Title: A Change of Heart : The Sequel

Author: Slytherin Prince

Genre: Romance

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto.

Warning: Some words aren't appropriate for 13 and below. Rated T.

Summary: Sakura had been killed by Orochimaru and it was already 2 years and a half since the accident happened. So the some people did not know what to do when they saw her alive and breathing. But there were two people who was affected the most. NejSakSas




Chapter 3: Awakenings

Sakura slowly opened her heavy eye lids and glanced at her surroundings. She observed it with calm eyes. She was inside a hospital room and her ceiling was very white. Sakura thought that the hospital must have repainted it not so long ago before she was in.

She breathed deeply as she felt every muscles of her body protesting at her. The pink haired girl perfectly knew that she was inside the Konoha's Hospital, and with everything she had, she had willed herself to remain sleeping. Sakura did not want to revisit her past yet.

But Sakura did not want to be selfish to her friends. She did not know that her death had caused havoc among them. Sakura did not know that she was that important.

It made her heart swell with happiness and loneliness at the same time.

"Sakura." A voice at her left said to her. Sakura was very aware of the presence of people inside her room. She just did not want to notice them. Maybe if she ignored them, they would go away momentary.

Sakura ignored the voice and stared at her white ceiling.

"Sakura." The voice tried again and she heard the urgent tone in his calm voice. Giving in, she gave Sasuke a cold stare. Sasuke still did not changed his ANBU uniform and he looked so tensed to her. His facial expression was a frown and his mouth had a grim line. Sakura frowned at him slightly, letting him know that she was not pleased with his expression. Sasuke surely had a great way of showing his worry to her.

She moved her gaze to Neji, who was standing behind Sasuke's sitting form, and acknowledged him as well. Neji was also wearing his ANBU uniform and, at least, he did not share Sasuke's point of view in showing his worry. Someone coughed in her side and she smirked as she turned her head to Naruto's attention-calling face.

Naruto was sitting on the end of the bed and he was slightly grinning at her. Naruto, she noted dully, did not also changed his uniform. She found his expression amusing; he did not look like that when she first saw him. Hinata was standing next to Naruto's sitting form and she was smiling softly at her. Her pearly eyes twinkling merrily.

Sakura returned the smile faintly.

Sakura sighed tiredly as she slowly eyed all the people inside her room. No wonder her room was so hot and it was slightly hard to breathe. Her room was so full of people.

From Hinata, she eyed Ino's smiling face who was sitting at the end of her bed. Next to Ino was Shikamaru, who looked bored to death and Ino was constantly poking his side. Next to Shikamaru was Lee. She dryly observed his shimmering eyes as tears flowed out of his eyes endlessly. Lee was pouting ridiculously at Sakura.

Next to Sakura was Tenten, who was patting Lee compassionately as Lee continued to cry and sniff. She had this 'Lee-when-will-you-stop' look on her face.

She once again sighed tiredly and realized that they were surrounding her bed. She suddenly wanted her air back and her personal space.

They were clearly invading her personal space.

Slowly, she pushed herself into a sitting position. Sasuke immediately helped her as he stood up and guided her to sit properly. Sakura muttered a soft thank-you at him then unwillingly stared at Ino, because she was the one who was sitting at the end of her bed.

"So, Sakura... You've got a lot of explanation to do." Naruto started and the room suddenly became deadly quiet.

With a heavy and pounding heart, she nodded. They were her friends; there would be no one special enough to hear her problems but them.

Sakura eyed them as she asked with a soft voice. "What do you want to hear?"

"What happened after you 'died'?" Sakura winced at the last word, so did others. Sakura sighed as she nodded weakly and started her story.




Haruno Sakura eyed her friends for the very last time and finally turned to walk away. She could do nothing about it and she would not go back now. She had risked all of them and she would now risk herself to be able to protect them.

They were her life;

She would protect them with all of her heart.




After two weeks at Sound

Sakura was did not know that Orochimaru was this hard as a sensei. If she was not careful, she would die. She blinked as she easily blocked the eight kunai's that were thrown at her direction.

Orochimaru was seriously trying to kill her.

Her body was already battered with bruises and cuts. She could already smell her oily hair and she cringed mentally. Sakura could not wait for her mission to end.




