Title: A Change of Heart : The Sequel

Author: Slytherin Prince

Disclaimer: I definitely don't own Naruto.

Genre: Romance/Drama

Warning: Some words are not appropriate for 13 yrs. old and below.

Summary: Sakura had been killed by Orochimaru and it was already 2 years and a half since the accident happened. So the some people did not know what to do when they found her… ALIVE. NejSakSas





Two lone figure clad in black cloak stared at the Konoha gates.

The older man turned to his companion. "This is the place?"

His companion nodded. "Hai."

The older man smiled tenderly at his companion. "Let's go, then."




Chapter One: My life without you

Sasuke stared at the ceiling above him blankly. It was actually included in his daily ritual. At 6 in the morning, he would wake up then eat his breakfast. At seven, he would go at Yamanaka's flower shop to buy flowers.

Sasuke would go then at the cemetery to visit Sakura's grave. Then he would stay there for one hour or so. After that, he would ask for a mission. If he had no mission, then Sasuke would train nonstop.

At nine o'clock sharp in the evening, he would sleep.

That had been his routine for two and a half years since Sakura had died. He missed her terribly and he regretted the way he treated her when they were still kids.

Sasuke rolled into his side of the bed and played with the pink fabric beside him. He almost smiled bitterly at the situation.

It was the only thing that kept him alive for so many years without her. The pink fabric was torn in two after Neji and he had fought over it. Since they didn't know then that Sakura would be gone, Neji and he decided to torn the towel in two.

Fair and square.

But now, he couldn't careless about what happened to anyone. His world only spun to the idea that he must live. Because Sakura had gave her life in exchange of his and Neji's. Even though Sasuke could not say that he was thankful to her.

She broke his heart. And until now that she was long gone, he could still feel the pain she had caused.

Someone said that time could heal the wounds. But his wounds did not heal.

It was only getting worse.

It's a gift from me. I don't know but since you know that I had a...crush on you, I think it is ok to give you a gift.

If only he knew back then what he knew now, maybe he wouldn't carelessly push aside Sakura and her gifts. Maybe if he didn't, then she wouldn't strive to stronger than him and catch Orochimaru's attention.

That snake.

He was the only reason why he trained always. So that he could kill Orochimaru with his own hands. Sakura's death was caused by him and Sasuke would gladly return it back.

Itachi was his second priority right now. He did not think that Itachi was still his priority anymore. He lost my motivation to live when

Sakura died, bringing his motivation to kill Itachi with it.

In fact, he was actually waiting for Itachi to come late at night and kill him. The thought did not scare him though, he was actually anticipating it.

Sasuke stopped playing the fabric and glanced at the wall clock. It was quarter to seven already.

He sat up and silently went out of his bed.




Hyuuga Neji turned the door knob and silently stepped inside the house. This was the very house that he shared with Sakura and the others for months. He didn't know that that experience would give him a new point of view in life.

The house was silent as always.

Neji knew that Naruto would always come here without his friends knowing.

His feet carried him to the kitchen where his memories of her were strongest. Neji opened the door and closed it behind him. The jutsu Kakashi had placed was long gone, so the hot effect it brought to the house was no more.

It then was replaced by chilly atmosphere.

He went to the sink and tentatively touched the faucet's switch. Neji smiled bitterly.

You know Neji you are wasting the water. Turn it off.

That memory was the funniest memory he had. But instead of happiness, it brought dread. It brought him dread because he knew that it would not happen ever again.

He knew that he should move on already.

But he couldn't.

No one would ever replace Sakura in his heart.

No one could.




Neji strolled down the streets of Konoha silently. He looked around as he reminisced the past.

Neji heard that Shikamaru and Ino were getting married. That was good. At least they moved on a little. Neji knew that Shikamaru had been planning to ask Ino to marry him so long ago. He did not know that Shikamaru would take almost one year to propose.

They deserved to be happy.

He stopped in front of the Yamanaka flower shop. There were many flower shop around here, but that did not stop him from going to Ino's flower shop. It was already part of him life for almost two years now. He would buy daisies from Ino's flower shop.

Ino knew that he did not have any girl to court.

Only one girl holds his heart.

Even though she was gone now, she was still the one that holds his heart.

Neji pushed the door open, alerting the people inside by the sound of the bell attached to the door. Some of the heads turned, but he ignored them. Instead, Neji went straight to Ino and stared at her hard.

She smiled sweetly at Neji and he noticed that she was happy. She was smiling freely now. Maybe Shikamaru's proposal really did some changes.

"Hi, Neji." Ino greeted him and reached a bouquet of daisies under her counter. Neji knew that she was taking her efforts and time in making the bouquet he always brought. For that, Neji was grateful. He tried to smirk back at her, but he bowed a little in respect instead.

