The Sleeping Lyrical
Written by:
Lone Wolf NEO
Conceived by: Lone Wolf NEO

Author's note: this is an AU (alternate universe) Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha fan fiction that parodies one of the most famous fairy tales in the world. It might also parody some other works, particularly Lone Wolf NEO's Little Red Raising Storm and Sheo Darren's Snow Claes & Seven Cyborgs. (Note: why must these two people?) Original characters are subjected to copyright under the watchful eyes of Lone Wolf NEO.

Note: this event takes place before Magical Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS anime. All events that lead to the series are only the author's speculation. Oh, yes, expect cameo appearances and guests stars.

Chapter 1

// Kuradoberi Restaurant //

"Well, it surely is fun working at the restaurant," Nanoha spoke as she and Fate took break after their working shift. "Right, Fate-chan?"

"I agree," Fate replied and outstretched her arms. "This is the most exciting day I've ever had."

"Almost as fun as Christmas," Nanoha added.

"You mean my birthday," Fate reminded, and the two girls laughed at the joke.

The pager buzzed. Nanoha picked the device up and read the message. Her face changed. "Uh-oh. We have a situation," she uttered. "Fate-chan?"

"Yes?" Fate replied.

"Admiral Haraoun… Lindy contacted us," the owner of Raising Heart spoke. "She wanted us to report in ASAP."

Fate grumbled at her adoptive mother. "What is she up to this time…?"

Nanoha shrugged. "But it's best that we investigate," she suggested, "something doesn't seem to be right about her."

Nodding to each other, Nanoha and Fate reached for their Intelligent Devices and left the restaurant. Little they knew that three pairs of eyes were spying on them.

"Did you just hear that?" Vita spoke. "Admiral Haraoun was summoning them to her office. I wonder what she's up to."

"I fear the worst has come," Signum spoke and showed her colleageus a piece of brochure. "I found this on their table. It said something about 'Little Red Raising Storm' stage play."

"Don't you mean Little Red Riding Hood?" Hataye tried correcting Signum.

"No, Hayate-sama," Signum replied. "As a matter of fact, that fairy tale was parodied. By some group of people from Fatal Fury."

Silent. Hayate and Signum exchanged stare, looking into each others' eyes for a very long time. Then the short-haired girl growled in confusion and shook her head. "Now that confuses me," she uttered, "how could someone go as far as parodying a fairy tale? And why aren't we following them right now?"

"I know not," Signum replied, "but you are right. We must follow Nanoha and Fate right away."

The threes nodded and quickly followed Nanoha and Fate.


// Time and Space Administrative Bureau headquarters, somewhere on Earth //

"Ah, please come in," Admiral Lindy Haraoun spoke as Nanoha and Fate entered the office. "I see that you've arrived just in time for this emergency meeting."

"Anou," Nanoha spoke as she looked at the rest of the TSAB officers, "what's going on? Why are all the officers here?"

"And why isn't Chrono called up as well?" Fate asked.

Lindy cackled. "Oh, he'll be here at any moment," she spoke and glanced at the door behind the girls. "As a matter of fact, here he comes."

Nanoha and Fate looked at the door. Chrono was seen slamming the door, assumed an 'Objection!' pose and pointed to Lindy. "I can't stand being bullied like an idiot!" he screamed. "You could've just paged me instead of making those stupid calls!"

Lindy faked tears as she turned away from him. "Chrono, you're being meanie…" she sobbed. "Mommy just wants to play with you…"

Strangely enough, Hayate, Signum and Vita also arrived, and the trio looked as confused as ever. "Hayate-chan? You were summoned by Admiral, too?" Nanoha asked.

Hayate was perplexed. "Eh? Well, we're… umm, you see…"

"Ah, the three of you have come as well," Lindy spoke as she discarded the fake tears and turned to them. "Looks like we can get this meeting started." She invited them to take a seat while she herself prepared the filed documents. "As all of you might know, the TSAB is entrusted by the author Lone Wolf NEO to do a stage play. Now the reason we're going to stage The Sleeping Beauty is that the previous stage play he directed was so successful he was asked to do another one."

"Who the hell is Lone Wolf NEO?" Vita demanded.

Lindy's fake eyeglasses turned opaque. She assumed the infamous Gendo Pose as she stared at Vita. "It's someone you don't want to know," she replied.

"Excuse me, but what is Sleeping Beauty?" Signum asked.

"You don't know? It's a fairy tale where this princess was cursed to sleep for hundreds of years by an evil witch. She was later awakened by a kiss of life by a prince charming," Lindy explained.

"Oh, I see," Signum replied and nodded.

"Admiral, if I may ask," Hayate asked and raised her left hand, "has everyone in this base informed regarding this stage play? And who's going to take the roles?"

A very good question, Officer Hayate," Lindy spoke. "I've prepared the proposal for the casts, and so far both of us have agreed to use the list for this stage play. Please look at the screen for your information."

And the crews did.

Supreme Director
Lindy Haraoun & Lone Wolf NEO

Lindy Haraoun

Assistant Director
Yagami Hayate & Reinforce II

Crews of all sorts
Amy Limietta (electronic, music and sound effect)
Mary (visual effect)
Alisa Bannings (special effect)
Tsukimura Suzuka (special effect)
The rest (whatever that fits them)

Lindy Haraoun

Fate Testarossa as the Sleeping Beauty
Takamachi Nanoha as the Prince Charming
Chrono Haraoun as the Evil Witch (OMGWTFBBQROFLMAOPH34RM3H)
Reinforce as Fairy Godmother #1
Signum as Fairy Godmother #2
Vita as Fairy Godmother #3
Shamal as Fairy Godmother #4
Arf as the Queen
Yuuno Scrya as the King
Yagami Hayate as the narrator

"I have a bad feeling when I saw the name Lone Wolf," Shamal spoke.

"Cool," Hayate cooed. "I get to become the assistant director and narrator at the same time. And with Rein, on top of that." Reinforce II cheered while jumping off her shoulder.

Nanoha and Fate looked at the main characters. They suddenly blushed at what they were going to do at the end of the stage play.

Yuuno and Arf high-fived each other. "Awesome!"

Reinforce said nothing. She just stared at the characters list and nodded. Signum, Vita and Zafira stared at her for a very long time, wondering of what her mind was planning.

Chrono snapped. "Of all characters everyone can imagine for, why I am becoming the Evil Witch?!" he cried aloud.

Lindy cackled. Her eyeglasses turned mysteriously opaque as she glanced at the boy. "Oh, for crying out loud, what's the problem with you? Have you thought of trying it again?"

"I've had it enough!" Chrono replied. "You purposely thought I fell in love with a boy, and then you forced me to cosplay as a Gothic Lolita! What do you think I am? A bishie?!"

"Uso!" the girls replied out loud.

"Uso janai yo!" Chrono replied.

(Asahina Mikuru shivered. "Why am I having this bad feeling?" she spoke.)

Lindy shrugged and stood up. "Haii, haii, minna," she said and clapped her hands. "God any questions? No? Well, let's get the work started, shall we?" Everybody inside the office cheered supportively.

Save for Chrono of course.

"Somebody please kill me!" he screamed.

// and so it begins… //