"Orochimaru!" Haruno Sakura in her eighteen-year old body yelled as she pushed her jutsu into Orochimaru's head. Orochimaru was doing his best to counter attack. She had him in a whole body binding spell; the body binding spell she used to him was advanced that it took up half of her whole chakra just to complete it.

She had taken Orochimaru by surprise when they were passing one another by the kitchen. After almost two years, Sakura had noticed that if there was a place for him to be less attentive, then it would be the kitchen.

And she was right.

Nobody would help Orochimaru now, because it was midnight and she, Kabuto and Orochimaru were the only one inside the headquarters. Kabuto was in a mission that night so no threat of failing her mission.

"What are you doing!" He hissed angrily as Sakura noted that he was successfully releasing her body-binding slowly. Orochimaru's eyes as so widened and his irises was getting smaller. He knew what jutsu Sakura was pushing through his head.

It was the jutsu specially made for a person to forget who he was.

That jutsu was created by the fourth Hokage and he used that only when necessary. Sakura had learned it through Orochimaru. He taught the jutsu to her willingly, and Sakura did not know why though. And for one to be able to do the jutsu, one must have had huge amount of chakra and amazing chakra control. Sakura had the two requirements so it was not that hard for her; but it was not that easy either.

Sakura would already feel her eyelids dropping slowly. To be able to fight the dizziness, she grabbed a cold kunai inside her pouch and wounded her left leg. The pain arrived immediately at her senses and she did not feel so dizzy anymore.

Even at his vulnerable state, which was actually lying into the cold floor of their kitchen with her kneeling next to him, he still looked intimidating and scary.

Sakura gulped as she inserted all her chakra unto his head. Orochimaru was staring at her; a look that promised death if ever he would be able to let go of the body binding.

Sweats were already rolling down her face but she did not take notice of them. Her face suddenly lightened and she slumped her body down next to Orochimaru. She had lost all her chakra, but she was successful in making Orochimaru forget his memories. Soon, he would be as clueless as a person who had amnesia.

But his amnesia would be permanent.

That was good;

But the bad thing was she needed to wait for ten minutes for the jutsu to be fully completed. She pushed herself up in sitting position and leaned unto the wall near her. She warily eyed Orochimaru as his face contorted pain. Sakura frowned.

As far as she knew, the process would be painless.

Her eyes narrowed as she discovered what he was trying to do.

Orochimaru was breaking her body-binding technique, and he was already seventy five percent of fulfilling his goal.

Sakura chuckled as she whispered to the room, "My mission was completed, Orochimaru-sama." Sakura spat the honorific suffix and she gave him a stare that was full of sarcasm. "It doesn't matter if you kill me or no---" Sakura stared at Orochimaru was he squeezed the air out of her lungs.

Sakura smirked at him as if she was mocking him.

"I will not kill you," Orochimaru said in his sly tone. "I would make you suffer so much that you will wish that you should have died instead." Orochimaru narrowed his eyes at Sakura and squeezed her neck more.

Even if Sakura could not breathe and her air was already short, she did not gasp for air.

"How does going back in twelve years old sounds, Sakura-chan?" Orochimaru's grin widened as he stared at her widened eyes. He surely hit a jackpot.

"Don't..." Sakura whispered as she stared at him. She watched helplessly as Orochimaru let go of her neck, which made her breathe for air greedily, and made a unknown jutsu.

"We don't have much time, Sakura-chan." Orochimaru grinned at her frightened and pale face. Sakura knew he loved it when he saw her face like that. And without chakra, she could not do anything to prevent whatever he would do to her.

"Don't worry it won't hurt too much." He suddenly pushed Sakura on her chest that made her back hit the wall and she fell back on the cold floor.

"No..." She cried as she felt her bones and skin going small.

After that, her vision blackened and she felt no more.




Sakura's eyes opened sharply and she stared at her white ceiling. She felt terrible and having a nightmare was not her plan to start a new day too. She kicked her too-large comforters out of her legs and she climbed out of her bed. Telling others what had happened to her did made her heart and head ache.

She could not forget the look of pity, sadness and anger that she received from their expression. It was a good thing they did not ask her too many questions. They just nodded and they all agreed to let her sleep. She disagreed of course, saying that she needed to go to her house and stay there.

Naruto and Sasuke, her teammates, agreed to accompany her to her old home.

