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Temperance Brennan was listening to Erik Satie's Gymnopedies no. 1 in her place. She was on the couch, half-leaning, half sitting and humming along to the beautiful music. In other words she was relaxing for a change. It had been a hectic day with a new set of bones coming in straight after she had finished filling the last one lot away.

But she had to secretly confess that she was excited about the new skeleton. It had been shipped from Mexico by an old colleague of hers, Dr Alan Slaton, and was aged at an impressive 450 years old. Dr Slaton wanted to get her opinion on the cause of death. He felt that it was blunt force trauma but due to the fragileness of the remains was not certain. Whatever the reason Brennan was excited.

Then Booth came in the lab. Temperance frowned as she remembered his arrogant attitude. Come on Bones. It's not as exciting as a night away from here He had whined at her then tried to give her a puppy dog expression. At that point Brennan had actually snapped. Booth get out she yelled and actually shoved him out of the slab area, setting the alarms off. Quickly she swiped her card before the guards could come. Fine, fine I'm leaving Booth had pouted but just before he left she could have sworn that she saw a hurt look upon his face.

So several hours later she was at home, enjoying her Greatest Classical Composers CD and actually thinking of Booth. Damnit I was enjoying myself she muttered to herself, sighed and got up of the couch. Switching off the stereo she headed for bed.

Next morning – Jeffersonian

Brennan was still humming Gymnopedies when she walked into the Lab. After greeting Zack and Hodgins she slowly headed up to her office to grab the reports that she had asked Dr Slaton to email her. She was feeling so relaxed and peaceful. This is turning into the perfect day she thought to herself. Running quickly through the conclusions that Dr Slaton had made she found herself agreeing completely. Guiltily she thought to herself I don't want to return these yet then she chuckled to herself and absorbed herself more fully in Dr Slaton's findings.

Two hours later she got up and stretched. From the complete in-depth reading of both hers and his reports she had come to the conclusion that the cause of death was definitely blunt force trauma. She suddenly had a thought and quickly scurried to Angela's office. Knocking on the door quickly she scurried in, a gleam in her eye.

'Angela, can you do me a favour?' She said to her dark haired friend.

'Sure Bren what's up, you looked excited!' Angela squealed, 'is it Booth? Is he…'

'Ange stop right there!' Bren quickly stopped her friend before she could even begin, and here I though today was going to be good, 'I need you to create a face for this specimen…'

Brennan paced her office impatiently half an hour later waiting for Angela to get the face built. Stop it, she admonished herself, this is ridiculous. You know it could take hours to be created. And you have other work to do. She forced herself to begin work on her book but before long she had begun tidying her neat office out of impatience.

Booth walked into her office later to discover her on the ground underneath her desk.

'Bones…what are you doing?' Booth said as he walked around the other side of the desk, to the side that wasn't obstructed by visitor's chairs, as he heard a loud thump and a muffled curse. Ducking down to the desk he had to laugh as Brennan was rubbing her head with one hand and supporting herself with the other.

'It's not funny Booth. I could have given myself an injury! Didn't you learn to knock?' Brennan shot him a filthy look.

'Well were you raised in a tent?' Booth couldn't resist annoying her a little more.

'What has tents got to do with… Never mind. Can you move now?' She crawled out as Booth stepped back. 'Thanks,' she said as he offered her his hand. Stepping out she soon realised that she had a headache from the hard knock.

She straightened up and sat down, ' so what has tents got to do with you not knocking?' She couldn't help herself.

'It's a saying' Booth grinned smugly, 'It means close the door after you as that's the only time I'll knock.'

'No you won't. You never knock even if the door is closed.' She pointed out.

'Anyway… what were you doing under the desk?' Booth endeavoured to the change the subject.

Bones could see what he was doing but let it go as her head was beginning to really hurt now. 'I was cleaning'

'Yeah but why? Your office is already clean.'

Brennan sighed loudly, 'I'm waiting on a facial reconstruction of a 450 year old male from Mexico who died of blunt force injuries. A colleague of mine sent them up to confirm the cause of death and to tell the truth…' She stopped realising that she was rambling.

'And to tell the truth…' Booth prompted as he sat down on the couch.

'Well… I don't want to send them back yet. They're such well-preserved remains and I'm enjoying studying them. There's some much you can learn from them. This wasn't his first injury for instance,' She looked up slightly, hoping he wasn't bored yet.

Booth just watched her fascinated. He hadn't seen so excited in a long time. 'Go on'

'Well there are several defensive fractures to his forearms and also hairline cracks along several of the finger bones that are left. He was also malnourished of calcium and iron. His bones were degraded from this. I got so fascinated that even though I completely agree with Dr Slaton's analysis, I wanted… I wanted a face to go with it.' She half-smiled, half-frowned, waiting for Booth to laugh at her and tell her to spend more time out of the office.

To her complete astonishment he grinned widely and sat back. 'Damn Bones that's incredible! You can even tell little details like that from a 450 year old bunch of bones!' She slightly frowned at his 'bunch of bones' expression but was pleased to find that he was interested.

'So when do the bones go back?' Booth asked

'They're being shipped today at 4pm' she said absently glancing at the time, and then suddenly double took a look at the time. 'It's already 1pm! Sorry Booth but I have to go prepare them for the journey. Is there anything I can help you with' She started to rise suddenly remembering her headache.

'Just needed to pick up the files on Jones case' He said also standing.

Distractedly she rummaged through the pile of cases on her desk, quickly undoing her cleaning work. Triumphantly she grabbed the file out at walked quickly towards him, 'Here it is. Sorry I have to run.' She stuffed the file in his hand and, without thinking, gave him a peck on the cheek and scurried out.

She was almost at the slab when she realised what she had done. Suddenly her cheeks went bright red. What did I just do? She was in shock. Then she turned and looked up at her office. Booth was gone. She rotated towards the exit to see his back disappearing. 'Booth…' she called but he was gone. What did I just do? She wondered again and touched her mouth with her hand, head now throbbing.

Booth stopped and looked back at the building that he had just come from. A huge grin spread across his face and he gently touched his cheek where his Bones had kissed him. I don't know why she did that but man my day's looking up! He chuckled and headed to his car, singing all the way back his office.

Angela stood on the other side of the lab facing Brennan and her office just staring in shock. Then a deviously evil grin spread across her face. 'Bren…? You okay?'

Temperance spun around still bright red with her mouth slightly open in shock. Then she suddenly clicked into place. 'I'm fine Angie. Did you have those results yet?' Bones changed into business mode.

'Oh no you can't get out of it that easy!' Angie cried, 'I saw you kiss him!' She was so excited. Finally!

'Angela! It was nothing. It was a completely platonic kiss!'

'Sure! I don't see you kiss Zack or Hodgins or Me on the cheek!' She grinned evilly.