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"Sango! It's headed your way!" a black haired monk shouted to a young black haired girl holding a giant boomerang. The girl named Sango stood prepared and with great skill she threw her boomerang right at a giant centipede that suddenly popped right out of the ground. The boomerang tore right through the demon's body, instantly killing it.

"You were awesome, Sango." the dark haired monk said, approaching his female companion. "Thanks, Miroku." Sango said with a smile. "It's not over yet!" a silver haired boy with dog ears shouted. He drew a a sword from the sheath at his side, the enlarged and took the shape of a fang. A few moments later, a slight rumbling was heard and sure enough, a second centipede burst from the ground.

"I think it's the first one's mate!" a dark haired, brown eyed girl shouted. "Inuyasha!" the girl continued, addressing the dog eared boy. "There's a Shikon shard on it's head!"

The boy called Inuyasha smirked and gripped the sword even tighter. "Kaze no Kizu!" he shouted hurling a mass of energy from the sword to the centipede, causing it's body parts to scatter instantly killing it. The dark haired girl named Kagome scanned the area looking for a purple glimmer that, thanks to her sixth sense, only she could see. Finding it near her she picked a purple shard and happily placed it in a tiny bottle filled with five other similar shards.

"Wow!! We've certainly collected a lot now!" a young Kitsune named Shippou said as he bounded unto Kagome's shoulder to view the contents of the bottle more clearly. "Yeah but Naraku has most of them." Inuyasha said, approaching Kagome. "Uh, guys." Miroku said, approaching them along with Sango. "I think the entire village wants to congratulate us."

Everyone turned around and sure enough, almost half of the nearby village was cheering over the group's triumph. From among the people a girl approached the group. "The village wants to reward you by inviting you to spend the night in the chief's house." she said with a smile.

"We gladly accept." Miroku said and, turning to his companions he continued. "C'mon guys!"

"Thank you so much for ridding us of those pesky centipedes." the chief of the village, a man named Arata said after the group had been supplied with food and drink in his mansion.

"It was no problem." Kagome said modestly, placing down her empty cup of tea. "We were only passing by."

"To tell you the truth," Arata began. "Those two only popped up this afternoon when our miko, Miko Mizuki, left the village along with the children this afternoon."

"Left the village?" Kagome asked. Arata nodded his head. "Don't worry she always leaves the village every afternoon with the children, in fact, my daughter is with her even as we speak."

"No I'm not." an innocent voice. Everybody turned to the speaker, who was a little of around seven, standing in the doorway. "Aya!" Arata said. "Back so soon? Where is Mizuki-sama?"

"Mizuki-sama is in the fields, Father." the child, giving her father a good smile.

The father turned away from his daughter and gave his attention back to his guests. "I'm sorry for the intrusion."

"No problem." Miroku said, sipping his tea. "It is getting rather late." Sango said, seeing the dark sky through the open doors. The village chief summoned three young women into the room. "Show our guests to their rooms."

"Hai, Arata-sama." they said.

"Just a moment." Miroku said, standing up and walking over to the three women. Oh boy. Inuyasha thought quietly.
"Would one of you please bear my children?" the lecherous monk said, taking the nearest one's hands. "YOU!" shouted Sango smacking Miroku on the head. The monk was rammed face first into the floor with a large bump on his head.

"Geeezzz." Shippou said.

That night Kagome couldn't sleep. She sat up and looked at Inuyasha, who was peacefully dozing off. Sango was sleeping quietly next to Kagome while Miroku slept in another room right next to theirs.

Kagome yawned and quietly stood to avoid waking her companions. What's wrong with me today? She thought as she quietly left the room.

The moon was full and round not to mention beautiful. Maybe a little walk will make me drowsy. She thought as she exited the mansion and began walking around the village. I never realized how peaceful this town was. She thought as she walked past the rice field. She stopped and saw a young lady at the edge of the field, obviously picking herbs. What is she doing so late at night? Kagome thought. No one was around and it was very dangerous at night, but Kagome had brought her bow and quiver along just in case she met anything 'nasty' during her midnight walk.

She quietly looked at the woman, whose back was turned to her. Even though she was squatting, Kagome could plainly see the garb she wore, which consisted of a white haori and dark blue hakamas.

Is she a miko? Kagome thought as she watched the woman stand up. Standing up Kagome could see her clearly and she couldn't help but staring. Like Kagome she had a bow and quiver slung on her left shoulder, but it was her appearance that got Kagome staring. She was beautiful, her thick shiny waist length black hair hung freely down her back, and she was slender and held an air of grace.

The miko suddenly turned in her direction and Kagome felt her blood freeze. This woman is giving off youki! But how is that even possible? Is she a demon? Kagome thought, holding her bow tightly.

"Who is there?" she called out in a gentle voice. Kagome didn't know what to do. Should she face the demoness in miko's clothing or run? "Is anyone there?" the girl called out again. Gathering her wits Kagome bravely replied, "Just passing by." Really, she was in no mood to confront a demon who gave off powerful youki.

She watched as the girl approached and stood before her. "Oh! You are Arata-sama's guest!" the girl said with a silent smile. "My name is Kagome." Kagome said quietly, hoping that this demon would spare her. Kagome suddenly realized that something was wrong with this girl or demoness. Her youki was clean unlike the youki of other demons.

"Kagome...my name is Mizuki." the girl said, holding her herbs in her arms.

"Um it's rather dark to be picking herbs, don't you think?" Kagome asked, gripping her bow even tighter. Mizuki only smiled and for the first time Kagome could clearly see her lovely blue eyes. "The moon was just full and giving off a lot of light, I just felt like picking more medicinal herbs." she said as she walked off. "Good night, Kagome-chan." she called over her shoulder.

