure had stepped into the light, Harry could see the other's pale features and lipless mouth. It was a blank stare, as if Voldemort couldn't comprehend that his downfall was standing right there before him.

"How did you come to be here, boy?" His high-pitched voice was as annoying as usual, but the usual malice was lacking. The demi-human seemed almost... sane. Debating whether lying or revealing his previous dreams was out of the question, so he settled for the simplest, truthful answer.

"I don't know... sir," he surprisingly found himself saying. The older man gave him an odd look before turning and striding towards the violet room.

"Well, since you're here you might as well follow me," Voldemort called out to the stunned teen, still headed determinedly onwards. Stumbling the first few steps, Harry followed, caught completely by surprise when he was allowed to pass from the Death Room into the violet room. He had paused, mouth slightly open, as he stood on the threshold of the rooms. "Don't fall behind, boy." The calm command from his greatest enemy snapped him out of his surprise. That was more surprising than being able to pass through the rooms at will. He quickly moved to catch up, but when he was not two feet from the taller man, the other whipped around to look at him again.

"Wha - " he managed to get out before the distance between them was suddenly decimated and he had to look nearly straight up to meet that bloody stare. Pale, spidery fingers traced Harry's cheek, Voldemort's mask-like face blank yet his eyes gave away his curiosity. "What are you doing?"

"I'm not sure," the older man murmured as he leaned further down, closer and closer to Harry. "What is it that draws us together?" The next moment their mouths met. His kiss was cold and Harry could feel his fingers like steel bands around his arms, pulling him against the demi-human's bony body. It was like kissing Death.

The feel of a whispy something snaking into his mouth to brush teasingly across his tongue and teeth made him shudder even as he was pressed closer. It was almost as if Voldemort was sucking his soul out by his mouth - or at least trying his damned hardest to. While he fell to Voldemort's skill, he could not believe that something so cold could feel so welcoming.

Shaking, yelling, he woke up drenched.

"Harry, are you alright?" Hermione and Ron were looming over his bed, paler than he'd seen them in quite a while. Slowly he sat up, brushing off his friends' efforts to keep him laying down.

"I'm so glad you're awake, mate! Your lips were turning blue." Both finally gave up and just helped him sit up comfortably by putting an extra pillow behind him. Shaking his arms, he looked down to try and figure out why they felt as if they had fallen asleep. Black bruises marked his skin as if someone had gripped his arms as if their life depended on it. No doubt that in a few days' time he would be able to tell where each of the fingers had rested.

"Maybe we shouldn't go - " Hermione started to suggest, but Harry wouldn't hear any of it.

"We're going. Just let me have some air for a bit." Closing his eyes, he focused on the 'dream' he had just had, absently noticing that his friends had reluctantly left. He relaxed into the pillows, breathing deeply as the dream replayed behind his closed eyelids.

Just great - and he had to be on high alert when they went to Godric's Hollow in half an hour.