Neji grabbed the bouquet and gave her the money. She was about to complain but he already placed the money on the counter.

He walked out of the shop and silently went towards the cemetery.

Neji looked up at the darkening sky. It was already nine in the morning, but the dark clouds were still visible. He shrugged.

He did not care about the weather that much anyway.




When Neji arrived at Sakura's grave, he eyed the three pieces of white roses on Sakura's grave. Neji smirked to himself. It was obvious that Uchiha still felt the dread and loneliness.

It would have been really funny, if Sakura was still alive.

Who would have thought that Sasuke would be in love with Sakura?

His greatest fan girl?

He fell down on his knees in front of her grave and placed the daisies beside Sasuke's.

Neji had known that the he dreamt for the two of them would never come true.

It hurt him.




"Sasuke-TEME!" A loud voice with a loud knock shook Sasuke's apartment. He frowned but continued to eat his lunch. What was his problem now? He did not have any romantic thoughts that he might share to him. And Sasuke had no time for it, as a matter of fact.

The frown did not left his face but he continued his lunch anyways.

But the dobe was persistent to break his door.


Sasuke growled and stood up. He walked briskly towards the door and unlocked it. He opened the door angrily and snapped at him. This better be important, Sasuke thought.

"What do you want?" He asked, ready to shut the door at his face any minute. Naruto really had this talent to annoy him in worse possible way.

It was a good thing Naruto did not disturb him while he was sleeping.

"Mission, teme. MISSION!" Naruto grinned at him and leaned on the door frame. Naruto had moved on after two months of mourning.

He had a perfect reason and he said it to Sasuke. He could remember every single word Naruto had said...

"I wonder where Sakura-chan is now." Naruto said as he glazed at the water by the river. They were at the favorite waiting place of Team seven: The Bridge.

Sasuke shrugged and he leaned on the railings instead. He looked up in the sky and stared at the stars. It was a beautiful night, but Sasuke did not appreciate beautiful things anymore.

"I should not live in the past, Sasuke."

Once again, Sasuke let Naruto do the talking. He was not used in comforting his emotions, much less others.

"Sakura died for us. If she knew that we were living like this, I think it would only make her sad." Sasuke looked at him and he

noticed the unshed tears in his eyes.


Sasuke looked away.

"I would make the best out of this. For her, Sasuke. For her."

For her, Naruto had said.

Sasuke tried to do it, but unfortunately, he couldn't seem to let go of the past.

He could not leave the past, even after the painful memories it brought him.

It was where one Uchiha Sasuke could find the Haruno Sakura he loved.

Sasuke, for one, did not believe on second chance.

But somehow, the sound of it brought him dread and sadness.

Because, he knew deep inside, that he was craving to have second chance.

Second chance with life and family... most especially with her.




The two clocked figure passed the Konoha gates silently.

The two of them were taking their time in walking.

As the two of them passed the guards, the small one of the two greeted the guards while walking.


The older one looked at the guards and smirked at them. The two then walked towards the market.

The guards looked at each other, both pale and eyes wide.

"...Have you seen the girl?"


"I thought she was dead?"

"I thought too."

"Nah, that girl was too young for her."

"It must be the heat..."





The two heavily cloaked figures were now walking towards Hokage's office. The younger one grabbed the hand of the older one.

"Let's go."

The older one gave her a smile just for her. "Hai."

They entered the office.




Tsunade was not happy.

Tons of paper works had not been one of her favorite job of being a Hokage. And now, she had finally arrived after a long and dangerous mission.

And the said mission failed, which also brought some complicated consequences.

Tsunade rubbed her temple in a soothing manner. She should not let her temper slip now. The Hokage eyes the two people in front of her. One girl and a man.

The man was named Orochimaru...

And the girl was named...

Haruno Sakura.




"Tsunade-sama, I can explain." Sakura explained and she looked up at her Hokage in somewhat fearing manner.

"OK... Explain to me why you could not kill Orochimaru..." Tsunade took big calming breaths and stared at the girl hard. She had this sound uniform with her and Tsunade also noted the long hair that was tied in a high pony.

She should not have accepted the girl's plan in the first place. She had seen how Sakura's death affected her fellow ninja and she almost wanted to tell them that it was all a mission.

But to be able to deceive Orochimaru, we should deceive Konoha first...

Tsunade could remember the exact words spoken by her. Sakura was right, that was why she had agreed in the first place.

"He was totally untrusting; he did not even trust Kabuto to start with. And he barely left his body off guard. So I decided to remove his memory instead. Orochimaru-san now did not remember anything and I introduced myself to him as a stranger who happens to pass by." Sakura explained.

"Then tell me, Sakura. Why do you look like that?" Tsunade asked, she was curious and at the same time dread filled her heart when she saw Sakura's status.