Seeing her mother had been heartache too. Her mother looked like five years older than her normal age and the way she looked at Sakura had made her wail again.

Sakura's mother was absolutely sad when she had heard the story but she accepted the fact soon enough. After that, Sakura said her goodnight to her mother and her team. She went up to her old showers and to her bedroom. Her old bedroom was clean and she knew that her mother was still cleaning it for her.

She had slept immediately after that.

Sakura eyed her dresser for a while, thinking where she had placed all her small clothing. There would be no time to grudge what had happened now.

Sakura sighed as she called her mother to ask where she had placed Sakura's old clothes.

She just hoped that her mother did not burn it.




Haruno Sakura was very aware of the stares she was recieving. It was downright creepy and it was making her nuts. Their stares were different from the 'who-is-she?' and 'I-heard-she's-strong' stare she usually caught from sound villagers. Her villagers' reaction was 'what-happened-to-her?', 'I-thought-she-was-dead?' and 'Did-Sakura-had-a-child?' kind of stares.

She ignored them and frowned.

Sakura had nothing to do and she was too lazy to ask for a new mission. She was wearing her normal red dress with big slits on the either sides. A black shorts underneath with her blue sandals. Sakura tied her forehead protector lazily around head, making it look like a headband.

So basically, she looked like what she looked like when she was still in her genin days.

But now that she had thought about it, she herself was still a genin. Sakura cringed as she remembered that almost all of them were already ANBU and jounin levels.

Sakura stared at the Ichiraku ramen store with weary eyes. She did not know where to go and she ended up in Naruto's favorite ramen stand. She was contemplating on whether to enter or not when a hand landed itself on her shoulder.

She tensed her normal reaction when she was startled. It was a good thing that she had immediately remembered that she was already inside her hometown or else, she would immediately attack the intruder without thinking.

Besides, she knew Sasuke was the one who was making her shoulder an armrest.

"Let's eat." Sasuke said as he pushed Sakura inside the ramen store. Sakura frowned when she saw the beginning of Sasuke's blue shirt. That was what her line of eye sight landed and she needed to look up really high just to see his face. Sakura did let herself to be dragged inside the ramen stand by Sasuke and he eventually dropped his hand when they were inside.

Sakura sat on the stool next to Sasuke. She looked around the store and sniffed the aroma of newly cooked ramen. Sakura did not realize how much she had missed this place until now.

Suddenly, three white roses were placed on top of the table in front of her. She gave Sasuke a glance and saw his stare at her. Sakura stared at the roses and she smiled softly at it.

"Ino, what does red roses mean?" A eight year old Sakura asked softly as she softly stared at the bundle of red roses.

"It means passion." Ino answered expertly and she dragged Sakura to another section of roses.

"White roses?" Sakura asked at Ino as she observed the roses adoringly. It looked so pure.

"Yes. Someday, I want my prince to give it to me. Do you know what it means, Sakura?" Sakura looked at Ino and shook her head.

"It means true love. The one that will give these roses to you only mean that he loved you purely." Ino explained.

Sakura lifted a hand and fingered one of the white roses.

True love?

"Sasuke, this won't work out anymore right." Sakura said gently as she looked at the roses. She did not dare to touch it.

"Why?" Sasuke sounded calm at Sakura's eyes but she knew better.

"Don't worry, Sasuke. I would be the flower girl at your wedding." Sakura said and she smiled at Sasuke. She felt his chakra flare at her statement but she ignored him. She sighed and smiled as the cook of the ramen stand came in.

"I would like chicken ramen, please." She ordered casually.

"I would like the same." Sasuke's voice rang through the store and the cook nodded his head. The cook turned his back at them as she silently took the three white roses gently and placed them in her lap.

"Thank you, Sasuke." Sasuke nodded his head once and they waited for their ramen to finish.

Sasuke looked at Sakura without turning his head. Looking at her now, it made him a happier than he usually was. She was alive and would be eating ramen with him. Sasuke looked down and stared at their feet.

His feet were planted on the floor but Sakura was swinging hers. She was so small that she could still swing her feet back and forth.

But it did not matter to him anymore.

Him being a nineteen year old...

...and her being a twelve year old...

He would be a very willing person to wait for her.

Without you, I don't think I can live, Sakura...




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