Hi All!

I am so sorry to disappoint, but this isn't an update to this story.

However...it could be.

I decided that I want to write X/Rae fic, but because I don't have any particular story in mind, I thought I might extend one of these drabbles to a one-shot.

Then, I thought, well -- there's thirty of the drabbles...I should probably make three of them into one-shots.

So, which to pick?

I figured that maybe it would be fun if y'all picked.

So, yeah.

Which one do you want to see extended?

I've put a poll up on my livejournal.

emsscraps . livejournal . com (remove spaces)

I've made three polls, divided them by ten. I'll make one drabble from each part a one-shot.

Go vote! That is, if you want to see any of these extended!