Sakura smiled sullenly.

"Orochimaru with memories was bad. Before he totally lost his memory, he had placed this forbidden jutsu unto my body. I did not know how to counter it either. It was like a curse. Only Orochimaru could dispel it and it would be too dangerous to ask him now. He might ask questions."

Tsunade nodded thoughtfully. Sakura was right once again.


"Hai?" Tsunade sighed.

"Where were Naruto and the others?"

Tsunade raised her eyebrow at her. She wanted to show herself to them this fast? Even if she looked like that?

Sakura seemed to read her mind and she nodded. Tsunade could see the excitement in her eyes. The Hokage wished her luck

though, for the result of their reunion might not be good as she thought.

Tsunade looked at the wall clock and sighed again.

"They should be leaving in five minutes for a mission. Leave now if you wanted to see them."

Sakura smiled sweetly at her and stood up. She bowed and left.

What have I done, Sakura?




"Lee, take this." Tenten handed the green beast of Konoha a pouch of kunais and shurikens. She had thought of giving him a cooked gift but decided against it. She was not great when it came cooking.

Lee smiled gratefully at her and took the gift.

After Sakura died, Lee and Tenten became inseparable. Tenten was there to cure Lee's broken heart and, in the process, teaching her heart to love.

"Thank you, my flower of youth!" Lee showed her thumbs up, at which Tenten giggled.

Naruto eyed the two of them before turning to Hinata. The said girl looked away with a crimson blush at her cheeks. Hinata shyly looked at him then looked away again.

Naruto chuckled. "Don't worry, Hinata-chan. I'll be careful." Naruto kissed the forehead of Hinata and she sighed in sadness.

"I kn-know... Naruto..kun."

Their attention was caught when a cry was heard.

Naruto burst in laughter when he saw Ino crying at their leader's vest.

Shikamaru looked displeased at something though. Naruto could almost hear the thought of Shikamaru.

"Ino. Quit it. I will be back for the wedding." Ino knew that talking for Shikamaru was too troublesome. But somehow, his words, as harsh as it may sound, comforted her.

"Fine! Don't forget to bring me home snacks, OK!?"

Shikamaru nodded with a defeated look on his face. 'How troublesome.' He looked around and searched for his comrades.

Naruto, check.

Neji, check.

Sasuke, check.

Lee, check.

"Let's go now," Shikamaru grumbled under his breath then placed his animal mask on his face.

His comrades nodded and said their goodbye's to their friends. Shikamaru watched as Naruto placed his mask at his face as well as Neji and Lee.

Shikamaru frowned at Sasuke. Sasuke was still searching his mask from his bag. How troublesome Sasuke could be sometimes.

At last, Sasuke finally found it.

Shikamaru almost cried in joy when he saw Sasuke pull his mask out of the bag.

Then, the hairs on the back of his neck stood.

He thought he felt a familiar powerful chakra.

It was getting closer.

He looked at Sasuke, Neji and Naruto and noticed their stiffened body.

What the?

Shikamaru looked back at Konoha and he almost had the most painful heart attack ever.

There, near at the Konoha gates stood someone with pink hair in sound uniform. She had this sweet smile on her face.

Naruto swore.

Na.. Naruto..

I shoved Sasuke's body away from her and I hugged her hard. I couldn't believe this was happening. I knew that this was only a nightmare. 'Sakura-chan! I said don't close your eyes! You idiot stubborn girl!' I cried my heart out. The pain was killing me.

Naruto... I'm.. Sorry .. I ca-can't.. keep... a-awake.. anymore.. Tell Sa-suke a-and Ne-Neji... that-

Sasuke dropped his mask.

Don't you fucking leave us, Sakura. I won't let you. Stay. Awake

That ... I'm a-also... I'm sorry

'Naruto shoved me away from Sakura's body. I did not have any power to move. She left me. She would never go back to me. I stared at the darkening sky. I could feel the strung of tears. She had killed Sasuke and left Uchiha behind.'

Neji clenched his fist.

Come on! Let's bring her to the hospital

'I swear I would kill Naruto. What was he doing? We do not have any time to cry! Sakura was dying. Naruto, what the hell are you doing! We must take Sakura to the hospital! I said in panic. Then, I heard the most painful news in my life. She was gone. Sakura had left us.

Ino stared to cry again.

I'm sorry


'I hate you, Sakura! You did not even said good bye to me! How dare you leave me Sakura?! I hate you!!'

For they once again saw the girl who caused all the bitterness and anguish in each of them.

My name is Haruno Sakura and I want to be Konoha's number one kunoichi

For there she stood near the Konoha gates...

My name is Haruno Sakura and my only love is---

---A one Haruno Sakura in her twelve years old body.




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