Kagome immediately went back to the mansion, making a mental note to tell Inuyasha and the others of her weird experience in the morning.

"What?" Miroku asked later the next day when Kagome told everyone about the miko over their breakfast the next day, which was provided by Arata.

"A demoness dressing up as a miko is something we can't ignore." Sango said quietly, stroking her feline friend.

"Bah!" Inuyasha said. "If we decided to get involved we'll just be wasting our time."

"But Inuyasha," Kagome began, trying to make the hanyou see the light. "Arata-sama said she always takes the children out with her...what if something happens that we know nothing of?"

The hanyou gave her a long look. Over past few weeks Inuyasha had developed a soft spot for children.

"Fine." he said. Kagome beamed at him. Just then Arata entered the room accompanied by his little daughter. "I hope you enjoyed the village's hospitality." he began, without knowing that the group was just about to postpone their leaving.

"Arata-sama," Miroku began quietly. "I was wondering if you could tell us about the miko, who, as you say, takes the children with her into the forest every afternoon."

Arata looked thoughtful and he began to scratch his chin. Kagome noted, however, that the man's daughter, Aya, seemed to be fidgeting quietly. "To tell you the truth," he began quietly. "there is little that we know about her. She was brought to this village two years ago by an old miko named Kaede."

Inuyasha's eyes widened as the man finished the sentence. "Did you say 'Kaede'?" Sango asked. Arata seemed slightly shocked that these travelers would be so worked up just by mentioning one little name.

"Y-yes that was indeed the miko's name." the man replied. Aya stood and suddenly ran out. "What did she look like, Arata-sama?" Kagome asked in a soothing voice.

"Well, she had grey hair and wore an eye patch."

Inuyasha suddenly stood up. "That's Kaede-baba alright." he said.

Miroku bowed his head and Kagome and Sango followed. "Thank you for your hospitality." Sango said. "We will take our leave then."

The group stopped walking and stood a stone's throw away from the village. "Okay," Kagome began. "why would Kaede-obachan bring and leave a demoness in miko's clothing in this village?"

"Beats me, but we'd better ask her ourselves." Inuyasha said. The others nodded their heads in agreement. "But," Miroku began quietly. "maybe one of us should stay here for the time being and wait till we return."

"For what purpose, houshi-sama?" Sango asked.

"To keep an eye on Mizuki." Mirok said simply.

"Then who should we leave behind?" Kagome asked, voicing out everyone's thoughts. Everyone was silent then, surprisingly, Inuyasha spoke up. "I think we should leave Shippou behind."

Shippou, who was resting on Kagome's shoulder, looked scandalized. "WHAT!?" the young kitsune shouted, shaking a tiny paw at the inu hanyou's face.

"I think Inuyasha's right." Kagome said. What little color there was in Shippou's face, left it. "Kagome not you too." Shippou said in a squeaky voice. "Don't you see?" Kagome said, gently taking Shippou in her arms.
"That Mizuki is fond of children, so she won't mind if you snoop around a bit."

Both Sango and Miroku shook their heads in agreement. "Please, Shippo-chan." Kagome pleaded. "We'll come back for you as soon as we get answers from Kaede-obachan."

Shippou slowly nodded as Kagome set him on the ground. "We'll be back soon." Kagome assured as they began to walk away. Kagome kept her gaze at a worried Shippou and felt sad. "Don't worry," Inuyasha said, placing a hand on the worried miko's shoulder. "he'll be fine."

Kagome smiled and nodded to show that she no longer worried.

Shippou stared as everyone started leaving and decided to return to the village. Once inside he began to hunt for the woman named Mizuki. Although he didn't know what she looked like, he knew that she was a demoness in the guise of a miko and he knew what a miko wore, that would be a haori and hakamas right?

He bounded over to the creek seprerating three rice fields from the rest of the village and sat down on the bank next to the water. I wonder how long their gonna take. Shippou thought. A sudden commotion suddenly caught his attention. A beautiful woman, who was wearing miko's clothing, was leading a small group of children into the forest opposite the creek.

It's her! he thought. He immediately stood up and hopped across three rocks in the creek to reach the other side. He kept behind the last child in the bunch and watched for any signs of impending danger. Finding none he relaxed and followed them into the forest.

"Hey I've never seen you before!" a little girl said. Seeing the young kitsune, she skipped over to him. Great, I'm caught! Shippou thought. He could see it now. The little girl would tell Mizuki, Mizuki would lift him by the scruff of his neck and kill him.

"I'm glad you're here!" the little girl said, smiling happily. Shippou's mouth formed an 'O' when he realized he was safe.

"What's your name?" the little girl asked.


"Hi Shippou! My name is Aiko."

"Where are ya, Kaede-baba!?" Inuyasha called out, when they had arrived at Kaede's village an hour later.
"What's all the shouting about, Inuyasha?" the old miko asked, coming out of her hut. "Inuyasha...osuwari." Kagome said, sending Inuyasha crashing to the ground.

"Sorry about that, Kaede-sama." Miroku said politely.

"Apology accepted...and now why are you here?" she asked. "We're here," Kagome began. "because we want to ask you something about a demoness named Mizuki."

Kaede's facial expression remained blank, then she sighed. "You had best come inside." she said, entering the hut once again, with Inuyasha and company following close behind.

Once inside, everyone settled themselves around the remains of a fire.

"So why do you know this Mizuki person?" Kagome asked.

Kaede bowed her head and with a sorrowful look towards a puzzled Inuyasha said: "I know her because she was involved in the incident between Kikyou-neesama and Inuyasha."

"What!?" Inuyasha roared.